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"Alien Chorus" is a song from the Animaniacs reboot, specifically as the theme song to the Starbox and Cindy segment.

The chorus explain how they are from the Grimlox, planet-destroying aliens, and they are waiting for Commander Starbox to send them the signal to invade Earth; unbenknownst to them, Starbox has been picked up by a young girl named Cindy who believes him to be a toy and keeps him from his mission.


Planet-eating war lords!
Legion of Grimlox!
Conquest of Earth led by
Dire Commander Starbox!
When he finds a planet where beings are rife
We descend and consume all the sentient life!
When he sends the signal, we start the invading
Until then, we're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting!


We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting!


  • This song contains one of the largest amounts of performers of any Animaniacs song.