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Bobby is the de-facto leader of the Goodfeather pigeons, whose character was inspired by the film roles of Robert De Niro (such as Travis Bickle, Jake LaMotta, and Jimmy Conway). He tends to get along with Squit and Pesto, but always laughs his head off whenever the two end up getting into a scuffle. He is also the only one who can translate the Godpigeon's elderly mumbling. Bobby has a girlfriend in the Girlfeather Lana, although at one point their relationship seemed to be at risk by the Godpigeon himself, as the Godpigeon courted her.


Bobby is the brains of the operation in the way that he comes up with ideas that the other goodfeathers follow and succeed with. In "Dough Dough Boys", he came up with the idea of colliding the blimp with the plane to avoid capture, and in Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump Dump Dump," Bobby came up with the idea of disguising as cans to get unstuck from plastic. These examples clearly show Bobby's aptitude in leadership and smarts compared to the other Goodfeathers.

He is also capable of avoiding both Pesto's raging temper and Squit's blind optimism. He is noticeably one of the few people capable of keeping Pesto's temper in check, just by glaring at him. Despite this, he is at times content to let either Pesto or Squit fall to their own devices, as their fighting amuses him.

He is approximately the average of Squit and Pesto in terms of aggressiveness, confidence and calmness. In "Hiccup," Bobby would get slightly angrier with each thing going wrong, while in many episodes, Pesto would get much angrier with little provocation, and Squit would not get angry at all. In that way, Bobby is the well-rounded, calm-headed, smooth-talker leader of the goodfeathers.