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Animaniacs: Hollywood Hi Jinx! is a LCD game created and manufactured by Tiger Electronics. It is the first and only LCD game based on the TV series of the same name. It was released to retail in 1994.

This game features a more prominent score-based play style in comparison to other Animaniacs games.


Animaniacs lcd display

All the LCD art lit up

Hollywood Hijinx! involves the player controlling Yakko as he rushes across the Warner Bros. Studio Lot in order to collect pages of a movie script.

The game shell has eight buttons, half of which are used for gameplay: The left and right arrow buttons move Yakko left and right, the up arrow button makes Yakko jump, the down arrow button calls Wakko or Dot, and the middle buttons toggle the power, max score, sound and start the game or stage.

Yakko moves left, right and jumps in determined locations as he tries to avoid familiar Animaniacs faces who will try to stop Yakko from getting the movie reels, including:

  • Ralph, who will try to capture Yakko with his bare hands.
  • Dr. Scratchansniff, who will try to catch Yakko with his butterfly net.
  • Pinky and The Brain, who will try to attack Yakko with their flying metal bird machine with bombs.
  • Squit and Pesto, who will try to attack Yakko by dropping tomatoes.

Yakko can dodge enemy attacks by moving away from them and jumping; however he can also call his siblings Wakko and Dot three times per stage in order to fend off enemies, using Wakko's mallet and Dot's kisses. A stage is completed when the timekeeper indicated below the score counter completes a full loop. There are 20 script pages to collect across four different stages, which scatter periodically across the playfield. The ending of the game will alter depending if the player acquired all the script pages or not.


The game features a prominent scoring system unlike other games. The score will count up to a maximum of 19990 points.

Score Action
50 points Dodging Squit and Pesto's rotten tomatoes
60 points Dodging Ralph's attack
70 points Dodging Pinky and The Brain's bombs
100 points Dodging Dr. Scratchansniff
200 points Wakko and Dot stun an enemy
200 points Collecting a script page


In order to impress Mr. Plotz, Yakko must find pages of a movie script across the Warner Bros. studio lot with help from Wakko and Dot in order to land in with roles in the movie. However, Ralph, Dr. Scratchansniff, Pinky, The Brain, Squit and Pesto want to put an end to the antics of the Warners and set off to stop him.[1]

The ending of the game will differ if the player collected all 20 pages of the movie script.


  • This is the first and only Animaniacs LCD game to be released.
  • The Great Edgar Hunt's game title was originally named similarly to this game, but was changed to its final title after Warthog Games took over publishing.
  • The idea of collecting movie scripts appears similar to the SNES game developed by Konami, which coincidentally also released the same year.
  • Much of the art featured in the game is based or recycled from various stock artwork of the characters.
  • Squit and Pesto are not mentioned by name in the box art or game manual and are simply referred as the Goodfeathers. Despite being named as such, Bobby does not appear in the game.



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