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For the episode, see "Anima-Nyet"
For the song, see "Anima-Nyet (song)"

Anima-Nyet is the Russian bootleg version of the Animaniacs series which appears in the episode of the same name.


The series is a rather blunt and poorly-made rip-off of the standard Animaniacs series. The show is directed by Serge Sokolov, and stars Yakkov, Wakkov, and Dotski (parodies of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot). Much like the original show, the series features the trio going on "zany adventures," which vary from educational song lessons and quarreling with "zany depictions" of historical figures (such as Ivan the Terrible). Other characters include a counterpart to Hello Nurse, and presumably much more.


The series had been in-production for quite some time, along with other rip-off productions, prior to it being discovered by the actual siblings. Upon its discovery, the siblings traveled to Russia to stop the program. After fighting with their counterparts and the directors, the siblings performed a song -- "Be Like Me," to encourage the crew to head into a more creative direction. This didn't fare well, as Russian president Vladimir Putin caught this episode and instantly shut-it down for promoting free ideals. With this, the series ended.



  • In the same episode, a Russian parody series of Pinky and the Brain entitled Moron Mouse and Ratsputin is briefly seen. It is unknown if this show has any affiliation with Anima-Nyet akin to Pinky and the Brain originating from Animaniacs.