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"Be Like Me" is a musical number by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot and featuring Randy Rogel in the episode "Anima-Nyet."


Dot Warner:
To be like me
All you gotta be
Is perfect, funny, cute and smart and strong!
And if the time permits
Find your Slavic counterfeit
And kick their ample butt-skis from this song!
Wakko Warner:
To be like me, eat everything you see
And always stand up for your mates
And if some big brawny czar
Is acting real bizarre
Just pop his muscle suit and watch him deflate
Yakko Warner:
And to be like me, well buddy, here's the key
Use the pen and not the sword when you're in a fight
You could write a clever rhyme
Turn your foes into a mime
And then sign off by wishing everyone goodnight!
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
So to be like us, it doesn't take much fuss
And just like us, it's really all black and white
You just gotta be yourself
Don't copy someone else
Cause being you is a singular delight!


  • On the soundtrack version present in Animaniacs Season One (Soundtrack from the Animated Series); during Wakko's verse before the line "And always stand up for your mates", Wakko only says "Barf!", rather than burping.
  • Similarly to songs such as "L.A. Dot", Dot's voice sounds identical to Tress MacNeille's own regular voice during portions of the first verse.