Animaniacs The Great Edgar Hunt
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt is a video game released in 2005 in North America, Europe and Australia for the GameCube and Xbox, and for PlayStation 2 only in Europe. It is based on the animated cartoon series Animaniacs and features the same voice actors for the main characters. It was developed by Warthog Games and published by Ignition Entertainment. It was also the first Animaniacs-related project to be released since Wakko's Wish back in 1999.


Frustrated by being "overlooked", film director C. C. Deville steals the "Edgars"(statuettes that are a parody of the Oscars, much like the Felix and Schloscar from the Genesis game and the show respectively) and threatens to melt them all down unless studio chairman Thaddeus Plotz gives him a lucrative contract. But Deville's dim-witted assistant Jinx accidentally crashes Deville's getaway blimp into the Warner Bros. water tower. This scatters 44 of the 45 stolen Edgars across the studio lot and its five other soundstages, and releases Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in the process, who agree to search for them to save the Edgar ceremony.


The different types of levels include:

  • The Warner film lot (Hub level)
  • Ye Olde West (Western)
  • Spooky Movie (Horror)
  • Once Upon a Time (Fantasy)
  • King O'Sullivan's Mines (Adventure)
  • The Epic 

You start out controlling Yakko Warner and first head out to rescue Wakko and Dot in the Horror and Western movie soundstages respectively. Like the Sega Genesis version of Animaniacs, the siblings have special abilities of their own to use:

  • Yakko can throw or drop bombs to destroy weakened walls and strong chests, and also to defeat strong enemies
  • Wakko can use a shovel to dig for collectables and find secret areas
  • Dot can use her hula outfit to limbo under small entranceways

All three Warners can attack, duck and roll, triple-jump, glide, ground pound and sneak around. They can also collect various items in the soundstages to help in getting the Edgars:

  • Suction Cups, which allow the Warners to climb up special printed walls
  • A "Long Shot Weapon", which allows them to hit far away targets and enemies
  • Scuba Gear, which allows them to dive and swim underwater(Which also changes the music)
  • A magnifying glass, which is needed to find enemies that Chicken Boo is disguised as in each soundstage
  • Night vision goggles, which allows the Warners to enter darkened areas. Without even owning the goggles, a counter will count down upon entering a darkened area, soon forcing the character out

The character also starts out with three full apples for health, taking three hits before one is darkened. Collecting full sets of "ACME" letters will increase the maximum apples by one to a maximum of nine. When the controlled Warner is knocked out by losing all their apples, from enemies or falling into pits of hazardous liquids, only the first three 3 apples are restored to full.

Among other collectables aside from apples, ACME letters and Edgars, there are soundstage-specific collectables in every stage, some for missions, some having a theme matching the level:

  • Warner film lot: Film canisters
  • Ye Olde West: Gold nuggets
  • Spooky Movie: Pumpkins
  • Once Upon a Time: Crowns
  • King O'Sullivan's Mines: Emeralds
  • The Epic: Scarabs


There are also minigames to find play in the different soundstages for different rewards and open new areas, mostly Edgars. Some include a shooting gallery, taming a bronco, getting goats across a bridge, solving a puzzle cube and partaking in a chariot race. The most common ones are the ones with Pinky and the Brain, at least one minigame with them found in each soundstage that give either Edgars or special items.


  • The office area of the Warner film lot as well as certain soundstages have various easter eggs in its portraits, such as paintings with the Warner Brothers' and sisters' faces on them, pictures of Minerva Mink, and screencaps of Wakko's Wish scattered throughout.
  • This game was originally supposed to be published by SWING Entertainment under the name "Animaniacs: Hollywood Hijinx" with the same visuals, objectives and antagonist, but was put on hold when SWING declared bankruptcy in 2003.

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