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The Animaniac Attack! Marathon was a special Animaniacs marathon that aired on July 4, 1998, on Kids' WB!. The episodes in the marathon were selected by fans in a write-in campaign to the network through a specific PO box. Additionally, one of the stipulations of the campaign was that Yakko would sing the name of a fan on-air in the vein of "Yakko's World." Throughout the marathon, the Warners would provide some commentary for some cartoons.

Marathon Listing

Listing from Toon Zone's Animaniacs episodes listing.
  1. "The Monkey Song"
  2. "The Kid in the Lid"
  3. "Method to Her Madness"
  4. "I'm Mad"
  5. "Taming of the Screwy"
  6. "Moon Over Minerva"
  7. "Wakko's America"
  8. "Cutie and the Beast"
  9. "Pitter Patter of Little Feet"
  10. "Dot - The Macadamia Nut"
  11. "Potty Emergency"
  12. "King Yakko"
  13. "Schnitzelbank"
  14. "West Side Pigeons"
  15. "The Great Wakkorotti: The Master & His Music"
  16. "Super Strong Warner Siblings"
  17. "The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert"
  18. "Clown and Out"
  19. "The Return of the Great Wakkorotti"
  20. "Astro-Buttons"
  21. "Yakko's World"
  22. "Video Review"
  23. "Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation"
  24. "Nighty-Night Toon"
  25. "Cold Ending # 1"

Gag Credits

  • Joke Credit, Schmoke Credit- What do you expect from us? We just ran a marathon!
  • This has been the Animaniacs Attack. If you’d like even more episodes of Animaniacs don’t forget to write to Jamie Kellner c/o Kids' WB and say, "We Want More Animaniacs!"


  • According to Tom Ruegger, the Animaniac Attack marathon performed strongly in the ratings. It had apparently beat out the #1 rated channel ABC for the 1998 Independence Day weekend.[1]
  • "Macadamia" was not a viewer selection, but rather one by Tom Ruegger himself. The cartoon was introduced as "PRODUCER TOM RUEGGER'S FAVORITE!"[2]
  • During the marathon's airing of the "Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation", super-fan Joanna Davidovich was named on-air as having sent in the most postcards to the station's PO box. Yakko and Wakko would remark:
    • Wakko::"How many letters do you think this guy wrote Kids WB?"
      Yakko::"Not as many as Joanna Davidovich, that's for sure!"[3]


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