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Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley is a 1998 bowling video game developed by ASC Games and Saffire Inc. It is a variant of ASC Games' Ten Pin Alley, but features characters from Animaniacs, including the Warners, Pinky and The Brain, and more.

The game was originally released for PlayStation on December 1, 1998.



Yakko preparing to throw the bowling ball

Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley is a bowling game, a sequel of sorts to Ten Pin Alley. The gameplay is basically the same: the player can choose from a selection of characters (this time from the Animaniacs cartoon) with varying statistics, or build a new character from the ground up. This character is then positioned facing the bowling lane and its pins.

After starting the ball launch the screen switches to a side view of the character holding the ball and three gauges appear: two tricolored ones for speed and accuracy and a smaller green one for putting a spin on the ball. Initially, the player can fill the spin gauge. After some seconds, a fast meter starts to move on the other gauges. The objective is to press a button when the meter reaches the yellow band on each gauge. If it misses this mark, the character fumbles and drops the ball.


The voice cast from the original show reprise their roles for this game.


Cutscene only[]


  • Ten Pin Alley is the first Animaniacs-related production:
  • A version for Nintendo 64 was planned, but was cancelled due to the limitations of the Nintendo 64 texture cache.[1]
  • The 2D animated scenes featuring the Warners are re-used animations from the intro, The Monkey Song and the Wheel of Morality segments.
  • The WB shield on the Water Tower in the intro features the "Interactive Entertainment" tagline, instead of being shown without any tagline.
  • The game was released along with the Pinky and the Brain PC game World Conquest during the holiday season in 1998.
  • Despite Maurice LaMarche's name appearing in the game's credits, he is only credited as The Brain, with Squit being absent.



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