The Animaniacs Game Pack Intro was a intro for the Animaniacs Game Pack CD-ROM game. It is yet another variation on the Theme song.


The Warners:
It's time for Animaniacs!
We hope your hard drive stays intact.
If this program starts to crash,
Give your CPU a whack!
We're Animaniacs!
Boot up the Warner Brothers
And the Warner Sister, Dot!
The developers would like to buy
A really snappy yacht!
They put all kinds of games in here
To tie your mind in knots
And zany animations
That will leave you seeing spots!
We're Animaniacs!
They transformed us to bitmaps!
If you move your mouse to click on things,
You'll force us to react!
We're Animaniacs!
Look at Wakko as he tries
To pull your processor apart
And Yakko's burning random
Access memory with a spark!
Dot just grabbed your cursor,
She wants you to restart!
We kidnapped all the programmers,
They think that they're so smart!
We're Animaniacs!
Play at work and you'll get sacked!
If the artwork is too slack,
Well, they licensed us to hacks!
We're Animanie,
Totally insaney....
Monitor's in flamey...
The Warners:

Original lyrics

The original lines of the second verse were:

Look at Yakko as he tries
To pull your processor apart,
And Wakko's burning random
Access memory with a fart!