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Acme Labs (alternatively styled as ACME Labs) is the home of Pinky and the Brain most of the time. It is part of the Acme company that makes most of the products in the WB cartoon world. Presumably, this is an "experimental products" portion of Acme, due to the different experiments and devices that are housed at the lab (as well as Brain's affinity for crazy weapons with far-out names). The laboratory is where Brain concocts many of his different plans for world domination. In addition to its standard location, many sister locations and identical laboratories have been shown to exist in various territories around the world.


Acme Labs

Another look at the lab's original design

Acme Labs is a laboratory division of Acme, that has kept at least multiple creatures such as mice, hamsters and cats for testing. A certain J. Frederick Acme is apparently the proprietor of the laboratory.[2] The lab is operated by a staff of human scientists. The staff there also research such things as the cure for hay fever (which works until Brain fires his extremely concentrated dose of pollen at the researcher).[3] They also have such things as:

  • The Acme Gene Splicer, Bagel Warmer, and Hot Dog Steamer. This gave characters such as Pinky, Brain, Snowball and Precious intelligence (the term "intelligence" is used very loosely in regards to Pinky)
  • A machine that can swap a mouse between Pinky-reminiscent levels of intelligence and to levels of pure genius that not even Brain can match.
  • A personal computer
  • Mouse-Friendly Keyboard Hands
  • A laptop
  • Adjustable recording devices
  • A maze
  • A few CRT TV sets
  • Brain's different human suits
  • A film projector
  • A makeshift vacuum device.
  • A canon
  • A tank made out of cheese
  • The Infindibulator (modulates gravitational forces to modify the Earth's magnetic forces to be able to steal all metal objects)
  • The Catalystic Immobilizer, which is shot out of a test tube that spreads like a gas and freezes anyone who makes contact with it for 24 hours. It is a white snow-like substance that could be made-up of near-liquid nitrogen combined with antifreeze.
  • The Smallilizer, liquid which shrinks material down

The lab scientists presumably let their test subjects out, due to Brain attempting to perfect his machines over daytime (because they put their plans into fruition almost every night) without the supervisors ever caring. This becomes more evident later on in the spin-off’s run where the scientists are portrayed as increasingly careless and clumsy. Very rarely do they try to contain their animals, such as in "Mouse of La Mancha."

The laboratory is often seen in an urban neighborhood, surrounded by neighbors such as Mr. Sultana and Mr. Carlisle (who had apparently "exploded" at one point).



The mice inside the lab.

Pinky and the Brain have been shown to live in the lab throughout their entire lives.[4] [5] [6] Other residents of the lab have included Billie, Snowball, Romy, Jerry the Genetically-Altered Gerbil[7], Precious, Julia, Egwind, Zeppo... and Larry. Various other rodents are shown to be kept at the lab as well.[8] Many scientists have been employed at the lab, including Dr. Mordough. The lab also apparently breaks for summer vacation.[9]

In the Halloween episode of the spin-off, Brain becomes the world's leader by magic, and the lab is changed into "Acme Castle" to accommodate him. In the end, Brain gives up the ownership of the world, and the lab becomes normal once more.

During the events of the Brainwashed saga, the lab was briefly destroyed after the mice accidentally set-off the self-destruct sequence while trying to find the identity of the elusive "Pseudo-Nym." At the end of the saga's final part, Brain uses newly-appointed chief-of-staff Bobby Bob Yokel to arrange for the lab to be repaired. The lab then is renovated and given a sleeker, more modern appearance; labeled as "NEW" ACME Labs.

ACME Labs would later return in the Animaniacs reboot along with Pinky and the Brain themselves. [10] It was shown to have been gradually remodeled once more over the past 22 years during Brain's plan to create the modern internet.


It is for sure known that they have a lab in Northern Kentucky, as it is stated that it is a short drive from the lab to Fort Knox. The location of the US lab varies throughout the series, with it either being in Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; or Chicago, Illinois. It could perhaps have locations in multiple states that the mice could be moving between. Following its destruction in the Brainwashed saga, the mice seemingly make no attempt to move to another lab location (instead Brain arranges for the lab to be repaired). This implies if there were multiple US locations of ACME Labs, most of them could have closed down leaving only one lab.

In the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind," the address of the lab is listed as 11234 Slumvillage Pass, Burfork, CA 221134.


Animaniacs (Original Series) and Pinky and the Brain[]

The lab is easily recognizable by its prominent sign, its brown doors, and its large amount of outside equipment. There is also a suspension bridge nearby. These are the constant features found with the standard design of the laboratory.

Known Variations[]

The standard design of ACME Labs has taken on slightly different appearances throughout the original Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, most likely the result of different artists' own interpretations of the building's design. Much of these variations can be seen in "Where Rodents Dare."

Exhibit A is probably the most commonly-seen Acme Labs in operation. The most obvious difference is the windows; Every other exhibit shows 3x5 windows; this picture shows 4x4 panes, thus giving us one extra pane. However, one can also note 4 more differences between this one and the 4 other pictures;

  1. The suspension bridge is curved more outwards from the lab, because we can see less of the suspension poles.
  2. This is the picture where the surrounding buildings to the left are the shortest.
  3. The door is built differently; Unlike Exhibits C, D and E, the brown door is built quite low and there is something above the door, with a light shining on the bottom face.
  4. The words "Acme Labs" are more pronounced in their thickness than the rest of the pictures.

The fence is also built differently from Exhibit B, and unlike Exhibit B, the word Acme is in light green.

In Exhibit B, the door is built even lower, and the light seems bigger. It is harder to note a path from outside the fence to the door, than the other pictures.

In Exhibit C, D and E, the Acme Labs' sign is now a dark, unyielding red. The door is now built higher, with golden bars to push the doors.

In Exhibit D, there is now a mailbox, the sign became even darker, and the yellow things on the door are gone.

Exhibit E is the same as Exhibit C, but shows what the sign looks like when it glows red.

Other Labs and Designs[]

In addition to the different interpretations of the standard Acme Labs design, the structure has taken on slight redesigns and has similar-looking sister locations. There are also identical structures from other organizations.



Tokyo's AMCESHITO Labs in the year 1956.

In "Tokyo Grows," the mice operate out of ACMESHITO Labs in 1956 Tokyo. It is mostly identical to its American counterpart, but with a different sign and additional Japanese architect fixtures. The lab is briefly destroyed when Pinky and Brain become enlarged, and is seen being repaired at the end of the cartoon.

Frunobulax Lab[]

Alien ACME Labs

Laboratory on the planet Frunobulax.

At the end of "Where No Mouse Has Gone Before," a similar lab is seen on the planet Frunobulax. It is nearly identical to its Earth counterpart, with a cyan paint-job and a sign written in the Frunobulaxian language.

Ruined Lab[]

Acme Labs bankruptcy ruins

Abandoned Acme Labs in ruins.

In "Snowball," the lab is abandoned and left to decay after Snowball takes-over the world. At the end of the episode, Brain restores the lab using stamp money from his prior plan.

Russian Lab 1[]

ACME Labs Fly

Laboratory in Russia.

In "Fly," the mice wind-up in Russia and are mistaken for aliens. They are then taken to a heavily-fortified lab which looks identical to ACME Labs.

3502 AD Lab[]

ACME Labs 3502

Acme Labs in the year 3502 AD.

In the episode "Brain of the Future," a different version of the lab is shown in the year 3502 AD. It is much larger, rounder, and contains an even bigger neon "ACME LABS" with a more dynamic font. The original lab also appears to be intact next to the larger structure, with a flatter sign on top of it. Both structures are presumably destroyed with the rest of civilization following nuclear warfare between the U.S.A and Canada, which resulted from Canada declaring an attack on the U.S.A after mistaking the mice's time capsule for an American nuclear missile.

1946 Lab[]

ACME Labs 1946

Acme Labs in 1946.

In "Brain Noir," a design of the lab from the year 1946 is used. A more contemporary sign adorns the front of the building.

New Delhi Lab[]

ACME Labs New Delhi

Location in New Delhi, India.

In "All You Need is Narf," another lab in New Delhi, India is revealed when the mice set-out to find sandalroot. It looks identical to its American counterparts but with certain differences to translate it into the style of Indian architecture.

Acme Lounge[]

ACME Lounge

Acme Lounge in 1962.

At the end of the 1962-set "Brain's Way," Acme Labs is sold to Bernice the loan-shark as collateral following the failure of the casino "Brain's Palace", and the decline of Brain's career as Brainatra. The lab is then turned into the "Acme Lounge" and Brainatra is stuck performing there nightly until his failing shows can make enough profit to buy-back the lab. While the original sign is kept, the "Labs" portion is obscured by an additional sign that says "Lounge."

Acme Castle[]

When Pinky signs a contract selling his soul to Mr. Itch in "A Pinky and the Brain Halloween," the lab becomes the "Acme Castle" to serve as Brain's royal headquarters. A statue of Brain is then built in-front of it. Later, Snowball attempts to stop Brain's rule and take over the world for himself. He then builds a statue of himself in place of the Brain statue. Just when he finishes, the castle reverts to a laboratory due to the conditions of Pinky's contract to Mr. Itch not being met, and the statue disappears as well.

Edwardian-style lab[]

ACME Labs Leggo My Ego

Edwardian-era Acme Labs.

An Edwardian-style Acme Labs is shown in the episode "Leggo My Ego" during Brain's warped flashbacks to his childhood. It is shown to look more primitive and prison-like with bars in the windows. The site is even guarded by a shady-looking guard and a guard-dog. The lab itself retains its huge yellow sign. Additionally, a large gate is also shown to be at the entrance of the site with an "ACME LABS TRAINING FACILITY" sign.

Aquatic Mammal Research Facility[]

Aquatic Mammal Training Facility

Aquatic Mammal Training Facility.

In the episode "Operation Sea Lion," the mice operate out of a variant of the lab called the "Aquatic Mammal Research Facility" in San Francisco, California. It looks identical to its usual appearance but is painted yellow with longer, orange windows. This lab specializes in oceanographic studies, and houses a pool for sea lions.

Depression-era Lab[]

Depression era ACME Labs

Depression-era Acme Labs.

A Depression-era Acme Labs appears in "What Ever Happened to Baby Brain." It is identical to its standard appearance, but lacks the neon sign. A smaller "ACME Chemists" sign appears above the door, naming "J. Frederick Acme" as the proprietor.



"NEW" Acme Labs.

"New ACME Labs" makes its only appearance at the end of Brainwashed Part 3 - "Wash Harder." It has a sleeker, more modern appearance, with additional fixtures attached to the structure and extra floors. A giant "NEW" appears above the ACME Labs logo to further signify the changes done to the structure.


Acmenov Labs

ACMENOV Labs in Moscow, Russia.

In the episode "To Russia With Lab Mice," a sister location in Moscow, Russia is revealed. The location is called "ACMENOV Labs." The lab appears to have similar experiments and projects as its American counterpart, including a toy-testing project. The building itself is shown to be identical to its American counterparts but has a different sign to reflect its name, modifications to translate into the style of Russian architecture, and is painted red.

ACME Star Destroyer[]

A structure resembling Acme Labs can be seen atop an Imperial Star Destroyer in "Star Warners." It is only seen from the back during the theme song and from the top at the end of the episode.

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain[]

In the alternate continuity of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, the lab is destroyed (implied to have been arranged by Wally Faust).[note 1] The mice are then forced to relocate to different locations before settling on the home of Elmyra Duff. After this, the lab is rebuilt and converted into a Disney Store parody called the Dissy Store.

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]

In the reboot of Animaniacs, the events of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain are ignored and ACME Labs returns. It is first seen in its original design (though a clock has been added) in the opening of "Of Mice and Memes", and then gradually changes during Brain's 22-year plan to create the modern internet. Other than the green tint to it, the ACME Labs sign is modernized and is more like contemporary-corporate branding, with fixtures such as a hexagon-shaped sign on the top of the building instead of big, flashing letters. There also appears to be a clock on the building and different-shaped/extra windows. The gate is also more detailed.



  1. A Kids' WB! promo claims that the lab was temporarily bankrupt, contradicting the already contradictory series itself.


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