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An Animaniacs comic book was published by DC Comics between 1995 and 2000.


Comic 1#:

  • Global Disorder: Pinky and the Brain
  • Ice Cream of Genie: The Warners
  • 1492 the True Story: The Warner

Comic 2#:

  • Ranch Lotta-Doh: The Warners
  • Win Big: Pinky and the Brain (direct episode adaptation)
  • Tower Trouble. The Warners

Comic 3#:

  • Rewriting History: Pinky and the Brain
  • Coco,Anyone?: The Warners
  • Guitars and Cadillacs:The Warners

Comic 4#:

  • Re-Animaniacs: The Warners
  • Helloooo,Watson:The Warners
  • Space Case: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 5#:

  • The Not-So-Model Mother: The Warners
  • A Wing and a Prayer: The Warners
  • The Trouble with Trainees: The Warners

Comic 6#:

  • Egyptian Conniption: The Warners
  • Pun Fight at the O.K. Corral: The Warners
  • The Whole Tooth and Nothin but the Tooth: The Warners

Comic 7#:

  • Total Commitment: The Warners
  • Mister Director,I Presume: The Warners, Mr. Director

Comic 8#:

  • Disputin with Newton: The Warners
  • Jockey for Position: Pinky and the Brain (direct episode adaptation)
  • Clowns for a Day: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 9#: Tarantino-inspired issue

  • Natural Born Jokers: The Warners (wrap-around based around Natural Born Killers)
  • Pulped Fractions: The Warners (the brothers crash the filming of a Pulp Fiction-like movie)
  • Reservoir Mice: Pinky and the Brain (parody of Reservoir Dogs)

Comic 10#:

  • A Comic Book Is Born: The Warners
  • The Ice Cream Man Cometh: The Warners

Comic 11#:

  • Brain for Brain: Pinky and the Brain
  • Frankly Frankenstein: The Warners

Comic 12#: 1960s-inspired issue

  • A Blast from Hipsville: The Warners
  • The Mod Couple: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 13#: Japanese-inspired issue

  • MangaManiacs: The Warners
  • The Three Samurai: The Warners
  • Gigantasaurus Versus the Dot: The Warners

Comic 14#:

  • A Spy on the Wall: The Warners
  • Take That: The Warners
  • Whats the Holdup?

Comic 15#:

Comic 16#:

  • Wrestlemaniacs: The Warners
  • The Mean,Green Monster Brain Machine: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 17#:

  • Beauty or the Beast:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Minervadrama: Minerva Mink
  • No Substitute for Laughter: Slappy Squirrel

Comic 18#: France-inspired issue

  • Dupe Du Jour:
  • Buena Idea Francesa Idea
  • French Dressing: Minerva Mink
  • Slappytime in Paris:Con Slappy
  • Buena Idea French Idea
  • La esquina poética francesa de Dot:Con Dot

Comic 19#: X-Files parody

  • The Y Files: The Warners
  • Sheep: Warners
  • Little Green Mice: Pinky and the Cerebro

Comic 20#:

  • Rebels With :Con los hermanos Warner
  • East of Burbank: Slappy
  • Grande: Warners

Comic 21#:

  • Radio Dazed: The Warners
  • ER:Emergency Roomies: The Warners

Comic 22#: Employment issue

  • World Domination-To Go: Pinky and the Brain
  • Baby Boomer: Katie Ka-Boom
  • Career Flopportunities: The Warners
  • Duhhh...Come back here,kidses: The Warners

Comic 23#:

  • Hello Nurse,Agent of H.U.B.B.A: Hello Nurse
  • Wakko for President: The Warners

Comic 24#: Brooklyn-inspired issue

  • Brooklyn Birds: Goodfeathers
  • Artful Dodgers: Warners
  • Brooklyn Brain: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 25#:

  • Silver Jubilee: The Warners
  • Driving Miss Slappy: Slappy
  • A Taxing Situation: Minerva Mink

Comic 26#:

  • Pancake House of Horror: The Warners
  • Episode 1#:Bubble Doom: Randy Beaman
  • A Paw Worth Fighting For: Slappy
  • Good Things Come in Buckets: Warners
  • Tickle-Me Evil:Con Buttons and Mindy
  • Episode 2#:Claw Deal: Randy Beaman
  • Epilogue :Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 27#:

  • Plane for Keeps: Slappy
  • Burbank Place: Warners

Comic 28#:

  • The Warners Sing Science: The Warners
  • Brain's Spock: Pinky and the Brain
  • Natural Chemistry: Minerva Mink

Comic 29#:

  • The Return of Hello Nurse,Agent of H.U.B.B.A: Hello Nurse

Comic 30#:

Comic 31#:

  • 101 Darnations: Warners
  • The Usual Boo: Chicken Boo
  • A Slappy Salute: Slappy
  • Okay,see,once Randy Beaman laughed so hard that milk came out of his nose
  • Theme Parks:Buena Idea Mala Idea

Page of "Booth Bait".

Comic 32#:

  • Pyjama-Rama: The Warners
  • Lifestyles of the Old and Cranky: Slappy
  • Booth Bait: Minerva Mink

Comic 33#:

  • Long Lost Warner: The Warners
  • Road Scholars: Slappy

Comic 34#:

  • Minerxa Warrior Princess: Minerva Mink
  • The People VS Wakko Warner: The Warners
  • Hlo...What?...Whaddaya mean the comic books a couple pages short this month?: Slappy

Comic 35#:

  • Tour Defreak: The Warners, Freakazoid
  • Move It or Lose It: Slappy
  • Doctor Boo: Chicken Boo

Comic 36#:

  • Communication Gap: The Warners
  • Nature,Parte XIV,Sly Minks: Minerva Mink
  • Matchmaking Maniacs: The Warners,

Comic 37#:

  • All my Warners: The Warners
  • Li-Hippo-Suction: The Hip Hippos
  • Mr Brains Neighborhood: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 38#:

  • Swappin Sibs:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Babyface:Con Botones y Mindy
  • Cute Only Goes So Far:Con Slappy

Comic 39#: Explosive issue

  • For Whom Nobel Toils: The Warners
  • Internal Combustion: Slappy
  • Control: Katie Ka Boom
  • Bombshell: Minerva Mink

Comic 40#:

  • Lost in Spice:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Talk Therapy:Con Slappy
  • Traumatic License:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 41#:

  • Little Wakko in Snoreburg:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Dots Spot:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Hansel and Gretel:Con Randy Beaman
  • Mother Gooses Goose Is Cooked:Con Slappy

Comic 42#:

  • (Un)Dressed for Sucess:Con los hermanos Warner
  • The Lunch Boat:Con Rita y Runt
  • The Stepford Warners:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Hooked on Historyonics:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 43#:

  • Revenge of the Magi:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Shoe-In:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • The Sound of Coo-sic:Con los palomos emplumados

Comic 44#:

  • Inquiring Brain: Pinky and the Brain
  • Fashion Victim: The Warners
  • Conspiracy Weary: Slappy

Comic 45#:

  • Warner Twins:Con los hermanos Warner
  • The Brain Loses His Mind:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • Minervas Valentine:Con Minerva Mink

Comic 46#:

  • Dot the Vampire Slayer:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Scampoo:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • Very Good Things:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 47#:

  • Brainita:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • Tongue Twisted:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Boo-peermodel:Con Kikiri Boo

Comic 48#:

  • Im Not Your Mother,Kid:Con Slappy
  • Listen to Mother:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • If the Arks Arockin:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 49#:

  • The Lit-Wit Issue:Con los hermanos Warner
  • MacBoo:Con Kikiri Boo
  • Brainwulf:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • Pride and Pigeon-ness(aka Coo-less):Con los palomos emplumados
  • Romeo and Juliet:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 50#:

  • Riki-Tiki Terror: Hello Nurse

Comic 51#:

  • Away with Wurds: The Warners
  • Crossed Signals: Pinky and the Brain
  • Monster of the Bride: Katie Ka Boom

Comic 52#:

  • Baby Bowl:Con Botones y Mindy
  • Fear and Loathing on Mars:Con los hermanos Warner
  • I Never Promised You a Kindergarten:Con Pinky y Cerebro

Comic 53#:

  • Future Shock:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • The Contest:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Coo-La-La:Con los palomos emplumados
  • The Wolf at the Door:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 54#:

  • Minerva and the Seven Dwafs: Minerva Mink
  • Brain VS Brawn: Pinky and the Brain
  • Leave It to Skeever: The Warners

Comic 55#:

  • Theme Park Buttons:Con Botones y Mindy
  • Waiting for Waiting for Godot:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Operation:Slumberland:Con Pinky y Cerebro

Comic 56#:

  • The Britches of Madison County:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • This Years Model:Con Slappy
  • Thanksgiving Boo:Con Kikiri Boo
  • Things That Go Bonk in the Night:Con los hermanos Warner

Comic 57#:

  • Bean-Counter Brain:Con Pinky y Cerebro
  • Once Randy Beaman.he had a creme-filled snack cake once:Con Randy Beaman
  • Wakkos Untamed Melody:Con los hermanos Warner
  • Okay,see,um Randy Beaman went to doctor once:Con Randy Beaman
  • Minks Is Finks:Con Minerva Mink
  • See,one time Randy Beaman,he got this big part in the school play:Con Randy Beaman

Comic 58#:

  • From Bad to Nurse:Con Hola Enfermera

Comic 59#:

  • Far Lap:Con los hermanos Warner
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