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Animaniacs Volume 6 is the eleventh VHS release for the original Animaniacs series. It was first released on June 3, 1996 in Europe and Australia.


Introducing Yakko and Wakko, the Warner Brothers, and Dot, the Warner Sister. Created 50 years ago, these fun-crazed cartoon fur-balls caused so much chaos they were locked away in the Warner Bros. water tower. Now, they've escaped. And along with their positively bonkers animated pals, they're about to explode into the wildest, wackiest animated adventures known to man or toon. Prepare... if you dare.. for ANIMANIACS!

In CHAIRMAN OF THE BORED, Yakko, Wakko and Dot attend a Hollywood party where they're subjected to the excruciatingly boring Francis Pip Pumphandle. Then, the Goodfeather pigeons have a truly trashy day in TA DA DUMP, TA DA DUMP, TA DA DUMP DUMP DUMP and a pair of basset hounds sniff their way into big trouble with Slappy Squirrel in SMELL YA LATER. Next, Tiny Toon starlet Elmira threatens to love the Warner siblings to pieces in LOOKIT THE FUZZY HEADS, while Pinky and the Brain journey to Switzerland with their immobilizer ray and a new and improved plot to conquer the world in WHERE RODENTS DARE.

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  • On the back cover synopsis, Elmyra's name is spelled as "Elmira."


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