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This is a series of transcripts for the cutscenes from the Animaniacs Game Pack.

Game Intro[]

[After the game's version of the theme song, Dot reveals her bare hand, then puts on one of her white latex exam gloves and opens and closes her gloved hand twice. Then we see a closeup of her flower ribbon as she puts it on. Next we see a close-up of Yakko's pants as he closes the buckle. Then, Wakko squeezes a rubber duck and stashes it in his magical gag bag. Yakko unravels blueprints and points to the water tower, but Wakko accidentally gets mustard on it while eating a hamburger. Yakko swipes a grappling hook, then Wakko is revealed welding a hotdog with a blowtorch. Then we cut to outside the water tower where the flames from inside burn around the door in the shape of the Warner Bros. shield and Wakko pushes the door out. Wakko jumps out while grabbing onto a rope. He releases it and lands on the street, and Yakko and Dot land behind him. As they run, they suddenly crash into the screen and the scenery dissolves into a computer-graphic wire frame of Warner Bros. studio.]

Wakko: What happened?

Yakko: [Shakes his head] Anyone get the license number of that truck?

Dot: Wakko, what's in your head?

Wakko: [Sticks his hand through his ears] Not much.

Dot: [taps at a cursor] No, silly. What's stick on your head?

Wakko: [Pulls the cursor off his hat] Some type of arrow.

[Yakko swipes it out of Wakko's hand and Wakko and Dot pop up from behind Yakko as he gets a closer look at the cursor.]

Yakko: Hey, I know what this is.

Dot: It's a cursor!

Yakko: [Runs up to the screen and taps it] Don't look now, sibs. But I think we're in a computer game, and there's a player out there.

Wakko: I feel so exposed.

[Dot gets hearts in her eyes and runs up to Yakko and pushes him out of the way. Then blinks her eyes three times in front of the player while she's in love.]

Yakko and Wakko: We're the Warner Brothers!

Dot: [Jumps in from the middle] And the Warner Sister!

Wakko: So now what?

[We see Yakko, Wakko, and Dot pacing around in circles.]

Yakko [While Pacing]: Uh... let's see. Computer game... computer game.

[Yakko suddenly gets an idea, and Wakko and Dot run out of the shot.]

Yakko: Oh, yes! The first thing we need is a desktop!

Dot: One desktop coming up!

[Dot pulls the string underneath, and gets pulled out of the shot. The menu background is revealed.]

Yakko: Next, we'll need a main menu. [A menu from Maine is thrown at him, and Yakko faces the screen.] I don't think this is what I had in mind. [Throws the menu away] I'm thinking of clever little icons that you click on to go to really fun games.

[We cut over to Wakko throwing three random objects out of his gag bag, consisting of a ghost, a candy heart box, and a golf ball with a golf pin. Then we see the completed menu as the five icons shown blink in yellow.]

Yakko [Off-screen]: It looks like our work here is done!

Wakko: I'm hungry!

Dot [Exhausted]: I'm pooped!

Yakko: Well, as specified in Section 47, Paragraph 28, [Pulls out a long list] Sub-paragraph 32 of our union contract... It's break time!

Wakko: [Pulls out a fork and knife] Let's eat!

Dot: Now it's up to you. Click on an icon and have some fun!

Prop Shop Drop intro[]

[An iris opens revealing the back of the angry Foreman as he fails arms and clipboard around]

Foreman: The director keeps calling me, I've got all these movies to give props for, where are my workers!? They should've been here hours ago!

[Right on cue, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot sing one by one as they appear.]

Yakko: ♪[Appears first] Hello...♪

Wakko: ♪[Appears next to Yakko] Hello...♪

Dot: ♪[Appears next to Wakko] Hello!♪

Foreman: Well, it's about time! You're late! [Points to the bike in the corner] That's your vehicle!

Wakko: A bike? [Dot hops into the shot from behind him to the right] Let me guess, the skateboard is at the shop?

Foreman: Don't get smart with me, kid.

Dot: Oh, you don't have to worry about that.

Foreman: Listen up, the studio's working on this season's slew of made-for-TV movies. [Tosses Yakko a clipboard; off-screen]: Here's a list of the movies, and the props they need.


  1. Eggs
  2. Cowboy Hats
  3. Medical Kits
  4. Umbrellas
  5. Flying Saucers
  6. Potatoes
  7. Ice
  8. Skeletons
  9. Bed Pans

[A few seconds later, we see a snippet of gameplay footage for "Prop Drop" as the foreman goes over the instructions.]

Foreman [Off-screen]: Use the bike to get around the warehouse, and collect all of the props [Yakko jumps while riding his bike] before the time runs out. If you're good, [Yakko touches the go-kart, replacing the bike he was riding in earlier] you may find better vehicles as you go!

[We cut back to the Foreman talking on-screen]

Foreman: Now get to work!

Yakko: All this and minimum wage too...

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Prop Shop Drop outro[]

Foreman [Off-screen]: You did a great job, kid. Here. [Hands Yakko a blue mug with a star on it] Have a prize cup.

Yakko: I feel so used.

Foreman: Oh, and uh, by the way, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!

Yakko: So, you think this is a good time for me to mention that I don't have a driver's license?

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Baloney's Balloon Bop intro[]

[The "Baloney and Friends" logo shows Baloney and four kids marching behind him. An anvil falls from above him and crushes him, causing the kids to bounce up. Then we see Baloney in a classroom with two kids.]

Baloney: Well, kids, we have an extra special supery-dupery showsy-wowsy for you today!

Two kids: Yay!

Baloney: We've got some guests today I'm sure you'll lovey-dovey love!

[Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are suddenly pushed into the set by a pair of hands who shut the door as soon as the Warners are inside.]

Baloney [Off-screen]: Those cutesy-wutesy, zany-wany, Warner kids! [Laughs]

Two kids [Off-screen]: Yay!

Baloney [While hopping]: It's so great to have you here. We're gonna have a funzy-wunzy good time! We can laugh, and cuddle, and sing happy songs. Won't that be fun?

Two kids: Yay!

[The Warners scream, and then charge for the door, which is locked.]

Yakko [While pulling the doorknob; scared]: Let us out, mister! Plea-he-he-he-hease!

Dot [While pounding the door with her fist; scared]: We promise to be good this time!

Wakko [Scared]: Make it stop!

Baloney: Aw, you kids just need a great big squishy-wishy hug! [Hugs the Warners in his arms] Everyone knows a hug is a gift you give yourself.

Wakko [While hugged by Baloney]: I'm gonna be sick!

[We cut to a closer shot of the Warners in Baloney's arms]

Dot: [While hugged by Baloney]: You know, Yakko, revenge is a wish your heart makes.

Yakko: [While hugged by Baloney and gets a devilish look on his face] And I know just the wish.

[The Warners jump out of Baloney's arms and huddle, indistinctly whispering their escape plan.]

Yakko: Hey, Baloney. Want to play an extra special game?

Baloney: I lovey-dovey love games!

Dot: Then this one's sure to have a big impact on you.

Yakko: Now, here's how you play.

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Baloney's Balloon Bop outro[]

[Baloney is unconscious, and Yakko talks while Baloney falls forward.]

Yakko: Works every time.

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Smoocher intro[]

[We see clouds of the Warner's heads, then the camera zooms in on the WB Water Tower.]

Dr. Scratchansniff [Off-screen; yawning]: "Und [And] zey [they] all lived happily ever after... The end."

Wakko [Off-screen]: About time.

Dr. Scratchansniff [Off-screen]: Excuse me?

Yakko [Off-screen]: Um, he said about time to catch some shuteye.

[We fade to inside the water tower, where Dr. Scratchansniff is shown talking to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, who are all in their beds.]

Dr. Scratchansniff: Well, you zany kids had better go to sleep, tomorrow is gonna be another busy day.

Wakko: I can't wait. I've got a shiny new anvil to try out.

Yakko: Ah, yes. Anvils at dawn. What could be finer?

Dot: Anvils again? We're always dropping anvils on mean peoples' heads. Maybe all they need is a nice smooch to brighten their day.

Yakko [sarcastically]: Oh, like that would work. What are you gonna do, kiss them senseless?

Wakko: Give it up, sis. That trick would never work.

Dot: Well, I can dream can't I?

[Rolls over and falls asleep just as the iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Smoocher outro[]

[Dot screams at the top of her lungs as she wakes up]

Wakko: You okay, Dot?

Dot: Wakko, remember what I said about anvils? Forget it.

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Tee-Off Mini Golf intro/"I'm a Swingin' Gal"[]

Click here to view the transcript/lyrics for this opening cutscene

Belchinator Too! intro[]

[An iris opens revealing the "EYEWITLESS NEWS SPECIAL REPORT" title card]

Yakko [Off-screen]: We interrupt your regular programming for a special report.

[We cut to Yakko at a news desk, with a TV behind him in the background showing ACME Labs.]

Yakko: It seems that a horde of robots has taken over ACME Labs. Ace reporter, Dot Warner is standing by as events unfold. Dot?

Dot: Thanks, Yakko. Let's talk to the people on the street to find out more. Oh, look. Here's one now. [Hands the mic to Pinky; off-screen]: Sir, care to shed some light on the current situation?

Pinky [panicking]: Narf! Oh it's horrible! Just horrible!

[We cut to Brain's robot army in action]

Pinky [panicking; off-screen]: Brain's robots have gone kablooey and have taken him captive.

[We cut back to Pinky talking to Dot]

Pinky [Panicking]: [Inhales] They plan to use his vast intellect to destroy the world!

Dot [Off-screen]: Snap out of it!

Pinky: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say something?

Dot: I have your famed expert Dr. Scratchansniff to provide us with some contrived scientifical mumbo-jumbo on this situation. Doctor?

[We cut over to Dr. Scratchansniff being interviewed by Dot]

Dr. Scratchansniff: Thank you, Dot. I have been reviewing ze [the] designs of these robots, and have determined that the robots can only be destroyed by a gastral explosion of incredible magnitude.

Pinky: Oh, that's a relief. I thought they could only be destroyed by big belches.

Dr. Scratchansniff: Yeah. But where can we find a belching engine of destruction powerful enough to defeat the robots and save ze [the] Brain?

[We cut over to Wakko belching]

Dr. Scratchansniff [While scratching his chin]: Hmm. Are you thinking vat [what] I'm thinking, Pinky?

Pinky [While scratching his chin]: I think so. But where can find a software developer willing to make a game based on this?

Dot [While scratching her chin]: Funny you should mention that. Wakko, ready to save the world and probably suffer grievous bodily harm in the process?

Wakko: That depends. Will they have snacks there?

Dot: You bet they will. In fact, you'll need plenty to power up those belches of yours.

Wakko: Faboo! [Sticks his thumb up] Count me in!

[Wakko jumps out of the shot and is revealed in a black trench coat and sunglasses]

Wakko [Dressed as the Terminator]: I'll be...[belches]...back!

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Belchinator Too! outro[]

[Wakko runs away with Brain in his hand just as the building blows up, with a brick flying to the camera.]

Dot: We have just witnessed an incredible rescue! Wakko, do you have anything to say to our viewers for posterity? [Hands the mic to Wakko]

Wakko [While holding it in]: Um, where's the potty? I've really gotta go!

[A toilet suddenly lands in Wakko's hands]

Dot: I said "posterity", not "posterior".

[Wakko runs off, and we cut to Pinky hugging Brain.]

Pinky: Oh, I'm so glad you're okay, Brain! Narf!

Brain [While being hugged]: Not so hard, Pinky.

Dot: So, Pinky, Brain, can you tell our viewers what your plans are for the future?

Brain: [Turns to the camera] The same thing we do every night, Dot. Try to take over the world!

Dot: Remember folks, you caught the scoop here first. This is Dot Warner signing off.

Yakko: We now return you to your regularly scheduled computer program already in progress. In the event of a real emergency, we hope you'd have enough sense to get off your computer and... SAVE YOURSELF!

[Yakko throws the papers into the air, and the iris closes as he smiles, ending the cutscene.]


Dot [Voice-over]: And now a word from our sponsors.

[An instrumental version of "I'm a Swingin' Gal" plays as the credits roll]

Ending Tag (Pinky and the Brain)[]

Brain [with spirals in his eyes]: When I snap my fingers, you will remember none of this!

[The Brain snaps his fingers as the music stops, after two seconds of silence, Pinky talks.]

Pinky: Do I know you?

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Ending Tag (Yakko)[]

Yakko: [Pops up from the left] The show's over. Return to your homes.

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Ending Tag (Dot 1)[]

Dot: [Pops up from the bottom] Come up with your own ending line. We're beat!

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Ending Tag (Dot 2)[]

Dot: [Pops up from the bottom. She then snaps her fingers] Snap out of it!

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Ending Tag (Wakko)[]

Wakko: Help! We're trapped in a software company!

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]

Ending Tag (All 3 Warners)[]

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: [Pop out from each end of the WB shield] Goodbye, nurse!

[An iris closes, ending the cutscene.]