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(After the Warner Bros. logo, the screen fades from black as title card music from "De-Zanitized" plays. During the music, the clip shown from said episode has Yakko, Wakko, and Dot land and run up to Dr. Scratchansniff's window.)

Dot: Did you miss us?

Sing-Along Theme[]

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"Hooked on a Ceiling" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

(Screen fades from black)

Yakko (Off-screen): Hi, everybody!

(Yakko runs into the frame from the left of the camera, Wakko and Dot come up behind him as he says their names.)

Yakko (On-screen): It's Yakko and Wakko, and our sister, Dot!

All 3 Warners (Re-dubbed): ♪If you need your kitchen painted, don't call us!♪

(They splat the screen with purple paint from their cans, then we see them in the purple background with brushes.)

♪Call your second cousin's mother's uncle, Gus.♪

(Wakko pulls a man named "Gus" into the shot from the left. Later, Wakko pushes him away as the background starts peeling, and piling over the Warners.)

♪But if a singer loves appealing, then just fill your heart with feeling. Let our lyrics (They rip out of the pile) leave you reeling, sing with us!♪

(The camera cuts to a black screen, then flies right until we see Dot sing a solo under a spotlight with her brush.)

Dot (Re-dubbed): ♪Squealing. Our songs will keep you squealing.♪♪

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Kids! By now, you've memorized all the songs on our first sing along, right? Well, if that one didn't send you through the roof, this tape is guaranteed to bring down the house, and drive your parents loony cuckoo head!

(The magic shown at the beginning of "The Senses Song" transitions over to the beginning of "The Senses Song")

"The Senses Song"[]

(The song starts without the original narration)

Yakko (Voice-over): So crank up the volume, unhinge your mind, and let's get started!

(Click here for the lyrics)

"What Are We?"[]

("The Senses Song" ends, resulting in the screen rolling up, transitioning to Dr. Scratchansniff's office. The camera slowly pans over to the doctor waving a pocket watch in front of the Warners' eyes.)

Dr. Scratchansniff (Re-dubbed): Now, I vill [will] use ze [the] hypnosis to make you sing more sensibly.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (Hypnotized) (Re-dubbed): We will sing more sensibly.

Dr. Scratchansniff: (Smiles) Oh, good heh, now, vhen [when] you wakes from sleepy time, you will no longer be zany, huh? You will be calm children, who like to sit and be really quiet. Now. (Snaps his fingers) Wake up!

(From here, the rest of the transcript from "What Are We?" plays as is. Click here for the lyrics.)

"The Planets Song"[]

(As soon as Dr. Scratchansniff says "I'm sorry I asked.", the iris closes, only flawlessly transitioning to the start of "The Planets Song".)

Dot (Voice-over): Attention, this is your cute stewardess asking you to remain singing until the video has come to a complete stop.

Yakko (Re-dubbed): 'Cause now it's time to croon about the planets that make up our solar system. C'mon!

(Click here for the whole transcript)

Wakko: (Follows Yakko with his hovercraft) Hey, where are we going?

"A Quake! A Quake!"[]

Yakko (Voice-over): Space, Wakko. The final frontier. Join me in a galaxy far, far away.

(The white subtitles "January 17 1994" zoom in)

Well, not that far. As a matter of fact...

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"Super Strong Warner Siblings" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

*Yakko: (Sings, Re-dubbed) Now Vegas has beachfront property.

*Yakko, Wakko and Dot: (Sings, Re-dubbed) Kiss LA Goodbye!

(The children in front of them clap.)

*Girl: Gosh! That was great!

*Yakko: Thanks. Here, have a bag of money,

*Boy: Hey, I liked your song too.

*Yakko: Okay, sport. Here’s a fat-free yogurt.

Wakko: (Re-dubbed) Ooh. That reminds me! I’m hungry!

"Be Careful What You Eat"[]

*Yakko: (voiceover) Fear not, my little bottomless sib! Modern food technology has the answer.

(The Warners are seen at the supermarket)

*Yakko: (voiceover) Grab all you want! We’ve got coupons!

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"The Presidents Song"[]

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"All The Words in the English Language" Re-dubbed Interstitial (Part 1)[]

"The Tiger Prince"[]

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"Broadcast Nuisance" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

(After the last bit of "The Tiger Prince" appears on the TV behind the Warners, the iris closes, and the Warners face the screen.)

Dot (Re-dubbed): And now, here's our next surprise.

(Yakko wraps his arm around Dot and Wakko leans in closer)

Wakko (Re-dubbed): I can't tell you what it is, but here's a clue.

Yakko (Re-dubbed): What's got a lock, but no key?

Dot (Re-dubbed): (Leans in closer to the screen as Yakko draws a circle) Do you give up?

All 3 Warners (Re-dubbed): Well, (Throws the papers in the air) sing and see!

(Iris closes around Yakko)

"The Panama Canal"[]

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"All The Words in the English Language" Re-dubbed Interstitial (Part 2)[]

"The Ballad of Magellan"[]

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"Plane Pals" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

(Camera zooms in on the island, and the Warner siblings take their tiki masks off.)

Yakko (Re-dubbed): And now, let's sing of an exquisite beauty who works at the studio!

(The Warners run out of the frame going left, and the camera follows them as Yakko starts paddling the boat.)

Dot (Re-dubbed): Finally! A song about me!

Wakko (Re-dubbed): I thought he meant Dot Knotts.

(Iris closes, flawlessly transitioning to the beginning of the next song, "Hello Nurse".)

"Hello Nurse"[]

(Camera zooms in on the water tower and the screen fades to inside where Dot is shown brushing her hair and talking to her mirror)

Dot: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most gorgeous girl of all?

(Yakko and Wakko suddenly pop up from the bottom of Dot's reflection)

Yakko and Wakko: HellOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NURSE!!!

(Dot growls in jealousy)

(Click here for the lyrics)

"All The Words in the English Language" Re-dubbed Interstitial (Part 3)[]

"Piano Rag" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

(We cut to the clip of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot standing on top of the heads of their seats and clapping.)

Dot (Re-dubbed): Bravo!

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Bravo!

Yakko and Dot (Re-dubbed): Bravo!

Wakko (Re-dubbed): Bravo! More! More!

Dot (Re-dubbed): Bravissimo!

All 3 Warners (Re-dubbed): Encore!

(They pull out lit matches and start waving them around slowly)

Yakko (Re-dubbed): That's a wrap, folks.

Dot (Re-dubbed): Ooh.

Wakko (Re-dubbed): Party that is.

(The Warner start running across the audience members)

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Free chow, outta my way! Excuse me!

Dot (Re-dubbed): Excuse me! Pardon me!

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Sorry about that. Whoops!

(As they run, Wakko can be heard saying "Cheeseballs!" while running until the reach the end. Suddenly, Dot stops running and her brothers bump into her.)

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Whoa. Check out that foodline.

"At the Big Wrap Party Tonight"[]

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"A Hard Day's Warner" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

Wakko (Re-dubbed): I don't want it to be over!

Yakko (Re-dubbed): (Wraps his arm around Wakko) Hey, don't worry, sibs. There's one last chance to sing along! (Yakko climbs up to the top of the water tower) Dear friends and fans, please join us in the "Animaniacs" theme song one more time! We're counting on and each and every one of you to sing!

(Iris opens, flawlessly transitioning to the intro.)

"Animaniacs" French Theme Song[]

(Click here for the lyrics. This song plays during the end credits.)

Ending (The Water Tower End Gag Language Compilation)[]

(Screen fades to the water tower as the WB shield opens)

All 3 Warners: Bonsoir! (from Episodes 81 and 95)

(WB shield closes then opens again)

Auf Wiedersehen! (from Episodes 77 and 91)

(WB shield closes then opens yet again)

¡Buenas noches! (from Episodes 72 and 92)

(WB shield closes then opens yet yet again)

Sayonara! (from Episodes 88 and 93)

(WB shield closes then... you get the idea)

Ciao, America! (from Episodes 21, 47, 56, 69, 75)

(WB shield closes then opens for the final time)

Dot: Set three extra places...

(The Warners pop in and out with napkins around their necks while holding silverware)

All 3 Warners: ...We're coming over for dinner!

Yakko: As long as you're not having tuna wiggle again. (from Episode 74)

(The WB shield closes)

(The Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. closing logos are then shown. The tape rewinds (due to the end-of-tape auto rewind and eject system) and ejects shortly after)