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This article contains information about product(s) in the Animaniacs franchise that were cancelled and has never received an official release.
As the product(s) have never been released to the public or had been released officially, information may be inaccurate.

Animaniacs: Hollywood Hypnotics is a cancelled 2D platformer based on the television series Animaniacs. The game was developed by Full Fat Games and was planned to be published by SWING Entertainment. In the game, Pinky and The Brain set up hidden speakers that induct mind control through eerie sounds to people and make them believe they are always shooting movies, so Brain can turn the Warner Bros. Water Tower into a rocket that would launch a satellite into space that plays loud barking noises to disrupt people of the planet. Yakko, Wakko and Dot, the only three immune to the eerie sounds set off to destroy the hidden speakers.[1]

Animaniacs: Hollywood Hypnotics was originally planned to be released on the Game Boy Advance in 2003, and was being developed alongside Hollywood Hijinx (which would later be renamed to The Great Edgar Hunt), however SWING Entertainment became the subject of an insolvency procedure on February 11, 2003. Hollywood Hijinx's publishing would be transferred to Ignition Entertainment to in 2005, however Hollywood Hypnotics did not find a new publisher, and was quietly cancelled..

Animaniacs: Hollywood Hypnotics is considered lost media. Aside from base details including descriptions and screenshots, no form of ROM or video of the game has ever surfaced online,


As part of Pinky and The Brain's plan for world domination, The Brain forms a plan to transform the Warner Bros. Water Tower into a rocket, so that he will be able to launch a satellite in space that transmits barking dog sounds to every home on the planet; which would cause friction across neighbors and let Brain step in to take over the world. In order to start implementing the scheme, Brain waits for Yakko, Wakko and Dot to escape the Water Tower, sets up hidden speakers that hypnotize the actors and crew members in the sound stages of Warner Bros. Studios to think they're living in different time periods, and hypnotizes Ralph to guarding the entrance of the Water Tower.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot; who are immune to the hypnotic sounds, return to the Water Tower to finding Ralph blocking entry into the Water Tower, making them confused. While walking around the studio lot, the trio uncovers one of the hypnotic speakers and decide to save the studio by destroying the speakers.[1]



A screenshot of the game in play. Yakko, Wakko and Dot are seen standing outside of Ralph's security box.

The game appeared to be a side-scrolling platformer, much like the SNES and Genesis versions of Animaniacs before it. There would've been items to collect such as keys, hats, cupcakes and so on, probably to give to other characters to get their help, fulfill objectives or unlock doors, as well as having cameos from other characters such as Buttons and Mindy. There would've been top-down segments as well such as in a maze to find keys.

There would've been an action system with a list of what items to use on it or to talk to other characters, and likely mini-games. It also had a health system, with a bar and three hearts for lives.

The levels would be similar to movie lots and soundstages like the previous games, such as a western, a lab, a forest, space, a pirate setting, and the Warner movie lot. The player would be able to control all 3 Warner siblings, but it is unknown if they would've had special abilities of their own to use or not. It's also unknown if there would be boss characters guarding the speakers or not, or if the game had either a save feature or passwords.



  • If this game were to be released, it would've been the first regular Animaniacs game to release on the Game Boy Advance. This would later go to Lights, Camera, Action!, the only regular Animaniacs game to release on the system.
  • This game along with Animaniacs: Hollywood Hijinx were canceled at first when SWING went bankrupt. However, unlike Hijinx which its developer Warthog Games renamed it to The Great Edgar Hunt and found a different publisher, this game never saw the light of day.
  • The sprites for Yakko, Wakko and Dot are based on the Genesis/Mega Drive Animaniacs game, albeit recolored to feature more saturated colors.
  • Screenshots of the game as well as box art still exist online, which meant the game was likely close to completion before being scrapped, but a playable ROM has yet to be found. It is also still on Full Fat's Facebook page, plus there is still an "Animaniacs" section in the GBA part of the Games section on their website.


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