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Animaniacs Season Two is the second DVD release for the Animaniacs reboot series. It was first released on June 21, 2022 in North America.


They're back! Again! Loony, lovable siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot, return for an all-new season packed with enough comedy sketches, loopy lampoons, and pop-culture parodies to fill a water tower. Join the Warners for twisted takes on Oliver Twist, Christopher Columbus and ancient Rome. Witness their misadventures at a super Sweet 16 party and an art museum. Behold failed, never-before-seen Pinky and the Brain TV pilots as the two continue their pursuit for world domination. Experience all this and so much more in the hilarious second season of Animaniacs!

List of Episodes

The episodes found in this volume are comprised of all thirteen episodes from the show's second season, which originally aired on Hulu. These episodes are spread-out across two discs.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Special Features

  • Barring previews, there are no real special features to be found on this set.


  • The Canadian age-rating for this DVD set has been shown to be "14A"; which recommends adult supervision for people below the age of 14. It is currently unknown if this is an error or not.
  • When this DVD is played on a 4:3 display such as a CRT TV, the menus become 4:3 while the widescreen episodes are letterboxed to fit the display.
  • A digital equivalent of this set can be purchased on outlets such as iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.
    • Unlike Season One, the DVD release came before the digital purchase release (the digital purchase release later occurred 19 days later on July 10).
  • The "Hulu Presents" logo just before the theme song is replaced by a "Steven Spielberg Presents" logo. Additionally, the "A Hulu Original" logo before the intro and the "Hulu Originals" logo animation after the credits are removed completely. However, the "Distributed by Hulu, LLC" text under the copyright notice during the credits remains intact (as do jokes/references to the channel in episodes such as "My Super Sour Sixteen" and "Mouse Madness").


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