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Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action! is an isometric action/puzzle game for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, developed by Warthog Games and published by Ignition Entertainment in Europe, on August and November 2005, respectively.


Animaniacs-3749963 125 97

Title screen.

The Warner Brothers and Warner Sister have caused great financial damages to the studio, adding to a one-zillion-dollar debt, much to the annoyance of the CEO, Plotz. But instead of locking them back in the tower, Plotz assigns Yakko, Wakko and Dot, with Pinky and the Brain's help, to make three films where he'll use the revenue to fix the studio's financial problems. If they succeed, they’ll be good to go. But if they fail, they'll be sent back into the water tower and be locked up for good.


The game takes place in an isometric world as opposed to the 2-D or 3-D platformers of the previous games. The player controls Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky and the Brain through 15 levels, 5 for each movie of Pirates, Sci-Fi and Horror.

The director is present throughout each stage, and tells the player what to do next in order to complete the movie, also acting as checkpoints. The basic gameplay consists of running though the stage, trying to avoid enemies, finding keys to unlock doors, completing quests for other characters, and figure out how to proceed, sometimes by solving puzzles. At the end of most stages a boss can be found that has to be beaten.

The player can change characters by finding a changing room door and then play a game of Polka Dottie to get extra film reels before switching characters.

The player cannot die in this game. Instead, they have a limited amount of time to finish each stage. The time limit is symbolized by film reels, which amount to about 30 seconds on Easy difficulty, 20 seconds on Normal and 10 on Hard each before losing one. The reels are also the amount of lives remaining. If the player runs out of film reels, the game is over, but if they touch an enemy or get hit by one of their projectiles like a bomb, etc., the director will yell "cut" and the player must start over from the place where they last spoke to the director, and lose the film reels they had regardless of how much was time left on it.

Each character has their benefits and drawbacks:

  • Yakko: Throws apples, pushes objects. Well-rounded
  • Wakko: Burps, which are stronger than the apples but don't go as far; pushes objects, cannot use apples
  • Dot: Can glide after a jump for longer jump length and more slow and precise landing, cannot push objects
  • Pinky: Can squeeze through small openings, cannot push objects
  • The Brain: Can squeeze through small openings and operate special "IQ" levers, cannot jump or push objects

There are also various other items to collect as well, such as keys to open their matching colored door, garlic to improve Wakko's burp attack rate, stunt doubles that can save the player from losing a reel and from bring sent back, food and cans for a higher star rating, single and five-stack film reels and so on. The player can also adjust the difficulty in the options menu to give themselves more or less time per reel as well.

The Nintendo DS version remains largely the same as the Game Boy Advance version, though the Touch Screen is now used to keep track of the player's collectibles and perform cutscene advancing.


Lights, Camera, Action! features a multiplayer mode that can be played up to four players. For the Game Boy Advance version, the Game Boy Advance handhelds are connected with the GBA Link Cables, while the Nintendo DS version uses Single Card DS Download Play, allowing the other players to play without a copy of the game.

The multiplayer mode consists of players being able to choose between Yakko, Wakko, Dot and Pinky in order to snag the sole crown in the stage and hold onto it until the timer runs out. Other players can collide with the player holding the crown to steal it, but can also throw apples too. The player holding the crown when the time finishes is the winner.


  • This is:
    • the latest Animaniacs-related video game to be released.
    • the last game to be developed by Warthog Games, as the studio would disband in 2006.
    • the second and last Animaniacs-related game to be released on the Game Boy Advance, following Pinky and the Brain: The Master Plan.
    • the first and only Animaniacs game to be released on the Nintendo DS.
      • The Nintendo DS port is one of the rarest games in the entire system's library, due to its release in Europe only. A possible North American release of this game is still debated as of 2024.
    • the final original production of classic Animaniacs-related media to be released. This was also the last Animaniacs-related media to be released in general until the reboot in 2020.
  • The town background used for the game's cover art is recycled from the cover art of the previous Animaniacs game, The Great Edgar Hunt.
  • In the game's multiplayer mode, the players can use the same character regardless if other players are playing with the same character. If this occurs, the game will create alternate color variation clones of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.
    • The color alternatives for each player controlling the same character goes from player two to four follows as:
      • Red, blue and green slacks for Yakko.
        • An oversight in the game's color palette also causes the shine on Yakko's nose to change color with the slacks.
      • Green, red and yellow shirts for Wakko.
      • Blue, yellow and green skirts and flowers for Dot.
      • Pinky's colors will remain the same for each player, creating an identical look for each player.
  • Wakko's burp attack is similar to how he attacks in "Belchinator Too" in the Animaniacs Game Pack.
  • The "Polka Dottie" game is highly exploitable in earning film reels. The player can get an incredible margin of error per button press and the pattern never changes, so it can be very easy to get 5 reels per game until one would max out.
  • The Nintendo DS port of this game is playable on the Nintendo 3DS and its subsequent variants, making it the most recent system as of 2024 to play an Animaniacs-related video game (without any modding).
    • Despite the 3DS being region-locked and this game being European-only, it can still be played on any 3DS system due to the DS library being largely region-free.

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