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Animaniacs is a comic book series based on the TV series of the same name. It was produced by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment and published by DC Comics, and ran for 59 issues between 1995 and 2000 (notably continuing after the original Animaniacs had ended in November 1998). At a certain point it became Animaniacs Featuring Pinky and the Brain once the mice's own ongoing folded into the parent show's title.


Comic 1#:

  • Global Disorder: Pinky and the Brain
  • Ice Cream of Genie: The Warners
  • 1492 The True Story: The Warners

Comic 2#:

  • Ranch Lotta-Doh: The Warners
  • Win Big: Pinky and the Brain (direct episode adaptation)
  • Tower Trouble: The Warners

Comic 3#:

  • Rewriting History: Pinky and the Brain
  • Coco, Anyone?: The Warners
  • Guitars and Cadillacs: The Warners

Comic 4#:

  • Re-Animaniacs: The Warners
  • Helloooo, Watson: The Warners
  • Space Case: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 5#:

  • The Not-So-Model Mother: The Warners
  • A Wing and a Prayer: The Warners
  • The Trouble with Trainees: The Warners
The Warners Monkey Around

Page of "A Wing and a Prayer".

Comic 6#:

  • Egyptian Conniption: The Warners
  • Pun Fight at the O.K. Corral: The Warners
  • The Whole Tooth and Nothin' but the Tooth: The Warners

Comic 7#:

Comic 8#:

Comic 9#: Tarantino-inspired issue

  • Natural Born Jokers: The Warners (wrap-around based around Natural Born Killers)
  • Pulped Fractions: The Warners (the brothers crash the filming of a Pulp Fiction-like movie)
  • Reservoir Mice: Pinky and the Brain (parody of Reservoir Dogs)
Warners Tarzan

Page of "Pulped Fractions".

Comic 10#:

  • A Comic Book is Born: The Warners
  • The Ice Cream Man Cometh: The Warners

Comic 11#:

  • Brain for Brain: Pinky and the Brain
  • Frankly Frankenstein: The Warners

Comic 12#: 1960s-inspired issue

  • A Blast from Hipsville: The Warners
  • The Mod Couple: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 13#: Japanese-inspired issue

  • MangaManiacs: The Warners
  • The Three Samurai: The Warners
  • Gigantasaurus Versus the Dot: The Warners

Comic 14#:

  • A Spy on the Wall: The Warners
  • Take That: The Warners
  • Whats the Holdup?: Slappy and Skippy

Comic 15#:

Rita and Runt Comic

Page of "Mace Ventura Pet Hunter".

Comic 16#:

  • Wrestlemaniacs: The Warners
  • The Mean, Green Monster Brain Machine: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 17#:

  • Beauty or the Beast: Warners
  • Minervadrama: Minerva Mink
  • No Substitute for Laughter: Slappy Squirrel

Comic 18#: France-inspired issue

Comic 19#: X-Files parody

  • The Y Files: The Warners
  • Sheep: Warners
  • Little Green Mice: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 20#: James Dean-inspired issue

  • Rebels Just 'Cause!: The Warners
  • East of Burbank: Slappy
  • Grande!: Warners

Comic 21#:

  • Radio Dazed: The Warners
  • ER: Emergency Roomies: The Warners

Comic 22#: Employment issue

  • World Domination-To Go: Pinky and the Brain
  • Baby Boomer: Katie Ka-Boom
  • Career Flopportunities: The Warners
  • Duhhh...Come back here, kidses: The Warners

Comic 23#:

  • Hello Nurse, Agent of H.U.B.B.A: Hello Nurse
  • Wakko for President: The Warners

Comic 24#: Brooklyn-inspired issue

  • Brooklyn Birds: Goodfeathers
  • Artful Dodgers: Warners
  • Brooklyn Brain: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 25#:

  • Silver Jubilee: The Warners
  • Driving Miss Slappy: Slappy
  • A Taxing Situation: Minerva Mink

Comic 26#: EC-Inspired Issue

  • Pancake House of Horror: The Warners
  • Episode 1#: Bubble Doom: Randy Beaman
  • A Paw Worth Fighting For: Slappy
  • Good Things Come in Buckets: Warners
  • Tickle-Me Evil: Con Buttons and Mindy
  • Episode 2#: Claw Deal: Randy Beaman
  • Epilogue: Warners

Comic 27#:

  • Plane for Keeps: Slappy
  • Burbank Place: The Warners

Comic 28#:

  • The Warners Sing Science: The Warners
  • Brain's Spock: Pinky and the Brain
  • Natural Chemistry: Minerva Mink

Comic 29#:

  • The Return of Hello Nurse, Agent of H.U.B.B.A: Hello Nurse

Comic 30#:

Comic 31#:

  • 101 Darnations: Warners
  • The Usual Boo: Chicken Boo
  • A Slappy Salute: Slappy
  • Okay,see,once Randy Beaman laughed so hard that milk came out of his nose
  • Good Idea, Bad Idea: Theme Parks

Page of "Booth Bait".

Comic 32#:

  • Pyjama-Rama: The Warners
  • Lifestyles of the Old and Cranky: Slappy
  • Booth Bait: Minerva Mink

Comic 33#:

  • Long Lost Warner: The Warners
  • Road Scholars: Slappy

Comic 34#:

  • Minerxa Warrior Princess: Minerva Mink
  • The People VS Wakko Warner: The Warners
  • Hlo...What?...Whaddaya mean the comic books a couple pages short this month?: Slappy

Comic 35#:

  • Tour Defreak: The Warners, Freakazoid
  • Move It or Lose It: Slappy
  • Doctor Boo: Chicken Boo

Comic 36#:

  • Communication Gap: The Warners
  • Nature, Parte XIV, Sly Minks: Minerva Mink
  • Matchmaking Maniacs: The Warners

Comic 37#:

  • All my Warners: The Warners
  • Li-Hippo-Suction: The Hip Hippos
  • Mr Brains Neighborhood: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 38#:

  • Swappin Sibs: Warners
  • Babyface: Mindy and Buttons
  • Cute Only Goes So Far: Con Slappy

Comic 39#: Explosive issue

  • For Whom Nobel Toils: The Warners
  • Internal Combustion: Slappy
  • Control: Katie Ka Boom
  • Bombshell: Minerva Mink

Comic 40#:

  • Lost in Spice: Warners
  • Talk Therapy: Slappy
  • Traumatic License: Warner

Comic 41#:

  • Little Wakko in Snoreburg: Warners
  • Dot's Spot: Warner
  • Hansel and Gretel: Randy Beaman
  • Mother Gooses Goose is Cooked: Slappy, Minerva Mink

Comic 42#:

  • (Un)Dressed for Success: Warner
  • The Lunch Boat: Rita and Runt
  • The Stepford Warners: Warners
  • Hooked on Historyonics: Warners

Comic 43#:

  • Revenge of the Magi: Warners
  • Shoe-In: Pinky and the Brain
  • The Sound of Coo-sic: Goodfeathers

Comic 44#:

  • Inquiring Brain: Pinky and the Brain
  • Fashion Victim: The Warners
  • Conspiracy Weary: Slappy

Comic 45#:

  • Warner Twins: The Warners
  • The Brain Loses His Mind: Pinky and the Brain
  • Minervas Valentine: Minerva Mink

Comic 46#:

  • Dot the Vampire Slayer: The Warners
  • Scampoo: Pinky and the Brain
  • Very Good Things: The Warners
Dot and Her Loud Grumbly Tummy

Strip of "Dot the Vampire Slayer".

Comic 47#:

  • Brainita: Pinky and the Brain
  • Tongue Twisted: The Warners
  • Boo-permodel: Chicken Boo

Comic 48#:

  • Im Not Your Mother,Kid: Slappy
  • Listen to Mother: Pinky and the Brain
  • If the Arks A-rockin': The Warners

Comic 49#: Literature Classics issue

  • The Lit-Wit Issue: The Warners
  • MacBoo: Chicken Boo
  • Brainwulf: Pinky and the Brain
  • Pride and Pigeon-ness(aka Coo-less): Goodfeather
  • Romeo and Juliet*: The Hip Hippos and Yakko

Comic 50#:

  • Riki-Tiki Terror: Hello Nurse

Comic 51#:

  • Away with Wurds: The Warners
  • Crossed Signals: Pinky and the Brain
  • Monster of the Bride: Katie Ka Boom

Comic 52#:

  • Baby Bowl: Mindy and Buttons
  • Fear and Loathing on Mars: The Warners
  • I Never Promised You a Kindergarten: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 53#:

  • Future Stock: Pinky and the Brain
  • The Contest: The Warners
  • Coo-La-La: Goodfeathers
  • The Wolf at the Door: The Warners

Comic 54#:

  • Minerva and the Seven Dwarfs: Minerva Mink
  • Brain VS Brawn: Pinky and the Brain
  • Leave It to Skeever: The Warners

Comic 55#:

  • Theme Park Buttons: Mindy and Buttons
  • Waiting for Waiting for Godot: The Warners
  • Operation:Slumberland: Pinky and the Brain

Comic 56#:

  • The Britches of Madison County: Pinky and the Brain
  • This Years Model: Slappy
  • Thanksgiving Boo: Chicken Boo
  • Things That Go Bonk in the Night: The Warners

Comic 57#:

  • Bean-Counter Brain: Pinky and the Brain
  • Tales of Randy Beaman
  • Wakko's Untamed Melody: The Warners
  • Minks Is Finks: Minerva Mink

Comic 58#:

  • From Bad to Nurse: Hello Nurse

Comic 59#:

  • Far Lap: The Warners, plus most of everyone else

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