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(After the Warner Bros. logo, the screen fades from black. The text "ANIMANIACS" zooms in in rainbow letters. Then more text appears saying "An Animaniacs Special Presentation". The word "Special" flashes until the screen fades to black. Then we fade from black revealing a camera crew. The camera zooms in on the Warners' shadows, then the lights dim down revealing the Warners.)

Yakko and Wakko: Hi. We're the Warner Brothers.

Dot: And the Warner sister.

Yakko: And we'd like to invite you and all the family members of your household...

Dot: To gather around the TV set and join us now...

Yakko (Redubbed): For a very special "Animaniacs" sing along.

Dot: And what's so special about it?

Wakko: (Lifts the bottom of his shirt, revealing his belly) I'm not wearing any pants!

(Unlike the original version of the "Very Special Opening" segment, the screen doesn't fade to black at the end of the segment. Instead, an iris opens revealing the camera zooming into the WB logo of the water tower and the door opens revealing Yakko, Wakko and Dot. They all start to sing)

Sing-Along Theme[]

[Click here]

"Wheel of Morality" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

(Screen fades from black and the Warners run down the road)

Yakko (While running): Whoa, Wakko, Dot, hold up!


(The Warners stop running)

Dot: Why?

Yakko: You know what it's time for?

Dot: Oh no. Not the Wheel of Morality.

Yakko: Uh, no.

Wakko: To make bubbles with our spit?

Dot: To get our rabies shot?

Yakko: Keep guessing.

Wakko: To pretend to throw up?

Dot: To search for Elvis at 7-Eleven?

Wakko: To make a gookie?

Dot: To say something really cute?

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Actually, it's time to help our friends sing along.

(Wakko and Dot break into tears and cry)

Wakko and Dot: (Throws arms and legs around) No! No!

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Hey, come on. It's our duty to show kids the exciting world of music. For all we know, our audience might even include the next Debbie Gibson.

Dot (Re-dubbed): There's no way you're getting me to sing.

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Perhaps, I neglected to mention the first song's about you, Dot.

Dot (Re-dubbed): Oh. Ha-ha. That's different. (Winks at the camera)

"I'm Cute"[]

(A heart-shaped iris opens, cutting over to Dot skipping and singing her theme song. Click here for the lyrics.)


"Make a Gookie"[]

"Our First Day of School"[]

"Wakko's America"[]

[Click here]

"Disasterpiece Theatre" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

Songs from "H.M.S. Yakko"[]

"Yakko's World"[]

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"Bumbie's Mom" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

Skippy: (Giggles)

Slappy: (Re-dubbed) Ya know, I gave Steven Spielberg a start in his business. Nice kid, really!

Skippy: Shh!

Slappy: (Re-dubbed) Excuse me, Mr first nighter!

"I'm Mad!"[]

[Click here]

"Hooked On A Ceiling" Re-dubbed Interstitial[]

Yakko (Re-dubbed): Yay! Ya know, uhhhhh. This beats the heck out of a love-boat reunion.

(Wakko plays a rimshot)

Yakko (Re-dubbed): But there's time for one more song. Just one last chance to sing along, if you think you can keep up!

"Animaniacs" Theme Song[]

[Click here]

Slappy Squirrel Interstitial[]

Slappy: (Opens the door) Ah, enough with the singing already! (Slams the door)

"The Goodbye Song"[]

[Click here]

Ending (The Water Tower Ending Gag Blooper)[]

(At the end of the credits, we see two hands holding a clapboard).

Take 1[]

Director: Water tower ending tag, take one. (Closes the clapboard)

(We cut to the Water Tower)

Director: And.. action.

(The WB shield opens)

Dot: I can't think of the ending of this show.

Yakko: I can't think of anything else. (Closes the door) (from Episodes 6 and 39.)

Director: Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Take 2[]

(We cut back to the clapboard, which is now saying take 2. It closes as we cut to the WB shield opening again.)

Dot: Set three extra places...

(The Warners pop in and out with napkins around their necks while holding silverware)

All 3 Warners: ...We're coming over for dinner!

(WB shield closes) (from Episodes 4 and 46)

Director: Look, kiddos, do one that has a more sagacious-effludency.

Take 15[]

(We cut back to the clapboard closing again, now take 15)

Yakko (from inside): Goodnight, Dot. Night, Wakko.

Dot (from inside): Goodnight, Yakko. Goodnight, Wakko.

Wakko (from inside): Nighty-night, Dot. Night, Yakko.

Yakko (from inside): Goodnight, Elvis.

Elvis Presley (from inside): Thank you very much, but, I don't want anyone to know I'm here. (from Episode 48)

Director: Cut, cut!

Take 36[]

(We cut back to the clapboard closing again, now take 36... how?)

(The WB shield opens, but the Warners then start screaming like lunatics.)

All 3 Warners: AAAAAHHHH!!!! There's a horrible bug on your shoulder! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Just kidding. (They break into laughter) (from Episodes 35 and 62)

Director: Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!

Take 65[]

(We cut back to the clapboard closing yet again... now on take 65... aarrgh...)

Director: Action!

(The instrumental from the "Goodnight" stinger plays, but nothing happens- the water tower doesn't open.)

Director: Wrong, wrong, wrong! If you think you can do it any better,

(We cut to a black and white film countdown)

then why don't you direct?

All 3 Warners (Off-screen): Okay!

Yakko (While talking into a bullhorn): Okay, everybody! Let's do it again!

Take 66[]

(We cut to the WB shield)

Yakko (Off-screen): And... action!

(The WB Shield opens. Suddenly congratulatory music plays as balloons float and confetti rains)

Male Announcer: Hey, Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister, you just completed another great show! What're you gonna do now?

Yakko: We're going to... rewind! (a variation from a gag from Episode 23 and Episode 66)

(The WB shield closes for the final time, as the copyright message appears)

(The Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. closing logos are then shown. The tape rewinds (due to the end-of-tape auto rewind and eject system) and ejects shortly after)