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Es la canción que apareció únicamente en la nueva serie animada de Animaniacs(2020) en el capítulo Gift rapper.


Animaniacs (2020) - Yakko Rapping (Rap Battle)


♪ If Dot was my sister, I'd fire her ♪

♪ And Wakko's even less

likable than Elmyra ♪

♪ Spielberg oughta stick

to filming sharks ♪

♪ Not rebooting this reboot

of Groucho Marx ♪

♪ Hulu wrote a check

and the money beckoned ♪

♪ But the Warners are

like a bad joke told twice ♪

♪ If you weren't funny the first round,

why would you be the second? ♪

♪ Wanna compare my 30 Grammys

to your eight Emmys ♪

♪ And a Peabody?

You've been put to sleep, kid ♪

♪ It's time to say goodnight, everybody ♪


♪ But Wakko's wish is I deliver ♪

♪ A killer verse,

I've been blessed or cursed ♪

♪ With a bottomless lyrical purse

that'll make crowds disperse or worse! ♪

♪ Require medical attention,

better get the nurse! ♪

♪ Say goodbye to an easy battle and...

hello, hearse! ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm zanier than Billy,

to the max! ♪

♪ Leader of the animated maniacs ♪

♪ You, you're the cure for insomniacs ♪

♪ Less fresh than

the 20‐year‐old baloney in my slacks ♪

♪ We can't be axed, like Lazarus,

we just keep coming back ♪

We don't need to boast

or roast or talk smack ♪

♪ Or rap about women, bling,

and record contracts ♪

♪ Be honest, be cool,

and people will respect you ♪

♪ Those are the facts, dude ♪