Genesis Animaniacs Cover

If you're looking for the SNES version of "Animaniacs", go here.

 "Animaniacs" is a platforming game that was released on May 14th, 1994, made for the Sega Genesis, developed and published by Konami. It was the first Animaniacs video game ever released. 



Title screen

Word has it that the Warner Brothers(and the Warner Sister) are once again up to no good. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are planning to collect props for a shop selling memorabilia from Warner Brothers Movies. Sadly the studio guard isn't gonna let that happen. Later two "rats" steal all of the stuff, so the Yakko, Wakko, and Dot must stop them to get it back.


The Warners must get through the 4 Movie Lots, the extra fifth lot that opens up when you beat them, and the final boss while avoiding Ralph the Guard, Pinky and the Brain, various hazards like falling props, etc. To complete most stages, the Warners must defeat Ralph and then retrieve the favored item, and work together by switching through the siblings to use their special abilities to help with platforming, getting past enemies, outwitting the level bosses, etc.


  1. Yakko: A playable character that uses his paddleball to stun/defeat enemies. Yakko has the unique ability to push and pull crates, and to keep Ralph away by using his paddleball to stun him.
  2. Wakko: A playable character that uses his mallet for activating buttons, triggering switches, lighting fuses, breaking fragile objects, etc.
  3. Dot: A playable character that uses kisses to stun enemies and bosses, and sometimes make them move somewhere else to progress through the level.
  4. Dr. Sratchansniff: A minor NPC that walks around in the psychiatry clinic.
  5. The CEO: A minor NPC that walks around aimlessly.
  6. Ralph: The studio guard that will do just about anything to catch the Warners and lock them back up in the Water Tower. Is the boss for most of the levels.
  7. The Nurse: A minor NPC that walks around aimlessly.
  8. Pinky: The dimwitted sidekick of The Brain.
  9. Brain: The final boss. A super-smart mouse who wants to take over the world.
  10. Squit: A minor NPC that flies around aimlessly.
  11. Bobby: A minor NPC that flies around aimlessly.
  12. Pesto: A minor NPC that flies around aimlessly.
  13. Solley the Godpigeon: A minor NPC that flies around aimlessly.
  14. Mindy: A minor NPC who happens to make the levels more difficult to her interaction with other objects.
  15. Buttons: Mindy's pet. Sometimes you need to reunite Mindy with him in order to progress.
  16. Dracula: Main boss in level four.
  17. Death: First villain in level four.
  18. Dennis Hopper: Minor NPC in level four.
  19. Marita: A minor NPC that walks around aimlessly.
  20. Flavio: Marita's husband that walks around aimlessly.
  21. Runt: Minor NPC only featured in the practice stage.
  22. Rita: Minor NPC standing aimlessly.
  23. Slappy: Minor NPC only found in level five.
  24. Skippy: Minor NPC only found in level two.
  25. Gina Embryo: Minor NPC only found in level three.


There is a life count, star count, time limit, and health meter. The health is represented by the Warner's faces in the form of switching portraits, which change to more tired/unhappy ones each time they take hits, and the Warners' health is shared. Finding sweets and apples can restore the Warners' health.

You can get more lives by getting 100 stars, or by getting golden Warner faces(Depending on who you're controlling) that are scattered through the levels, and the starting lives can be changed with the difficulty: Easy starts you with 4 lives, Normal with 2 lives and Hard starts you with zero lives. Losing a life will send you back to the beginning of the level section you lost it at, and losing your last life will send you back to the beginning of the level if you choose to continue.

The levels are timed, starting at 300 seconds, and there is a warning in the form of different, faster and tense music once there is only 29 seconds left, but time can be increased by collecting clocks scattered around that add 100 more seconds to the timer. Running out of time also costs a life.

In the first and third levels, there is a bonus game in the form of a roulette wheel, and you can bet up to two stars on each character (Pinky gives x2 the stars you bet, Brain x4, Yakko x6, Wakko x8, and Dot x10) if you think the wheel will land on them. If you land on any of the characters you bet on, you get the stars back that you risked multiplied by the amount next to the character. (Pinky gives a max of 4 stars, Brain 8 stars, Yakko 12, Wakko 16, and Dot 20). The higher the multiplier, the less they appear on the wheel, making it harder to land on them. If you lose by having the wheel land on someone you didn't bet on, you don't get any stars back, and you lose the stars you bet.

Game Boy version

Animaniacs (1)

Box art.


Title screen in a Super Game Boy.

This version of the game was later ported to the Game Boy by Factor 5 in 1995, however due to space limitations on the cartridge, only 3 levels are present, including the final boss fight with Pinky and the Brain. Both the Science Fiction/Space Opera and Space Wars (Space Trucking) levels and nearly all of the final Action Movie - Once There Was A Man Named Oscar level except for the final boss fight there had been removed to keep within the space limitations of the cartridge, as well as having various parts of the three levels removed as well.

The game ends on Easy Mode early on one of the 3 levels, and plays normally all the way through on Normal and Hard modes.

When played on the Super Nintendo add-on Super Game Boy, the game had a special frame, resembling an Acme old school TV while featuring the faces of the Warners, Pinky and the Brain and Ralph.