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Animaniacs is the first of several Animaniacs soundtrack albums. In 2020, the album was re-released digitally.


  1. Animaniacs Theme Song
  2. Yakko's Universe
  3. Schnitzelbank
  4. What are We?
  5. Yes, Brothers Warner We
  6. Yakko's World
  7. Wakko's America
  8. Video Revue
  9. I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual
  10. I'm Mad
  11. The Planets
  12. The Etiquette Song
  13. I'm Cute
  14. The Senses
  15. Be Careful What You Eat
  16. Let the Anvils Ring
  17. Animaniacs Theme Song (extended version)


  • The extended version of the theme song would later be used in some episodes of the original Animaniacs, but with "We pay tons of income tax" being used instead of "While Bill Clinton plays the sax". Later, the line "While Bill Clinton plays the sax" would eventually be restored in the extended opening for the final episode of the series.
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