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This article contains information about merchandise related to the Animaniacs franchise.

"But when we sell out, we know we're selling out, so it's cool!"
Wakko Warner, "Suspended Animation Part Two"

The Animaniacs franchise has been highlighted in commercials ever since the series debuted in the early-90's. These have included promotional tie-ins with popular brands and advertisements for Animaniacs-specific products such as video games. Sometimes, the series itself is even referenced by some brands.

List of Animaniacs Commercials and Promotional Tie-Ins

Name Description Image
McDonald's Ads (1994 and 1995) A line of Animaniacs toys were sold at fast-food chain McDonald's under their "Happy Meal" brand in 1994 and 1995. Multiple advertisements were made to promote the line.
Konami Animaniacs SNES and Genesis Ad (1994) This promo features the Warner siblings in various movie-genre parodies as part of a promotion for their 1994 video games from Konami.
Animaniacs Mac & Cheese (1996) This commercial promoted a limited time Animaniacs-branded variant of Kraft's "Macaroni and Cheese" meals. The Warners, Pinky, and the Brain each make appearances in the ad. Kraft macaroni and cheese animaniacs
Wendy's Promotions (1997-1999) From 1997-1999, fast-food chain Wendy's gave away Animaniacs-related toys with their kids meals. The 1997 line was Pinky and the Brain-branded. Additionally, Wendy's teamed-up with Kids' WB! for a sweepstakes event (for more information see Pinky and the Brain Wendy's Campaign). The 1998 line was Animaniacs-branded, and 1999-branded toys were given The Big Cartoonie Show branding and sold with toys from Tiny Toon Adventures.
Hardee's Animaniacs Promotion (1998) Fast-food restaurant chain Hardee's gave away Animaniacs toys with their kids meals in 1998. Hardees Animaniacs
Pepsi Kids' WB! Promotion (1999) Toys of Wakko, Pinky and the Brain were given away as part of this promotional Kids' WB! tie-in with Pepsi. Collectively, they represented Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain (which were also showcased inside the booklet that came with the toys).
Ebicen Animaniacs Ad (2000) This commercial promotes an Animaniacs tie-in with the Ebicen snacks, which feature stickers of various characters from the show. In the ad itself, the Warner siblings jumping out of a TV and into the real-world to cause chaos in a home. EBICEN Animaniacs cover
Animaniacs Twitter Watch Party Campaign (2021) To promote the 2021 Twitter debut of the Animaniacs reboot's 17th episode, the official Twitter pages for Dunkaroos (@dunkaroos) and Sour Patch Kids (@SourPatchKids) tweeted about the event and even interacted with the official Animaniacs Twitter page.[1] [2]
"2023 Invitation to Lexus Sales Event: Electric Feels" (2023) Footage of Pinky and the Brain with their giant magnetic atop the Earth from the Animaniacs reboot intro is briefly used in this Lexus ad.
Animaniacs x MasterClass: The Brain Teaches World Domination (2023) This Hulu mini-series is a promotional tie-in with the MasterClass education subscription service. Brain Teaches World Domination thumbnail
Cyber Wow: Cybermaniacs con precios de locura (Falabella) (2023) To promote the Chilean-Peruvian shopping service, a series of commercials were made starring the Warner siblings. This promo series is exclusive for Latin America and features Rafael Monsalve, Giset Blanco, and Navid Cabrera reprising their roles from the Latin American Spanish dub. These ads are animated by PunkRobot Studio. Cybermaniacs portada


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