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Es la canción que apareció únicamente en la nueva serie animada de Animaniacs(2020) en el capítulo Anima-Nyet.


Animaniacs 2020 To be like us song


♪ To be like me ♪

♪ Is perfect, funny, cute,

and smart and strong ♪

♪ And if time permits ♪

♪ Find your Slavic counterfeits ♪

♪ And kick their ample

buttski from this song ♪


♪ To be like me,

eat everything you see ♪

♪ And always stand up for your mates ♪

♪ And if some big brawny czar ♪

♪ Is acting real bizarre ♪

♪ Just pop his muscle suit,

and watch him deflate ♪


♪ And to be like me, well,

buddy, here's the key ♪

♪ Use the pen and not the sword

when you're in a fight ♪

♪ You can write a clever rhyme ♪

♪ Turn your foes into a mime ♪

♪ And then sign off by wishing

everyone good night! ♪

♪ So, to be like us,

it doesn't take much fuss ♪

♪ And just like us,

it's really all black and white ♪

♪ You just gotta be yourself ♪

♪ Don't copy someone else ♪

♪ 'Cause being you is a singular delight ♪