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Barbara Anne "Babs" Bunny is a main character on Tiny Toon Adventures.

She has white and pink fur, brown eyes (blue contacts) and wears a yellow medium-sleeved blouse, purple knee-length skirt, frilly white panties (on Fridays only) and purple bows near the tops of her ears. Her best friend is Buster Bunny, who she may have a crush on. Her other friends include Shirley the Loon, Fifi La Fume, Plucky Duck, and Hamton J. Pig. Her rivals are Dizzy Devil and Montana Max, who she usually overcomes by disguising herself. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille, who later voiced Dot Warner on Animaniacs. Babs makes occassional cameos on Animaniacs.

Animaniacs Appearances

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