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Animaniacs is a 1994 platformer game developed and published by Konami, based on the animated series of the same name. The game was developed and published by Konami for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and was released on June 1994. In Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko and Dot must retrieve pages of a script from an unproduced Warner Bros. movie, stolen by Pinky and The Brain.

Despite sharing names, the game is completely distinct from its Genesis/Game Boy counterpart in gameplay.


As part of their plan to take over the world, Pinky and the Brain head to Warner Bros. Studios to steal a script for a new movie that could win them enough money for world domination. However, Pinky mindlessly scatters pages of the script throughout the studio during their escape.[1] Thaddeus Plotz tasks Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to find and bring back all 24 pages of the script. The Warners travel throughout the five stages of the studio to recover the stolen scripts, before eventually getting access to the Editing Room, where they fight off every boss previously fought before, and then eventually against Pinky and the Brain themselves. The Warners destroy their mech and defeat Pinky and the Brain.

The game features 3 different endings, with each ending being decided based on how many movie script pages the player has collected.

  • In the bad ending (less than 10 scripts collected), Plotz scolds the Warners for not collecting all the pages of the scripts. The Warners become sad and continously express their sadness to Plotz.
  • In the second bad ending (10-23 scripts collected), Plotz appears more pleased but is still angered about not having the script completed. Yakko, Wakko and Dot are distracted by Hello Nurse, ignoring Plotz's words.
  • In the good ending (when all 24 scripts are obtained), Plotz congratulates the Warners for recovering the script pages, stating they were able to finish the movie. Plotz watches the in-studio premiere of the finished movie, only to find out that the movie was about the Warner trio themselves. Plotz is angered by the results, while Yakko is pleased that they finally have their own movie. In a post-credits scene, the Brain calls Pinky "a threat to tolerance" as the game ends with a shot of the outside of ACME Labs.




  • Thaddeus Plotz: Appears in the cutscenes and the Studio HQ
  • Dr. Scratchansniff: Appears in the Studio HQ
  • Hello Nurse: Appears in Studio HQ and Sci-Fi Stage. The other Warners not being controlled will automatically be attracted to her.
  • Buttons: Appears in the Adventure Stage, holds a script page
  • Mindy: Appears in the Adventure Stage
  • Rita: Appears in the Adventure Stage
  • Runt: Appears in the Adventure Stage
  • The Mime: Appears in the Sci-fi Stage, dressed as Charlie Chaplin. Holds a script page with his cane.
  • The Goodfeathers: Appear in the Water Tower stage


  • Ralph: Recurring enemy, constantly attempts to catch the Warners and cannot be defeated.
  • Facehugger: recurring enemy in the Sci-Fi stage
  • Kiki The Gorilla: recurring enemy in the Adventure Stage, attempts to knock out the Warners and has a crush on Runt.
  • Crocodile: recurring enemy of the Adventure Stage.
  • Octopus: Recurring boss character in the Aquatic Stage.
  • Captain Mel: Boss of the Aquatic Stage, appears with the Octopus.
  • Dracula: Enemy that appears in the Adventure Stage.
  • Anvilania King: Boss of the Fantasy Stage.
  • Pinky: Supporting character to The Brain, final boss
  • Brain: Main antagonist, final boss. Holds 3 script pages.


Animaniacs SNES 2

The Warners avoiding Ralph in the Sci-Fi stage

Animaniacs is a 3D platforming side-scroller with levels played on a 3-D movement field, though in certain sections the level can be reduced to several lanes of movement or just to a side-scrolling level. The main goal of the game involves attempting to get through the sound stages of Warner Bros. Studios while finding pages of a movie script. Most stages involve attempting to reach the end of a stage, with a boss fight usually commencing around the end of the stage. Bosses are usually defeated by interacting with stage objects.

The game's main goal involves finding and collecting 24 pages of a movie script. Script pages can be found by interacting with specific objects or characters, finding them in hidden areas, or by damaging a boss. Collecting all 24 script pages is necessary in order to achieve the game's true ending. Hidden areas with coins can also be found by interacting with stage objects. Every time a stage is completed or a game over occurs, a password compromised of faces of the game's cast shows up, which can be entered on the title screen's password screen to continue at a later time.

Along with basic commands like moving with the Control Pad and jumping with the B button, the player can perform a dash attack by pressing the A button twice, which can defeat certain enemies and destroy certain objects. The player also has the ability to stack two or three Warners in a tower formation to reach higher platforms by using the X button. Using the L button stops the slot machine on the bottom of the screen, which rewards the bonuses or penalties when the slots align to specific characters on it after collecting at least 5 coins. The player can also use the Y button to pick up objects and throw them at enemies, which usually makes the enemy drop coins. The player starts the game off as Yakko, but by pressing the R button, the player can switch between Wakko and Dot; however all Warners play identically and is merely cosmetic. The default controls can be changed in the Options screen on the title screen.

The player begins the game with no continues. The player will lose a Warner if the Warner either gets hit by a certain object, stage hazard, enemy, gets caught by Ralph, or falls into a bottomless pit/water. Losing a Warner also reduces the height of the stack move, and cannot be performed when there is only one Warner remaining. When all three Warners are captured, the game ends. If a continue is present, the player can continue the game from the beginning of the stage currently being played, but only starts off with the last Warner lost.

If a Warner is lost or captured, the Water Tower stage opens on the Studio map, where the player can free the captured Warners. The player must use an ascending platform and boomerang to reach the top of the tower while defending themselves from birds and Ralph, who try to push the Warner off the platform. Reaching the top of the tower and opening the WB door frees the captured Warners, and returns the player to the studio map. The stage ends if the Warner is pushed off the ascending platform; no Warners are lost, so the stage can be played as many times as needed. Lost/captured Warners can also be recovered by landing Yakko. Wakko and Dot panels on the slot machine.

The Warners (including Warners that the player is not controlling) are able to collect coins scattered throughout the studio, which can be used to use the slot machine or earn continues. Coins are usually placed normally in specific areas, tied to certain stage characters, found in crates or breakable objects, and can also be obtained by jumping on certain enemies. Coins can also be earned or lost from the slot machine. Silver coins are worth one coin, while Gold coins are worth 10 coins. Collecting 100 coins will grant the player one continue, but can also be obtained from the slot machine as well.

The player will earn one spin on the slot machine (labelled as Hold on the HUD screen) after every 5 coins collected. The slot machine will spin when there is at least one spin present on the Hold counter, and will also spin on the studio map screen. The slots will stop automatically after a few seconds, or when the L button is pressed.

Slot Machine Rewards[]

If three panels of the same character match on the slot machine, one of the following rewards are given:

  • Slappy Squirrel: The player is awarded 50 coins.
  • Skippy Squirrel: The player is awarded 20 coins.
  • Chicken Boo: The player's total coin count is doubled.
  • Yakko, Wakko and Dot: All lost/captured Warners are restored and join the surviving Warner(s). Unlike the other panels, the Yakko, Wakko and Dot panels can appear in any order.
  • Hello Nurse: The Warners gain invincibility for 10 seconds, which protects them from enemies and some stage hazards. Also stops the slots from rolling until the invincibility wears off.
  • Plotz: A continue is awarded, which lets the player continue the game after their last Warner is lost/captured.
  • Pinky: The player loses 10 coins.
  • The Brain: The player's current coin total is cut in half.
  • Ralph: All the player's coins are lost.
Animaniacs snes 5

The studio map

The game begins with a tutorial sequence at the Studio HQ, before opening up to the Studio Map. There are four sound stages around the studio map, with the fifth one (the Editing Room) opening up after all other levels are completed. A level is completed by reaching the end of the stage or defeating the boss that resides there. Previously completed levels can be re-entered after completing them, in which the player can exit the levels by pressing the Select button while the game is paused.

On the studio screen, the Warners can move in any direction and enter a sound stage by approaching it and pressing the A button. Ralph appears wandering around the studio, and if the Warners enter his sight, he will speed up and chase the Warners. If Ralph catches the Warners on the studio screen, the player must play an escape stage where the player must escape Ralph.


  • Studio HQ (Practice/Tutorial Level): The first level of the game, showing instructions throughout the level. This level cannot be re-entered after completing.
  • Sci-Fi Stage (Sci-Fi Scene): A stage with space-like scenery. Contains 5 script pages.
  • Aquatic Stage (Ocean of Doom): A stage that takes place in the wide-open sea, with pirates showing up around the area. Contains 6 script pages.
  • Fantasy Stage (Fantastic Fantasy Zone): A stage that takes place in Anvilania with several magic objects and creatures. Contains 4 script pages.
  • Adventure Stage (Adventure Kingdom): A stage with primitive fields, jungles and ancient structures. Contains 6 script pages.
  • Editing Room: As its name implies, an editing room. This is the stage where the final boss with Pinky and The Brain Takes place, which follows after a boss rush featuring all previously fought bosses. The Brain holds the last 3 script pages, which are retrieved by damaging Brain's mech suit. This stage is inaccessible until all other stages are completed.

Optional stages[]

  • Ralph (Escape Stage): This stage begins if Ralph catches the Warners on the map screen. The Warners must escape Ralph by running towards the end of the area, while dodging the walking robots. If the player completes the stage, Ralph will disappear from the studio map, but will reappear when the player completes or exits another stage.
  • Water Tower (Rescue/Recovery Stage): This stage becomes available if a Warner is missing/captured. The player must use an ascending platform to slowly reach the top of the tower while avoiding birds and Ralph, before eventually bouncing off balloons to reach the top of the tower. The player can grab a boomerang to defend themselves from birds and Ralph. Completing the stage will recover all captured/lost Warners, while nothing happens if the player fails the rescue.


  • This is the first Animaniacs product to be released on a Nintendo console.
  • Even though Ralph works for Thaddeus, he along with many other enemies, like Pinky and the Brain and their minions, stand in the Warners' way, despite their jobs to get the pages back from Thaddeus himself.
    • This is also clarified on the back cover art for the game, stating that he doesn't care what Mr. Plotz says about their task.
  • The idle animation of Yakko, Wakko and Dot is based on their dance at the beginning of The Senses Song.
  • The U.F.O that abducts the Warners in the Sci-Fi stage features the same design used in Space-Probed, although it has one arm instead of two.
  • The final segment of the Aquatic Stage is set in the ships of H.M.S. Yakko, with Captain Mel as a boss.
  • The final segment of the Fantasy Stage is set in Anvilania.
  • Touching the robot that roams around on the Studio Map screen multiple times will cause it to speed up. Touching it again will give a coin bonus to the player.
  • The game's credits replicate the same background shot of the Water Tower seen in the original show's credits.
  • A level select cheat is present in the Japanese version of the game, which is activated by holding Up, Y and Select, then pressing start on the opening cutscene, which includes three extra test levels that are unused in the main game. The code is, however, disabled in the international release but can be activated using Pro Action Replay codes.[2]
  • On June 1, 2022, a prototype of the game compiled on June 22, 1994 was discovered by The Cutting Room Floor.


  • Adventure Stage: Tarzan, Raiders of the Lost Ark (lost temple with a sequence pursued by a big rock), E.T. (the minecart segment ends with the cart flying in front of the moon while a version of the famous theme plays)
    • The back of the game's box art mentions the Warners starring with a character named Harry Fjord in a Swedish smash movie called "Scandinavian Smith and the Temple of Smorgasboards", a parody of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Aquatic Stage: Jaws (one of the shark pursuits even features a version of the famous theme)
  • Fantasy Stage: Alice in Wonderland (opens with the white rabbit being pursued, ends in a castle filled with card soldiers), The Neverending Story (flying dog-like creature), Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Sci-Fi Stage: Alien (eggs that throw Facehuggers, a grown Alien with an eggplant for a head), Star Wars (a garbage can-like R2-D2, a scarecrow-like C-3PO, rolling boulders shaped like the Death Star), The Terminator (pursuit by a truck, from whose flaming wreckage comes a robot)


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