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This article contains information about merchandise related to the Animaniacs franchise.

The Animaniacs Talking Cube is a rare electronic gadget that was made for Warner Bros. Studio Stores ifrom late 1994 until the late 90s. It featured Yakko, Wakko and Dot's faces on them and when it was picked up or when the trigger button was pushed, it uttered one of five phrases from the first 66 episodes of the original show. It ran on 2 AA batteries and measured 2.5" by 2.5" by 2.5".

Catalog Description[]

Catalog cube

In the WBSS Holiday 1995 Catalog

"Irrepressible Animaniacs speak up with fervor every time you pick up the cube! Includes their favorite sayings such as 'Hello, Nurse!', 'I'm so cute!', etc. A fun paperweight for both adults and kids. 2 1/4" cube."

List of phrases[]

  1. Wakko: Wanna see me make bubbles with my spit? (from a few stingers)
  2. Wakko: Deee-licious! (from 'Twas The Day Before Christmas)
  3. Dot: I can't help it if I'm cute! (from Morning Malaise)
  4. Yakko and Wakko: Hello, Nurse! (from some episodes)
  5. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: We like you. We have no taste, but we like you. (from Plane Pals)


  1. "I'm so cute!" appeared in the catalog, but was not spoken by the cube itself.
  2. According to the catalog, it was a 2 1/4" paperweight, but it is actually 2.5".
  3. The price of the cube was $10.
  4. In the catalog, the power switch was under Yakko's face, but actually, the power switch is under Wakko's face.
  5. In the catalog, Wakko and Yakko were adjacent, but actually, The WB Boys' faces are on opposite sides of the cube.