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Animaniacs Stew is the second VHS release for the original Animaniacs series. It was first released on August 24, 1994 in North America; and is named after the musical number from the show's thirty-fifth episode.


The Warner Brothers... and the Warner Sister have cooked a zany array of memorable Animaniacs escapades to savor morning, noon and night. It's a banquet of belly laughs when everyone at the studio gets togeth- er for a smorgasbord of silliness!

Slappy Squirrel's quest for walnuts will crack you up and things really take off when toddler Mindy's devoted dog Buttons catches a plane (it's already airborne) just to retrieve an elusive lollipop. Yakko, Wakko and Dot give King Arthur some wisecracking lessons in dragon- slaying, and the Brain tries to take over the world...again! It's a hysterical ghoulash of gags when the Warners demonstrate what happens when you mix all the different Animaniacs characters together. Warning: you'll find this steady diet of Yakko, Wakko, Dot and company to be very filling... with laughter!

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  • Despite being named and vaguely themed around the thirty-fifth episode, very little of the cartoons on the tape actually come from that episode besides "In the Garden of Mindy" and "Baghdad Cafe."


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