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Animaniacs: The Complete Series is the fifth DVD release for the original Animaniacs series and the second DVD release for the Wakko's Wish movie. It was first released on October 2, 2018 in North America to commemorate the series' 25th anniversary, and has since been re-issued numerous times.



Join the fun in all the risk-taking and brain-slapping moments as we celebrate our favorite rambunctious rascals of riot in this Complete Series collection! The unforgettable Animaniacs siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot are on the loose, running rampant on the Warner Bros. movie lot (and 'round the globe), taking the Warner Bros. tradition of anything-goes animation and going further - a lot further. Get ready for a wild ride through all 199 episodes (featuring pals like Pinky and The Brain and Slappy the Squirrel) as well as the Animaniacs feature-length movie Wakko's Wish! And don't forget to say "Helloooo, Nurse!"

List of Episodes and Film

The episodes found in this volume are comprised of the episodes from the show's entire original run on Fox Kids and Kids' WB!, as well as the 1999 film Wakko's Wish. The content is spread-out across 19 discs. Each of these discs are repackaged and relabeled discs from the original volume box-sets and the 2014 release of Wakko's Wish. These discs each retain their differences from each other (especially those originally from volume 4).

Disc 1

  • Episodes 1-5

Disc 2

Disc 3

  • Episodes 11-15
  • Special Feature: Animaniacs Live!

Disc 4

Disc 5

Disc 6

Disc 7

Disc 8

Disc 9

Disc 10

  • Episodes 46-50
  • Special Feature: The Writers Flipped, They Have No Script

Disc 11

Disc 12

Disc 13

Disc 14

Disc 15

  • Episodes 71-75
  • Special Features: They Can't Help It If They're Cute, They're Just Drawn That Way and They're Totally Insaney: In Cadence with Richard Stone

Disc 16

Disc 17

Disc 18

Disc 19

Special Features

  • Disc 3: Animaniacs Live!: A collection of interviews with various cast and crew-members of the original Animaniacs series, hosted by Maurice LaMarche.
  • Disc 10: The Writers Flipped, They Have No Script: An interview with the writers hosted by Maurice LaMarche.
  • Disc 15: They Can't Help It If They're Cute, They're Just Drawn That Way: An interview with the artists who designed and worked with the Warners.
    • They're Totally Insaney: In Cadence with Richard Stone: A tribute to original series composer Richard Stone and the music behind the series.
  • Miscellaneous previews.

Missing Content

The following content was omitted from this DVD set:


  • The collection comes in two sets of standard-type DVD cases packaged in a larger boxset. The first set has volumes 1 and 2, while the second set has volumes 3 and 4 as well as Wakko's Wish (each volume is labeled as a "season").
  • The aspect ratio of the menus vary from the different displays viewers watch the discs on (for example, a 4:3 display such as a CRT TV would result in a 4:3 menu).
  • A digital equivalent of this set (without the bonus features and Wakko's Wish) can be found on outlets such as iTunes.
  • In light of the removal of the original Animaniacs and Wakko's Wish from Hulu in January 2023, this set saw some newfound popularity as fans looked to alternatives to watch the series.


  • Being a reprint of Vol. 4's third disc, the episodes on this set's 18th disc has the same audio issues where where the right audio track is missing. This is most evident during episode 92's "Dot - The Macadamia Nut" musical number.


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