Аниманьяки is the first Russian dub of Animaniacs. The animated series is dubbed at the studio Varus video (now abolished) in 1997. It has released on 4 VHS tapes, only 2nd tape was found. It is a rare dub.

Theme song

Theme song published on YouTube. It's noteworthy that the song isn't fully translated, only a couple of lines were voiced by speaker.

Voice actors

Actor/Actress Role(s)
Dmitry Polonsky Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, Pesto
Svetlana Harlap Dot Warner, Skippy, Mindy
Vladimir Radchenko Mr. Plotz, Bobby, voice director
Igor Yasulovich Dr. Scratchansniff, Brain, Squit
Lyudmila Ilyina Slappy, Pinky
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