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Animaniacs Sing-Along: Mostly in Toon is the second sing-along Animaniacs video, following Animaniacs Sing-Along: Yakko's World. It is also the twelfth overall VHS release for the original Animaniacs series[note 1], and was originally released on August 13, 1996 in North America.


The Animaniacs prove they're also brainiacs when Dot, Yakko and Wakko lead a collection of inventive songs about planets, the United Nations and even U.S. Presidents. Join in! Declare yourself president- and-accounted for and belt it out! (Give yourself extra points for style and enthusiasm.) Be part of the good times with the seafaring Panama Canal and The Ballad of Magellan; shake, rattle and roll with A Quake, A Quake; and then spot the Hollywood stars in The Big Wrap Party. Are you ready? It's a big world. Someone has to sing it.

List of Songs and Interstitials

Follow the Bouncing Ball and Sing Along to These Animaniacs Songs:


Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Bon soir! Auf wiedersehen! Buenos noches! Sayonara! Ciao, America!

Dot: Set three extra places...

Yakko, Wakko & Dot: We're coming over for dinner!

Yakko: As long as you're not having tuna wiggle again.



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  1. Counting VHS Volumes 1-6 which were released in Europe and Australia.
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