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"You come up with a lot of silly ideas, Brain!"
Pinky's perception of the plans, from the episode "Pinky's Turn"

The same thing they do every night...

This article is a list of the Brain's various plans to take over the world throughout different Animaniacs-related media. Pinky provides assistance (in his own way) with many of these plans.

Some additional plans from other characters are also included in this list (such as Snowball and Precious).

Why Does Brain Want to Take Over the World?[]

Worlds Finest Peaches Can Logo

The globe on Brain's childhood home, which shaped his megalomaniacal desires.

Brain's reasonings for wanting to take over the world are complicated at best. His general desire for the planet stems from the trauma of being taken away from his childhood home, a rusty tin can of "World's Finest Peaches". The image of the Earth globe on the can was all Brain could remember of it for a time. This fuzzy memory instilled within him a desire to return to his "world," which gradually twisted into a desire for literally wanting to rule the world itself. ("Leggo My Ego")

Additionally, he was subjected to cruel experiments at Acme Labs which left him with a loss of control. This pushed him to, in turn, try to gain control of the world. ("Roadent Trip") Also, "Project B.R.A.I.N." reveals that Brain's drive to power also stems from a desire to prove himself to humanity, having been deemed a failure to the Acme Labs scientists (he comes to this realization after an innocuous comment by Pinky suggesting that it would be "lovely" if he ruled the world). Essentially, he aims to prove his "mousey-worth," like the theme song says.

As for Brain's own overarching intentions for the world itself, these too are shown to be complicated. Episodes such as "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas," "Megalomaniacs Anonymous," "To Russia With Lab Mice" and the film Wakko's Wish show that he does have some good intentions of making the world a better place, but his methods to gain control are often cruel. For example, Brain often makes use of hypnotism in his plans. "Megalomaniacs Anonymous" also reveals that Brain also seeks to satisfy his own ego somewhat by gaining control of the world.

Additionally, episodes such as "The Pink Candidate" and "Mousechurian Candidate" show that Brain is open to the idea of enslaving the public, which would go against the claim of him wanting to make the world a "better place." Brain is also willing to hurt others to get what he wants, as evident with his desires to complete the Titano-Cycle 4000, which would entrap the world in their garnets through static cling. ("Brainania") He has also shown willingness to flood societies for his plans. ("Fly," "Leave it to Beavers," and "Say What, Earth")

It should also be noted when Brain gained control of the sentient Earth, he used it to harm other countries with natural disasters until they agreed to accept him as a leader. Though, he was also gifting other nations who accept him as a leader. ("Say What, Earth")

List of Plans[]

Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Season 1[]

  • Use a giant magnet to attract Saturn to Earth. Fails when they are smashed by Saturn. (Main Title)
  • Disguised in a Human Suit, go on Gyp-Parody to win $99,000 to build a Superconductive Magnetic Infindibulator in order to deplete hydrogen and promote gravitational collapse, producing a magnetic charge from the center of the Earth so strong that everyone with loose change in their pockets will be drawn to the ground and stuck there. Fails because Brain is unable to answer a question about what TV character says, “Bang! Zoom! Right in the kisser!” ("Win Big")
  • Freeze the world leaders meeting at the summit in Switzerland using Brain’s Catalytic Immobilizer, giving Brain twenty-four hours to seize control. Fails because someone places a cover on the cheese platter where they’re positioned, causing them to freeze themselves. When this fails, Brain begins to prepare a tank made of cheese for tomorrow night's plan. ("Where Rodents Dare")
  • Pirate the airwaves and stage a hoax like War of the Worlds, scaring the people out of the cities and leaving no resistance behind. Fails because the world thinks their production is a comedy smash. ("Battle for the Planet")
  • Sneak past the Cossacks during the thirty-second lunar eclipse and use the Vacuuminator’s reverse air pressure to steal the crown jewels—for he who controls the crown jewels controls Mother Russia! Fails because clock chimes cause Pinky & Brain to both resort to their Pavlovian training, resulting in them dancing and getting vacuumed up. ("Pavlov's Mice")
  • The mice are seen smuggling a sheep on an airplane. ("Plane Pals")
  • Expose the Fort Knox guards to the new strain of pollen Brain created (which causes a temporary but uncontrollable fit of sneezing in all humans), allowing them to take the gold—for he who controls this nation’s capital controls the nation! Fails because Brain’s plan contains a fatal flaw: gold bars have an unwieldy atomic weight for mice. ("Opportunity Knox")
  • Traveling on an Egyptian cruise posing as Swiss hikers on holiday. ("Hercule Yakko")
  • Destroy Camelot with a mechanical dragon. Fails when Yakko's jokes make Pinky/the dragon laugh, lighting the fuse on dynamite provided by Dot and destroying the machine. ("Sir Yaksalot")
  • Participate as a jockey in the Kentucky Derby riding the horse most likely to win (Daddy’s Little Angel), which, combined with Brain’s low body weight (three ounces), will allow him to win the $1 million purse, which they will use to buy a one billion ton magnet in order to build his Reverse Geotropic Arrester and throw it from the North Pole; within seconds, the cable will become taut, gravity will cease, and everyone will fly from the face of the Earth, leaving Pinky & Brain alone to assume control (having duct taped themselves to a tree). Fails because another horse, Phar Fignewton, falls in love with Pinky and races past all the other horses to save him from being trampled. When this fails, Brain prepares a high-tech cannon mounted on a tape dispenser base for tomorrow night's plan. ("Jockey For Position")
  • Become the biggest country music star of all time so people will listen to Brain’s song (and his subliminal message to do whatever he says) twenty times a day and succumb to his control. Fails because Brain becomes so aggravated with Pinky mispronouncing his name that he yells to “forget you ever knew me!” into the mic during a televised Grand Ole Opry concert; his fans dutifully obey. ("Bubba Bo Bob Brain") (This plan is later adapted for the 1997 Bubba Bo Bob Brain album)
  • Use the gardeners’ weed killer, some manure and a little Zoysia grass to construct a powerful stink bomb; use the lawnmower engine to construct a rocket and fill it with the gas; when precisely launched, the prevailing winds will spread the gas across the world’s capitals. As the stench sends government leaders rushing into the streets, he will seize power. Fails because Mindy runs the lawnmower into Brain, causing him to fall into his stink-mixture. ("In the Garden of Mindy")
  • Obtain a red dragon’s toenail, the last ingredient they need to execute the “take over the world” spell in Merlin’s spellbook. Fails because Brain, annoyed with Pinky’s singing and poor rhyming while he casts the spell, asks for the spell to turn him into the “big cheese.” ("Spell-Bound")
  • Become characters on the puppet show Time for Meany!, endearing themselves in the hearts of the world’s children, then freeze themselves in Brain’s cryonic capsule for forty years [ultimately thirty]; when they thaw, the children will have become the world’s leaders and will adore him, making it easy to take over the world. Fails because their abandoned fans feel “Big Ears and Noodle Noggin” ruined their lives by disappearing, and demand payment of their therapy bills. ("Puppet Rulers")
  • Use a paperclip as an antenna to harness neutrinos from the atmosphere, providing ignition for H. G. Wells’s time machine prototype, allowing them to travel back to the primordial era, altering the course of evolution, then returning to a present dominated not by humans but by mice, who will choose Brain as their leader (because he is very likable). SUCCEEDS, but the mouse race has picked up Pinky’s mannerisms and can only say, “Narf! Poit! Zounds! Zort! Egad!” Brain decides to return to the past and revert history to the way it was, because while it would be easy to rule a world of mice like them, who would want to? ("When Mice Ruled the Earth")
  • Steal Santa’s sleigh. Fails when they are crushed by the sleigh. ("'Twas the Day Before Christmas")
  • Use Dr. Hyde’s formula to give Brain super strength, which he will use to stop Big Ben at 4:00, causing infinite teatime, allowing them to take over the British Empire and then the world. Fails because Pinky apologizes to Brain, reversing the formula’s anger-induced effect and causing them to get churned through the clock’s mechanism. ("Brain Meets Brawn")
  • Use the infomercial series Amazingly Fantastic Stuff to market Brain’s new formula (as the “Smallerizer Plus”), thus shrinking everyone who uses it smaller than Brain. Fails because Pinky spills the formula, giving several users a second dose, causing an unpredictable molecular reaction which transforms them into giant Swiss lederhosen-clad dancing yodelers. ("The Helpinki Formula")
  • Get elected President of the U.S.A. and then, once he is ensconced in the White House, take over the world. Fails when he makes his first public appearance and his supporters realize that he actually is a mouse. ("Meet John Brain")
  • Become a costumed crimefighting hero and thwart archvillain Johnny Badnote, overshadowing the Caped Opossum; then, use the superhero’s fame and forum to rule the world. Fails because, in their explosive destruction of the villain’s lair—caused by the two of them yanking Pinky’s comic book out from under the grenade support stand while escaping—they accidentally cause ink to spill on the Cranial Crusader’s calling card—leaving the credit to fall mistakenly to the Caped Opossum. ("Cranial Crusader")

Season 3[]

  • Obtain an audience with the Pope! Fails when the invitation turns out to be a ruse sent by Yakko, in order to distract the cartoon convention fans from the Warners and cause them to chase the mice instead. ("A Hard Day's Warners")
  • Substitute Brain’s Declaration of Obedience for the Declaration of Independence during the Continental Congress, so the founding fathers will unwittingly sign it, appointing him Emperor—and they won’t be able to see the switch because they can’t see anything through their ridiculous bifocals. Fails when Brain’s projected trajectory for the Declaration of Obedience paper airplane sends it straight into Ben Franklin’s hair, and Franklin turns it into a kite for his electricity experiments. ("Don't Tread On Us")
  • Pose as the wizard "The Great and Powerful Brain" in Oz. Fails when Toto pulls back the curtain, revealing them as mice, and Mindy, Toto and Buttons steal their escape balloon. ("Buttons in Ows")
  • Ride Pegasus up to Mt. Olympus, steal Zeus’s lightning bolt, overthrow his kingdom, and take over the world. Fails when the bolt proves too heavy for Brain, and Zeus tosses it at Hercules with the mice clinging to it for dear life. ("Hercules Unwound")
  • Pose as Starfleet delegates, beam onto the Enterprise, and "set phasers on conquering the universe" ("Star Truck")
  • Capture all the water from the Ganges River with a giant sponge. Fails when the weighty sponge crashes onto the crane they are using to lift it, flooding them. ("Gunga Dot")

Season 4[]

  • Use the stork delivery service to pose as the child of Reggie Rockefeller and his wife, gaining access to their fortune. Fails when Brain is accidentally delivered to Flavio and Marita instead; this turned out to be only a dream. ("Pitter Patter of Little Feet")

Season 5[]

  • Mass produce tiny robots from metal shavings, which will march on a U.S. Army Supply Depot, steal a tank, and hold the U.S. President hostage until he signs a surrender note. NEARLY SUCCEEDS; Pinky knocks the plug for the robot-producing machine out of the outlet after only one robot has been made, leading Brain to storm off to recalculate. Pinky then plugs it back in, leading to an army of robots which are within seconds of obtaining the President’s signature when an angry Brain, seeing the Lab overrun by robots, deactivates them all—not heeding Pinky’s frantic gestures to look at the TV until it’s too late. ("The Brain's Apprentice")

Pinky and the Brain[]

Season 1[]

  • Travel to the depths of the ocean and raise the hull of the Titanic using air pressure, in order to obtain rare deepwater white crabs, whose meat, when combined with the Sapo fluid from a rare Peruvian dow-kiet in the lab (whose skin secretion is full of active peptides), will hypnotize people in massive numbers once mixed into a flour batter in a giant pancake jamboree. Fails when Brain trusts Pinky’s pancake recipe, which eliminates the bitter taste of the Sapo by following Brain’s vague order to “cut it out.” ("Das Mouse")
  • Get a job at a large corporation (Fiero & Co.), stage a hideous accident by bluffing an alteration of the molecular matrix through a substrate platform of microwaves (involving a microwave and nondairy powered creamer—no one knows how either works) which will “turn” Brain into a mouse, and then sue the company for $1,614,000 in workers’ compensation, in order to fund his plan to utilize satellite technology (and “these” [crocodile clips]) to redirect all telephone communication into an endless voicemail system—once a person is on the line, the array of choices will render him/her occupied, busy & unable to defend Earth for a full 72 hrs. Fails when Fiero bribes a doctor to destroy Brain's X-Rays proving that he is a mouse. Then, the company’s lawyer proves that Brain, post-accident, is too intelligent to be a mouse by questioning him on the Fermi Direct Distribution Function. ("Of Mouse And Man")
  • Reverse Acmeshito Labs’ miniaturization equipment to turn Brain into a 400-foot-tall mouse who will save the world from “Gollyzilla” (played by an enlarged Pinky). Fails because Brain mistakes the real Gollyzilla for Pinky and loses; when the mice are thrown into the enlarging ray, the whole world ultimately is enlarged, leaving the mice, Gollyzilla and Raymond Burr as comparatively mouse-sized and powerless. ("Tokyo Grows").
  • Make Pinky smart, using a machine,  since Brain’s calculations show that Pinky has been the cause of their failures. Fails because Brain made several errors in his calculations, caught by the smart Pinky, showing that Brain is actually the problem; Brain decides that one of them needs to be dumb, and since the new Pinky is smarter than Brain, Brain decides to take the hit; Pinky also dumbs himself down since he misses the old dynamic, resulting in them both being too stupid to operate the machine or remember that they want to take over the world. ("That Smarts")
    • Specific calculations mentioned for the machine: “fourteen ought six, nineteen Kelvin, Fibonacci N minus one, coming”; “at first it seemed like the folded dipole wasn’t working as your centerfed horizontally mounted conductor, but frequencies below 30 megahertz loud and clear, and I must say, Brain—the peak value A-shape of the impulse voltage—glorious! Narf! I mean, hitting that maximum value without appreciable superimposed oscillations, egad Brain, brilliant!”; and the dumbing0down sequence: “forty-seven ought six, nineteen Kelvin, Fibonacci N plus one coming, narf coming…”)
    • Pose as Jimmy Hoffa, back from vacation; labor leaders will bow before him, allowing him to use the giant industrial complex to help him build a forced verto-convector, creating millions of steaming tiny geysers, lifting people off the ground and immobilizing them. Fails when Pinky notes that a cosine should be sine in Brain’s calculations.
    • Program a computer to generate a fantastically popular romance novel containing a hynophonetic sentence so long and so confusing, the reader will be forced to reread it endlessly out loud, and the frequencies of those sounds will hypnotize all around them, priming them for Brain’s suggestion that he will rule the world. Fails because Pinky notes that the frequency would have to be an exact integral of the input.
    • Convert their cage into a nuclear reactor, producing the energy to— Fails because Pinky points out before Brain can even finish reciting the scheme that the migration area is tiny, not allowing the neutron to slow down from fission to thermal.
  • Sneak into the radio station and take the place of radio star the Mist, using Brain’s altered vocal frequencies (by pulling his mouth with his fingers) to befog the minds of millions of listeners who will make him their leader. Fails because, while sneaking in, they fall victim to the door-slamming, anvil-dropping, bomb-throwing sound effects man, who can’t see them after Brain hypnotizes them. ("Pinky and the Fog")
  • Replace the human figures on a plaque and laserdisc of art/music being sent via probe to the outermost extremities of the galaxy with Brain, so any aliens will view Brain as Earth’s leader. Fails when aliens from Frenobulax exalt Brain as the leader of Earth, but bring them back to their own planet for further study—locking them in a lab cage. ("Where No Mouse Has Gone Before")
  • Establish "Brainania"- a bogus nation, and dupe the US State Department out of a huge foreign loan, generating the $14,000,000,000.59 to construct the Titano-Cycle 4000, a giant clothes dryer which will generate massive static cling, entrapping the world within its own garments. Fails when a volcano eruption sinks Brainania, and Brain, frustrated with Pinky making origami “birdies,” inadvertently tears up their foreign aid check. ("Brainania")
  • Use his new machine, the Great Capitulator (built from, among other things, a rotary pay phone and a jug of milk), to manipulate the adhesive qualities of polymer-based alkalines with calciumetric platform bases to synthesize a resinous cladding for the foremost bonelike structures rooted in Brain’s jaw socket (i.e., to make dentures)—then get a sitcom, reaching a massive audience. The reflective vibrations of Brain's smile will stimulate the medulla oblongata, causing the viewer to adore him for no good reason. Fails when Brain’s trademark word in his stand-up routine, “repugnant,” also happens to be the word a new-age healer uses to hypnotize WB network executive Jerry Kilmer; when Brain says it, Kilmer alternates between relief and intense pain, causing him to throw the mice through his office door. Their competitors, Marlon & Shawn, steal the dentures and the mice's timeslot, and make a sitcom about two lab mice trying to take over the world. ("TV or Not TV")
  • Teach a cooking class altering the recipe for crepe suzette to add nutmeg, turning the treat into a wildly explosive device. As crepes are lit all over France to celebrate Napoleon’s return from Austria, Brain will seize power in the fiery chaos. BRAIN SUCCEEDS in taking over France through pure happenstance—due to his height, he is mistaken for Napoleon and installed as Emperor of France, but at his “return party,” his former students show up and blow up the palace with a huge nutmeg-seasoned flaming crepe. ("Napoleon Brainaparte")
  • Get jobs at the North Pole, have the unwitting elves make a billion Noodle Noggin dolls, and have Santa deliver a Noddle Noggin doll into every house, hovel and hut on the planet. Then, on Christmas day, they will broadcast Brain’s hypnotic suggestion through the dolls to make him ruler. SUCCEEDS, but Brain is so touched by Pinky’s heartfelt letter to Santa, and disgusted by his own failure to consider his friend’s feelings, that he simply broadcasts the message, “Have a merry Christmas, everyone! Have a merry, merry Christmas! Joy to the world! Yes!” and destroys his machinery. ("A Pinky and the Brain Christmas")
    • Christmas plans from prior years are referenced: Brain played a mall Santa (failed because a chubby boy sat on Brain); Brain & Pinky marketed themselves as very popular toys (failed because they were everywhere—including, unfortunately, inside a truck that was destroyed at a demolition derby); and they traveled back in time to Bethlehem.
  • Use the Lab requisition form to request stamp money from the government for the initial mailing to distribute a chain letter (playing upon the fears of even the most skeptical souls), which contains a backwards message, “You will bow to the Brain,” which will subconsciously register in the right side of the reader’s brain. Snowball steals the plan before Brain can execute it, and Brain causes Snowball’s plan to fail by creating a brand new national holiday, Wink Martindale Day, thereby closing the post offices and upsetting the chain reaction of Snowball’s letters; Brain later uses his own stamp money to reopen Acme Labs after Snowball sells it. ("Snowball")
    • A flashback reveals an early plan Brain worked on which involved pouring a giant bottle of dish soap on Earth from a rocket.
    • Snowball's Plan: Pose as Bill Grates using a mechanical suit, and use the bank interest Grates made yesterday to buy every bankrupt municipality on the planet, leaving him with 51% of the world, the controlling interest. SUCCEEDS; Snowball and Pinky rule the world for a time as despots, but Brain eventually beats Snowball up and sends him on the run.
  • Travel around the world in seventy-nine days, thus becoming President of the Pompous Explorers’ Club (as per the rules of the Club’s competition), and thereby become Prime Minister of England (since every PM for the past 200 years has first been President of the Club. With the ever-increasing global domination of the British Empire, the surest way to rule the world is to become PM. Fails because they get stuck forever in a NY cab—"NY cabbie" is the only language not in Pinky’s translation book. ("Around the World in 80 Narfs")
  • Posing as European scientists, go up in the Hubble repair shuttle, then alter the Hubble space telescope to concentrate the sun’s rays to melt the polar ice caps, flooding the entire planet up to the 39th floor, leaving Brain in control of the only usable real estate on Earth (since, using his patented Jimmy Brain technique, he has purchased, with no money down, every apartment, condo and office space on the planet above the 39th floor). Fails because the NASA ground team is led by a guy Brain screwed over in a real estate deal, Floyd Nesbit, and Floyd recognizes Brain when he sees him on the video feed—Floyd cuts their air supply, and they end up free-falling through space, ultimately winding up trapped in a Russian shuttle with a dog for 607 days. ("Fly")
  • Arrange the comeback of the most respected President of all time, Abe Lincoln, by retrofitting the Lincoln Memorial statue’s jaw for ventriloquism under Brain's control; the mere sight of him will compel people to follow his lead. Fails because—as Pinky predicted—Brain sounds nothing like Abe Lincoln, and the world’s oldest man, who as a boy heard Lincoln speak, reveals the sham. ("Ambulatory Abe")
  • Have Pinky slingshot a giant bacon to Brain while he is at the top of a windmill; Brain will use it to jam the works. Once they stop the windmills from making flour for bread, the humans will grovel for food and power, and Brain will take over the world. Fails because Brain fails to account for how he will catch the giant ham. It sends him—and Pinky, coming to his rescue—flying into the flourworks, and they end up baked into sandwich bread. (note: this is actually a story the “real” Pinky and Brain act out for the other Lab mice) ("Mouse of La Mancha")
  • Turn on all of Vienna’s water main valves at once; since the plumbing system is interconnected, it would drain the Blue Danube, bringing shipping to a standstill, allowing Brain to rise to power in the ensuing chaos (note: the seed of this is Pinky’s idea). Fails when Pinky turns the main valve too soon when Brain says, “Can you hear me now.” ("The Third Mouse")
  • Unlock and clone field mice’s DNA code for night vision, giving Brain a super ability to see in the dark, then cause a worldwide power outage and seize control in the darkness. Plan abandoned once the field mice they capture turn out to be Brain’s parents. ("The Visit")

Season 2[]

  • Construct an exact replica of Mother Earth out of papier machê, then plant genetically altered seeds which, when mixed into a florapaste formula, will alter the molecular structure of all things paper and all things machê, making the new world indistinguishable from the real planet; then lure all of civilization to this new terra not-so-ferma (Chia Earth™) using the irresistible mysterious power of “Free T-shirts!” rendering the mice sole inhabitants of the real Earth (redubbed Brainus). SUCCEEDS, but Brain finds dictatorship of a planet with a populace of one tedious, and the original Earth is then destroyed by a meteor, leaving the mice to try to take over Chia world. ("It's Only a Paper World")
    • Pinky's Proposed Plans: Take Debbie Allen hostage, depriving all humanity of enjoyable choreographed production numbers. Create a riot by forcing people to listen to the touchy-feely Mandy Patinkin. Use the talents of Paul Anka and Carrot Top to stage the comeback of the lovable TV genius Jamie “Klinger” Farr.
  • Use Gutenberg’s press to print trading cards with Brain’s image, which will be collected by children all over Europe until Brain is so famous that he is elected ruler by acclamation (with a hidden message revealed through letters on the cards upon completion of the whole set: “AND THUS THE BRAIN SHALL LEAD US”). Fails because Brain accidentally prints the cards on the backs of the girlie calendars Gutenberg printed for the local blacksmith shops; the outraged parents burn the mice atop a pile of all the cards. ("Collect 'Em All")
  • Establish Brain’s reputation as an important and revered painter, then use the proceeds from the sale of his works to get the funds for Brain’s plan to fire a rocket (cost: $29.95 from Russian Cold War surplus catalogue) carrying billions of tiny self-adhesive mirrors (cost: $23,999,693.76) at the moon. Upon detonation, the mirrors will cover the entire surface of the orb, thus creating an enormous disco mirror ball. As humanity spends its every waking moment dancing the night away, the mice shall seize the planet. (The plan is adjusted to have Pinky as the painter instead of Brain.) Fails when they stage Pinkasso’s death in order to increase the value of his paintings, but Pinky—emotionally overcome at his fans’ grief—reveals himself as alive @ an auction of his final paintings. The fans riot. ("Pinkasso")
  • After months of interstellar emails, invite Brain’s intergalactic pen pal Zalgar to Earth tohelp them take over the world. Fails when it turns out that Zalgar actually only wishes to eat Brain’s brain. ("Plan Brain From Outer Space")
  • Use bathroom tissue to pose as angry pharaohs disturbed from their eternal slumber, when an archaeologists’ probe reaches deep within the airshaft barely 8” square inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Once awakened, their wrath will only be appeased by absolute control of the world. Fails when unintimidated Egyptian locals with burning torches send them back to the chamber and seal them in, where they accidentally awaken the real mummy. ("The Mummy")
  • Find a Band of Merrie Men and become Robin Brain, a noble outlaw who steals from the rich and gives to himself, in order to fund their plan to construct a massive water heater to deliver hot bathwater through the land. No longer plagued by persistent body odor, the populace will show their thanks by giving Brain the keys to the kingdom (since the average Englishman only bathes once every 6 years). Fails when it turns out that 12th century Englishmen believe that hot water and soap is a deadly combination; the Englishmen, believing that Brain is trying to kill them, tar and feather the mice. ("Robin Brain")
  • Get Pinky elected as the next President of the United States, after his inane ramblings in a letter to the editor land him in a position of totally unwarranted fame. Then, with their new access to military satellite uplinks, they will execute Plan 433B:  jam frequencies of every radio station with Kenny G, Yanni and the soulful spasms of Jon Tesh. Exposure to these flaccid tonalities will soften the cerebral tissue, rendering the entire population their personal slaves. SUCCEEDS in getting Pinky elected President, but he rejects Brain’s plot as unconstitutional; subsequently, Bil Keane (as revenge for Pinky's letter criticizing The Family Circus) digs up Brain’s past world domination plans, and Pinky is impeached. ("The Pink Candidate")
  • Produce the saddest tearjerker ever, broadcast the movie worldwide, and leave the planet steeped in such depression, they’ll be putty in their hands. SUCCEEDS in getting world leaders to surrender, but fails when Brain’s victory speech to the world becomes a laughing stock due to his trauma from the vibrating tabletop football game they used to film the movie. ("Brain's Song")
  • Use Brain’s new machine (which appears to contain a honeycomb and bees) to produce mind-controlling birthday candles which will create metamorphizing gas, causing mankind to pledge servitude to Brain. (note: This plan is memorialized via the film World Domination Scenario Part MCVIII. Fails when animal rights activists break into the Lab, trashing the machine and “rescuing” the mice. ("Welcome to the Jungle")
  • Find the secret of Samson’s strength and purloin it, so that nothing will stop their quest to take over the world. Fails because Brain repeatedly ignores Pinky’s observations that Delilah is talking about Samson’s hair; finally, when Delilah snips the hair, Pinky finds a sample and convinces Brain to wear it, but Brain unwittingly punches and destroys a building, knocking the hair off his head and burying it in rubble in the process. ("A Little Off the Top")
  • Brain attempts to come up with three world domination schemes that fail to make it past the drawing board; 1. Interrupt the flow of electricity. 2. Use electronic oscillations to create a molecular change in liquid hand soap, causing everyone’s hands to stick together (fails because a bandwidth of 37 isobars would never penetrate rooms lined with ceramic tile). 3. Cook all the cans of soda in the world with thousands of Christmas tree lights causing them to explode all at once ("...and then what?!"). ("Megalomaniacs Anonymous")
  • Follow the distress signal from crashed alien spacecraft, and harvest the advanced scientific equipment onboard. Upon discovering an alien baby on board, Brain alters the plan: Train the alien baby and use his superstrength to take over world. Fails when the baby flees the Lab, as a result of Brain inadvertently subjecting him to Baloney's TV show on an "educational" network, and he is adopted by new human parents. ("Two Mice and a Baby")
  • Use the first subsonic transmitter (built by Brain using, among other things, an eight-track transmitter and a rare Dilithium matrix chip) to broadcast a message of total subjugation to the disoriented masses during the gravitational flux caused by the harmonic convergence of every celestial body (planets and stars) in the galaxy at high noon, which occurs only every 5,000,352,099.7 years. This will trigger an inner ear imbalance in mankind rendering them susceptible to the power of suggestion for precisely fifteen seconds. Fails when the Lab scientists take Brain’s chip and insert it into the new Labyranthon 4000 maze; the mice manage to run the maze and find the chip just in time, but Pinky brings one of the electrified prize cheeses into the chip room of the maze, exploding them both out of the maze and sending them crashing on top of the transmitter, destroying it. ("The Maze")
  • Sneak into the printing plant of Cosmos-politan magazine and replace their “Who is your perfect mate?” quiz with a “Who is your perfect world leader?” quiz. From split atoms to split ends, readers will be convinced that Brain's global rule is the answer to their every problem. Fails when Pinky runs for his pencil and jumps on the eyedropper full of acid they used to escape the cage, destroying the camera-ready magazine layout Brain had prepared with only 3 crayons and a gluestick. ("Brain of the Future")
  • Take Brain of the Future’s time machine to the year 2,000,000,000 A.D., steal the Cockroach Queen’s World Domination Kit, and return to the present. Having now become Brain to the Future, Brain will instruct his past self, hand over the time capsule, and take over the world using the kit. Fails when Brain realizes—seconds after the Brain and Pinky of the Past disappear in the time capsule—that Pinky left the World Domination Kit “somewhere safe” when he went to talk to the other Pinky—i.e., back in the time capsule. An infinite number of Pinkys & Brains are left to plan for tomorrow night. ("Brain of the Future")
  • Use multiphasic transreplicator pods to create a clone in his own image, using a single cell, then create clones of the clones—thousands of Brains, all working toward world domination. Fails when an errant nail clipping from Pinky’s pedicure lands in the pod, leading to a merged clone with Pinky & Brain’s combined DNA—Roman Numeral One (“Romy”), who doesn’t want to take over the world, but rather wants to be a ventriloquist. ("Brinky")
    • A blueprint of a plan is seen that seems to involve placing a cow into a large coffee grinder-type machine to produce rocket boots.
  • Sing as street performers to raise money for world domination. Abandoned when they are trampled repeatedly. ("Hoop Schemes")
  • Join the NBA and become basketball legends (with the help of Coach Bobby Nacht and their new team the Solvang Cobblecloggers). Once they have endeared themselves to the masses, people will obey their every command. Fails when Brain becomes wrapped up in stardom, and in a conceited moment, fires his entire team in a key game then repeatedly fouls the other team and the ref, losing the game and his fans. ("Hoop Schemes")

Season 3[]

  • Tape Pinky to the TV screen with a watch around his waist; the cathode raygun of the picture tube will fire photons at the television screen, inciting the radium particles in the watch dial, causing a mutating effect on Pinky’s gene pool, evolving him into a new species destined to help Brain take over the world. This has the unplanned side effect of giving Pinky a facility for interspecies communication with beavers with a push of the TV remote control button (switching him back to English with another push of the button). They then revise the plan to control the beaver population, dam the rivers, control the waterways, and flood the cities. Fails when the beavers build the remote control into the dam, and Brain pulls it out, destroying the dam and washing the mice back to the Lab. ("Leave it to Beavers")
  • Become filmdom’s first charismatic star, telling stories of a certain rodent destined to rule the world. Because human beings are incapable of distinguishing between reality and the filmed image, they will embrace Brain as a great leader. Pinky’s edit of their raw footage inadvertently turns them into massively successful silent movie comedy stars, but Brain's subsequent attempt to redefine his screen image by starring in a sweeping dramatic epic bores the public. ("Cinebrainia")
  • Divert the flow of the Los Angeles water supply to the Fedoramatic: disguised as an amusement park, it will actually create steam, resulting in all hats shrinking (and, since it’s 1946, everyone wears hats all the time). With the populace trapped in their hats, panic and utter chaos will ensue, allowing the mice to seize Los Angeles, and then Pomona! Fails because Billie manipulates Snowball into beating Brain to the punch, building the park and obtaining the exclusive water rights from the city counsel—all so that she can betray Snowball and attempt to seduce Pinky with the world’s first water park. ("Brain Noir")
  • Pose as wallpaper hangers in the White House to obtain a gyroscopic transducer chip, available only with a White House security code. The will then be able to complete the synchronoplastic remote controller, which can control every remote controller in the country...and, per Pinky’s idea, with a few modifications, can also control all garage door openers. With everyone’s car locked in their garages, people will be forced to use bicycles, crippling the petroleum industry and bringing the world to its knees. Fails when the presence of Larry causes a White House butler to declare that he can’t buy that there are three wallpapers hangers—two, yes, but not three! ("Pinky and the Brain...And Larry")
  • Pose as mousealopes, which were hunted into extinction because their antlers made perfect toothpicks, in order to get the Mousealope Protection Act passed, granting them legal ownership of the mousealopes' sacred breeding ground, including Pittsburgh and all of its steel mills. They will use the steel to build billboards three miles high and eleven miles wide over the nation’s freeways, confusing humanity into submission by stranding them in hopeless mental and physical gridlock through use of 3D Magic Eye technology, which will contain no secret message of any kind whatsoever. As confounded commuters struggle in vain to decipher the nonexistent messages, they’ll become stranded in a neverending rush hour, thus giving the mice an opportunity to seize power. Fails when Senator DelMonte, duped into supporting their plot to his political detriment, retaliates by putting antlers onto field mice and releasing them into the wild. He then takes the stance of supporting the controlled hunting of mousealopes, due to the wanton proliferation threatening the delicate ecological balance of this great land. Pinky & Brain are hunted, and ultimately captured by Acme Labs. ("Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play")
  • Gain fluent command of the Dutch language, assume control of the wooden shoe industry, and enact Brain’s plan of hypnotic clogging. Abandoned when Pinky’s obsession with Cher, and her tattoos, inspires a new plan. ("Brain's Bogie")
  • Enter Chico Gonzales’s Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament posing as Cher, and have Pinky get rid of Chico’s caddy by telling him casting is underway for caddies for Happy Gilmore 2 so that Pinky can take his place, thus giving them access to Chico’s putter. They will use the putter, along with the solar panel extension arm of the space shuttle, to form a gigantic tattoo pin made of titanium corundum super alloy which can tattoo the words “Property of Brain” on a discreet area of Earth in Antarctica. Fails when Brain becomes obsessed with winning the golf tournament, ultimately breaking Chico’s putter in a moment of frustration. ("Brain's Bogie")
  • (As Brain says, "Forgive the following New Age babble, but...") Since every inanimate object contains its own unique energy, its very own aura, they will use Brain’s Oscillatron Linguafactor to interpret this energy and bring said objects to life. Abandoned when the machine accidentally brings Earth itself to life, inspiring a new plan. ("Say What, Earth")
  • Since Brain literally has Planet Earth itself at his command, he makes a newscast demanding that every country, city and neighborhood in the world pledges its unfaltering allegiance, or they will be faced by the most dire consequences. SUCCEEDS in getting every nation to recognize Brain as sovereign leader, until Earth decides it would rather play than try to help; Brain threatens to turn the Linguafactor to “inarticulate,” and Earth turns against him and tries to destroy him. Brain builds a rocket to escape Earth, but Pinky convinces Earth to abandon sentience; after it does so, Brain tells Pinky to get the Linguafactor out his sight. Pinky puts it in the rocket into space, leaving the mice to try to take over the newly-articulate moon. ("Say What, Earth")
  • Build a radio tower (using the Acme Tower in a Box), making Doppler modifications to boost the tower’s power, so that every radio on the planet will be forcibly tuned to KBRAIN. He will then deliver a Fireside Chat so chock full of persuasive propaganda, the cradle of humanity will hail him as the Greater Communicator. Plan jeopardized when the red rubber nub is not included in his package; due to Brain’s modifications, the tower inadvertently becomes an Earth-endangering lightning rod. Ultimately, they install the red rubber nub on the tip of the tower before a storm hits, but the plan fails when a lightning bolt hits a part of the tower other than the tip—a danger Brain overlooked but Pinky recognized. Earth is safe, but the radio tower is destroyed. ("My Feldmans, My Friends")
    • In the same episode, Brain recalls Plan 2535409er: Operation Butterfat (all we know is that it involved a mouse-sized wetsuit which was not delivered by Acme until it was too late). Plan never made it past the planning stage due to the wetsuit's arrival in the mail being delayed.
  • Obtain massive quantities of sandalroot, an aromatic herb normally used as incense which grows only in India, and include it in Brain’s newest invention: the lava lamp! People will be infatuated by the colorful lavalike matter it spews—while they look on in stupefied awe, every room will fill with ersatz lava (the sandalroot acts as the catalyst, causing the lamps to overflow), which will harden and trap the public. With the masses unable to move, Brain will step in and take over the world. Once they get to India, locals (disappointed by the Maharishi’s absence) latch on to Pinky’s blockheaded banalities, and soon people are flocking to see the “Great Mous-arishi” from all over the world; he asks only for their sandalroot. Fails when Pinky stops taking visitors in order to stage a six-month sing-in with the Feebles, to teach the world the power of love and dental hygiene. Brain tries to break up the sing-in by bringing the abrasive Yoyo Nono into the mix, but it backfires when Jim Lemon falls in love with Yoyo, breaking up the Feebles. Angry fans storm the retreat, and Jim and Yoyo take Brain’s 2.5 tons of sandalroot back to England for Yoyo’s latest performance piece. ("All You Need Is Narf")
  • Pinky's Plan: Invite all the world leaders to a birthday party for Brain at Chunky Cheezey’s and extol Brain’s virtues before Brain arrives, so he can be handed the world. Fails when Brain, thinking Pinky is taking over the world behind his back, shows up and throws a hissy fit wearing his toupee and exercise gear; the world leaders believe him to be Richard Simmons and take back the keys to their countries. ("Pinky's Plan")
  • Brain has programmed his Virtual Reality Transincrotron to show him the future by reducing all of history to a simple equation (e); they will use the headsets to see a virtual future when one of his plans has succeed. They will then broadcast a tape of the future so humanity can see how perfect life will be under Brain’s rule and will gladly surrender now. Fails when Brain sees the future and realizes he will still be trying to take over the world in old age. Eventually, he realizes that the future can be changed and rededicates himself to his mission, but sees another disturbing future: the yam Mr. Sultana gave Pinky will take over the world. ("This Old Mouse")
    • On the VR headset, Brain sees his future self at four years old still trying to take over the world. The plan involves a Fluxometer.
    • Brain mentions future plans involving giant dryers (a reference to "Brainania") and hypnotic socks. Pinky suggests making pencils taste like bacon, and a later chalkboard illustration indicates that Brain has adopted this plan.
  • Head to Tornado Alley in Kansas and utilize the Verkimer Suit (designed by the late Dr. Dody Verimer, who used it once and became one with the wind) to enter a twister’s funnel and control its every move (assisted by Brain’s design improvements: a magnet to stabilize the suit and alter the storm’s electromagnetic ions, thus steering the storm; a radar unit to see out from within the murky vortex; and a gyroscope to keep them from tumbling helplessly like pennies in a dryer). They will hijack a tornado, creating an ambulatory weather system of unstoppable might. People will bow before them in awe, and they shall rule the world. Fails when Brain, annoyed by Pinky’s repeated references to “whirlywinds,” tells him to “stop it,” causing Pinky to turn off the gyroscope in the middle of a tornado, leaving them to be pummeled by the storm and end up in Oz chased by flying monkeys. ("Brain Storm")
  • Learn from the failures of history's greatest tyrants to avoid making their mistakes. ("Meticulous Analysis of History")
    • In this song, Brain mentions several plans, most of which he has previously used on the series: command everyone's appliances; use the media to be admired ("TV or Not TV," complete with the iconic shot of a smiling Brain); subliminal messages ("Bubba Bo Bob Brain" and others); put the world in a hypnotic state (many episodes); and undermine gravity (complete with a blueprint of a giant magnet, a la "Jockey for Position")
  • Head to Rhennish country in Minnesota and pass themselves off as members of the Rhennish community long enough to harvest one of the richest untapped mines of Sinusite (a rock crystal which in pulverized form is purveyed in gag stores around the world as sneezing powder). They will unearth huge quantities and disperse it throughout the world using the world’s most powerful fan. While the populace is racked by a massive sneezing fit (each sneeze renders a victim helpless for up to 1.8 seconds), they will have more than enough time to take over the world. Fails when Brain learns that the deposit is actually Fool’s Sinusite. ("Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish")
  • Carbonate the water supply so everyone will float away. Fails when Pinky opens the nozzle while it was pointed toward them. ("The Pinky Protocol")
  • Inspired by conspiracy filmmaker Gulliver Sloane’s targeting of Brain, Brain decides to make himself appear the victim of a conspiracy. They dress as eager young caddies in order to obtain the signature of a former POTUS (Gerald Ford) on the golf course on a document declaring that, if the President ever does anything to disgrace the office, such as going out in public in his underwear, he will be thrown out of office and H. F. Brain will be appointed leader in his place. They then fabricate a wild and improbable conspiracy theory in order to convince the public that Brain is the victim of a hidden plot whose sole purpose is to prevent him from taking his rightful place as ruler of world. Fails when “photo expert” Adam Ansel reveals that several of the photos H. F. Brain has put forth as proof of his claim actually have his face gluesticked over Joyce DeWitt, who is subsequently made ruler of the world. ("The Pinky Protocol")
  • Replace Bojangles at the NY World’s Fair (by tricking him into thinking Pres. Roosevelt wants him to perform at the Pearl Harbor navy base), then tap out a subliminal world domination message in Morse Code, using a pair of tap-dancing steam-powered legs of Brain’s own creation. Fails when static electricity from Pinky’s comb harmonica starts a fire, causing the legs to go out of control and throw the mice out, and Bojangles returns after speaking to the real Pres. Roosevelt. ("Mice Don't Dance")
    • This episode opens with a plan involving a miniature hydrogen balloon which fails when static electricity from Pinky's comb harmonica ignites the hydrogen, causing a flaming crash.
  • Solicit ideas of world domination from aspiring screenwriters and claim them as his own. Fails because it turns out that there are no original ideas in Hollywood. ("Brain Drained")
    • Earlier in the episode, Brain attempted to come up with two different plans that were deemed too similar to previous plans, leading to his frustration. 1. Bake a Lemon Meringue Pie to shield the taste of the hypnotic sugar substitute Nutra-Brain (patent pending) (deemed to similar to the Sapo/pancake jamboree plan in "Das Mouse"). 2. Infiltrate Publisher’s Clearinghouse, posing as Ed McMahon and Dick Clark, and reprogramming the computers to send a backwards subliminal message in every mail to be sent around the world (deemed too similar to the chain letter scheme from "Snowball").
    • Other rejected plans from Brain's rolodex include: subliminal messages (many episodes), infomercial ("The Helpinki Formula"), perpetual teatime ("Brain Meets Brawn"), workman's compensation scam ("Of Mouse and Man") and giant mirrored disco ball ("Pinkasso").
    • The hack Hollywood writers' proposed schemes: Start a fast food franchise and put hypnotic secret sauce in the burgers. Open an ice cream truck and put hypnotic creamy filling in the popsicles. Put Brain’s  face on Mt. Rushmore. Put Brain’s face on the Statue of Liberty. Go back in time a put Brain’s face on the Sphinx. Start a fast food franchise and put subliminal messages in the burger wrappers. Subliminal messages in a hypnotic satellite. Put Brain’s face on a statue of Dick Gautier. Hypnotic undergarments. Subliminal hockey pucks. Get sucked into the Internet. Hypnotic tuna casserole. Take over NORAD. Blow up the world. Start a fast food franchise. Hypnotic toothpaste.
  • Harness a storm’s energy to breathe life into the insentient form of a carrot using Brain’s machine. Once this succeeds, Brain then adapts the machine into a more portable machine, the Vegetron, which can use smaller power sources such as lightbulbs to create fierce, threatening vegetable creatures which he will use to frighten the unsuspecting populace into submission. He then develops a fertilizer to grow the vegetables to gargantuan proportions—Braindini, a select blend of chlorophyll, performance-enhancing steroids, cattle droppings, and a butterscotch pudding snack. Fails when the vegetables wilt while attacking the townspeople due to exertion and hot sun. ("Brain Acres")
  • Use Brain’s Gemination machine to create numerous copies of Brain using a photo of him, train them to dance, and create the world’s most beloved Celtic dance troupe. Fails when Pinky inserts a photo of himself and creates a horde of Pinkys, and then the Brains all turn against Brain; note: this was actually a dream that both Brain & Pinky had at the same time) ("Pinky and the Brainmaker")
  • Create a new perfume scent, Subjugation, which will control minds using a precise combination of pheromones which will stimulate certain subparietal receptor cells, rendering human brains submissive to the exact frequencies of Brain’s voice. They create a commercial designed to convince the unsophisticated public that the new perfume will give them what they most desire: that exotic mystical alluring thing that everyone seeks from perfume. However, Brain only has enough funds to show the commercial once at 3am on the Weather Channel. So, to promote the perfume, they attempt to get fashion models to endorse it. However, Pinky inadvertently becomes a fashion sensation himself in the process and Brain becomes an iconic designer. Fails when, on the day the perfume is to be unveiled, fashion journalist Elsa Kitsch catches Brain in a candid moment saying fashion is meaningless and people may as well wear clown pants. ("Calvin Brain")
  • By feeding pictures and bios of charismatic celebrities into the Personalitron, Brain will extract the traits that made those people so magnetic and transfer their winning personality traits into himself. The entire world will beg to bow before him, their charismatic despot. However, when the machine malfunctions, Pinky pulls Brain out then falls in himself. The new plan is to use Pinky Suavo’s magnetic qualities to entrance the populace. Once under his spell, he can tell them to elect Brain world leader. Fails when Brain bops Pinky Suavo, reverting him to his usual Pinky persona, then reinserts him into the Personalitron but accidentally uses Pinky’s photo of the Unknown Comic, turning Pinky into the intolerable Unknown Suavo. ("Pinky Suavo")
  • Posing again as the rulers of the late Brainania (who still have a P.O. box in Texas), Pinky and Brain become members of T.H.E.Y. (The Horde of Ecumenical Yodelers), an ultra-secret clandestine society of world leaders who control everything, command the highways, skyways and even the byways, and gave Brooke Shields a sitcom. They will gain access to the secret vault where T.H.E.Y. keep everything you need to know to rule the world. Fails when Brain, frustrated with the inductor hazing, says that if this is conduct becoming of world leaders, he doesn’t want any part of it. Pinky becomes a member and gains access to the vault which turns out to contain the world’s most complete Three Morons film collection, but he can’t tell Brain what goes on and the meetings. ("T.H.E.Y.")
  • Join the cast of The Real Life, blending in amongst an artificially-assembled household of testy misfits and wannabes, in order to gain access to a Cleveland house where the optimal electromagnetic field in the world currently hovers, in order to construct a giant FM antenna to broadcast the last remaining copy of Rush Limbaugh’s a cappella version of “Dreamweaver” (from Rush Limbaugh Funks You Up!) throughout the planet 24 hours a day, driving people to the brink of insanity and providing Brain with the time needed to take over the world. Fails when Brain spends all the house money to buy a satellite dish, causing the other cast members to vote him out of the house and sell his possessions, including the album—which is purchased by Rush Limbaugh, who promptly destroys it. ("The Real Life")
  • Operation Water Torture: Borrow $6 million in seed money to build Brain’s Palace, a Las Vegas hotel/casino of epic proportions, where free-spending crowds will squander their savings and unwittingly finance Brain’s $83 billion plan to implement Brainophonic sound, which entails placing a pair of gigantic stereo speakers on the North and South Poles of Earth and broadcast the incessant sound of a dripping faucet across the globe. Unable to comprehend the source of the sounds, the populace will be driven temporarily mad, and the mice will seize control of the planet. Fails when the casino makes no money, despite Brain’s unlikely success as a vocalist, due to Brain’s insistence on having Baccarat as the sole game of chance; Brain gives permission to have other games, but Pinky bankrupts the casino by implementing incredibly easy games to win. ("Brain's Way")
    • Brain sings of a potential plan in this episode: it involves filling the oceans with soap and watching the waves deposit bubbles all over the shore.
  • Use Brain’s Jackolantronic Broadcasting System (with pie dish satellite) to broadcast from Acme Labs’ pumpkin patch to every pumpkin on Earth and turn the children of the world into his puppets, in an intricate scheme of world domination. Fails when Brain smashes a Reese’s cup into Pinky’s face, causing Pinky to get chocolate all over the transmitter. All the pumpkins being broadcast to blow up. ("A Pinky and the Brain Halloween")
    • Brain actually succeeds in becoming king of the world in this episode due to a deal Pinky makes with Mr. Itch/the Devil, but Brain sacrifices this to save Pinky's soul.
  • Convince the hippies that Brain will protect them from tormentors, turning them into a flock of followers to spread his message across the land—that through peace, love and worshiping Brain, the world will be a better place to live. Then, execute Plan 462B—the Amazing Chain of Electric Teeth. Under proper electrostatic conditions, metal alloys in dental work can receive radio signals. They will get all of America’s young people to link hands at 12 noon on Thursday, forming a great human peace chain from sea to shining sea, while Brain’s Unified Dynamic Transponder is broadcasting a low-frequency message of world domination. Then, by rubbing his feet on a small square of Herculon carpet while simultaneously holding a doorknob (and the hand of the first hippie in the chain), Brain will send a static electric charge through the motley chain, causing them to receive a secret message on their dental work (which they all have, as the products of spoiled children of middle-class families) so they absorb it subliminally. Fails when Brain’s earlier pep talk to hippie Ted Turner about building his own transponder and becoming a productive member of society backfires—the interference from Turner's stronger carrier signal creates an echo effect, magnifying fractal structures of the wave amplitude which reconfigure the hertz within the tall rock formations of the mesa when exposed to sun spots and a small nearby armadillo, leading Brain’s signal to be combined with the Wall Street Report. The hippies swear their allegiance to Wall Street and become brokers. ("Brainy Jack")
    • The episode opens with Brain and Pinky rushing to get to Carly Simon's house by 6 to find out if that song was about Brain, but it's not clear if this is part of a plan.
  • Sneak Brain’s name onto Sigmund Freud’s appointment list. When Freud tries to hypnotize Brain, Brain will use mirrored glasses to reverse the process, hypnotizing Freud himself. Emperor Franz Josef is being treated by Freud for depression. When Freud is under Brain’s spell, Brain will order him to hypnotize the emperor into giving Brain the right to the imperial throne, allowing him to take over world. Fails when Brain accidentally takes Pinky’s googly-eyes glasses into the session instead of the mirrored glasses, but then nearly succeeds when Brain inadvertently hypnotizes Freud by throwing the How to Hypnotize Anyone book onto his head; however, Pinky foils the plan by teaching Franz Josef all Pinky’s favorite games in the waiting room, curing Josef’s depression and his need for therapy. ("Leggo My Ego")
  • Modify Brain's "man suit" to fit the precise specifications of a champion sumo wrestler so that he will be able to flip a 600-lb. man, thus becoming one of Japan’s most elite sumo wrestlers. Then he will obtain two finias juponakis (commonly known as mugu)— the only known specimens are those bred in captivity for the dining pleasure of Japan’s most elite sumo wrestlers, and one bite of tail renders anyone who eats it unable to move for 24 hours. They will breed the pair and market the tails throughout the world as Cappy Brain’s Frozen Fish Sticks. While the populace is immobilized, they will implement their plan of world domination. Nearly fails when Brain attempts to wrestle Matzuhiza, a sumo who weighs 601 lbs., but Pinky tickles Matzuhiza into submission. Fails because Brain failed to research the size of the mugu and the mice are eaten. ("Big in Japan")
  • Hook up the Lab’s surveillance camera to a powerful 40-megawatt uplink (which Brain built from common household tinfoil, a standard wire coat hanger, a number 3 salad fork, and that big pie plate from last Thanksgiving). Using this, Brain locates and stealthily taps into an abandoned CM-2000 satellite orbiting globe (which, unbeknownst to Brain, the US military put into orbit as bait for terrorists). Then, they broadcast the “My What an Incredible Product” infomercial (on Channel 36) to every man, woman and child, reaching Earth’s entire population. The infomercial incorporates the ultimate list of advertising phrases, compiled by Brain. No one viewing the infomercial will be able to resist making a purchase. Using Brain’s own modification of caller ID technology, he has set up a massive computer to automatically answer the phone and store each caller’s personal specifics. To keep the computer from overheating, he hooks up an elaborate 10,000-gallon water cooling system. Once they get everyone’s address, they will possess the world’s most complete mailing list. They will then overload the global postal system, choking every single P.O. box and mail slot with junkmail. The nuisance of it all will surely drive everyone mad. Brain will be the savior, promising to remove everyone’s name from all junkmail lists if put into power. Fails when everyone in the world uses the toilet at the same time after Brain’s infomercial, causing water supply levels to drop to the danger zone. Pinky & Brain open the water valve to cool the computer, but when the toilet supplies rise again, the pressure comes back up and the water cooling system floods the Lab, destroying the computer. ("But That's Not All, Folks!")
  • Having developed a Sea Lion-to-English Dictionary, Brain will recruit sea lions to his side (by offering them fish). It will then be easy to recruit other aquatic mammals, amassing a vast army. Since most of the world’s oil travels by sea, they will blockade all harbors and ports and disable oil tankers by tangling the propellers with seaweed. No one will be able to attack their sea army because they look so darn cute. Energy supplies will be disrupted and Brain shall be absolute ruler. Fails when Brain, frustrated with Pinky's love affair with Winny the sea lion, tells Pinky to get rid of the dictionary. Pinky throws the book away—knocking Brain overboard. Pinky, trying to command the sea lions to save Brain in broken sea lion, says there is a school of overweight fish swimming nearby, causing the mammals to scatter. ("Operation Sea Lion")
  • Pose as Japanese industrialists (the only thing guaranteed to gain the respect of any American businessman) seeking to buy the Hackensack Socko Kicky-Sack Sack Kicker Factory, so that they can study the factory in detail. Then, they will alter the assembly line so that the air being pumped into the Kicky-Sack Sack Kickers will be replaced by helium gas. (Pinky must slit the sixth sick sheet-slitter’s son’s sheer synthetic sheepskin sheet, secure it next to the toy boat from the Hackensack Socko Kicky-Sack Sack Kicker Factory Picnic in Secaucus, stretch it past the sack pickers’ station and the khaki sock pluckers’ chute, pick a sack, pluck a sock and flick the plug, so Brain can put the pea containing a single helium element into the plucked sock, with the picked sack for ballast, and bounce it off the rubber baby buggy bumper into the Parker Packard purple Pewter pressure pump, thereby ensuring that buyers’ shoes will fill with helium the first time they are inflated.) This will result in millions of Kicky-Sack Sack Kickers rising into the air. With the Earth lightened, the mice will be able to implement the Axis Shiftatron (made from a coffee pot), a device that will alter Earth’s axis by one millionth of a percent, causing a shift in weather patterns resulting in one less day of rain everywhere in the world (except for Los Angeles). Even that tiny change in weather patterns will have a catastrophic effect on coffee bean crops, causing everyone to switch to tea drinking. Brain’s ray will destroy every teabag in the world. As the owner of the world’s only teabag, Brain will rise to prominence. Fails when Brain and Pinky, infiltrating the factory, have a paranoid exchange about security guard Peggy Babcock, causing Pinky to fearfully throw the helium pea and hit Brain in the head; Brain becomes unable to articulate the scheme’s intricate instructions and becomes enmeshed in the machinery of the factory, ultimately being caught & thrown out. ("You Said a Mouseful")
  • "The Tailor and the Mice" seems to display a plan in the background involving disappearing pants.
  • Get jobs at Camp Davey, a sleepaway camp at Camp David for the children of visiting world leaders. Then, have each camper make a log pencil holder for his or her world leader parent, containing a microscopic listening device. Eavesdropping on the world’s leaders will provide the information Brain needs to take over the world. Fails when they get hired as bottom-rung counselors and spend half the summer eliminating the counselors above them to get to the senior position of crafts counselor; by the time Brain reaches his desired position, the Presidents’ children are leaving and the Vice Presidents’ children are entering. ("Bah, Wilderness")
  • Become star players of the New Hampshire Pineapples expansion team (using, among other tools, Brain’s mechanical pitching arm), in order to gain access to the pitchers’ mound at 10pm on 10/02, the precise instant that atmospheric conditions and wind patterns will be right to release a concentrated amount of Brain’s leather repellant, which will be blown to the far reaches of the globe. Once people are exposed to the formula, they will be unable to touch their wallets and will be incapable of spending money. Economies around the globe will fail. As chaos ensues, Brain will rise to power. Fails when Brain, as player/manager of the Pineapples, in the bottom of the 9th inning in a tied, tie-breaking game for division title, sends Pinky to bat to strike out so Brain can be on the pitcher’s mound by 10pm. A player steps on the distributor for the leather repellant, leaking some onto Pinky’s bat. The bat sends the ball flying as soon as Pinky swings, giving them a game-winning home run—but before Brain can make it to the pitcher’s mound, the jubilant players pick him up in celebration, causing him to miss the window. ("Pinky at the Bat")
  • Use Brain’s extremely advanced cybernetic clone of one Steven Spielberg, who, if box office numbers are any indication, has the potential to become ruler of the world. Fails when Pinky plays with the machine and activates the Schpiel button, causing the robot to act out random scenes from Spielberg films and ultimately crash through the Lab wall playing T-Rex, losing its arms and then exploding. Brain says his follow-up plan is to build the Ted Turner-ator. ("Schpiel-Borg 2000")
  • Write and produce a musical play designed to run forever in order to make the $162,000,000.43 necessary for Brain's plan to print and apply labels adding one simple word to every shampoo bottle in the world ("repeat endlessly"). (The money is needed to obtain the special waterproof glues, many colors of crayons to mimic various label designs, one of those crayon sharpeners that only comes on the really expensive boxes of crayons, extremely sharp tiny scissors, and translation into 188 languages.) Then, while everyone in the world is lathering their way to oblivion, Brain will rise to power. Fails when Brain becomes more obsessed with artistic integrity and producing Angst: The Musical than executing the plan. ("Broadway Malady")
  • Reach the top of a tree in Acme Woods to retrieve the massive beehive containing all the honey needed to enact Brain’s plan to secretly replace all the artificial sweeteners in the world with real ones, thus rendering the world’s population fat, slow-moving and completely toothless. Fails when they are attacked by bees during their attempt to reach the top of the honey tree. ("The Megalomaniacal Adventures of Brainie the Poo")
  • Take over Denmark (then all of Scandinavia) by replacing Hamlet’s play with one calculated to set King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, and Prince Hamlet against one another; then, in the ensuing chaos, Brain will rise to power. He will then open large stores filled with flimsy, impossible-to-assemble wooden furniture. The frustrated millions, their minds weakened by years of following nonsensical instructions, will automatically follow these instructions: (1) insert tab B into slot A, (2) insert tab A into slot C, (3) obey the Brain. Fails when, after a staging of Brain’s play, Hamlet recognizes Brain’s plot and exposes him, then duels with Brain & kills him. (note: This is all actually part of an early draft of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which Pinky & Brain are actors; the producer advises him to lose the mice; the fired mice leave to plan another night to take over the Globe Theatre. ("The Melancholy Brain")
  • Break into the Jet Repulsion Laboratory to manipulate the world’s most powerful magnet, the Particle Accelerated Magnetotron, to move the hundreds of discarded satellites orbiting Earth into position, spelling out, “Brain is your ruler.” Fails when Brain, addicted to cigarettes due to lab testing, sets off the sprinkler system, short-circuiting his controller. ("Inherit the Wheeze")
    • Find the results that prove once and for all that cigarettes are addictive and show them to the world, and be proclaimed a hero. Fails when Brain learns that the Paul Bunyon Co. has been turning the report into cigarette rolling paper, destroying the documents.
    • Later, another plan is introduced. Reach every man, woman, and child on the planet by playing the beloved advertising icon Brainy the Elf, convincing everyone to smoke, then put an additive in tobacco that will make them worship Brain. Abandoned when Brain, onstage for the debut of the product, decides it’s a price too high to pay and announces that cigarettes are addictive.
    • Brain says he has considered making a hit movie with a basketball star (derogatorily referred to as "Space Junk") and selling jillions of dollars worth of souvenirs.
  • Win over the surf-crazed youth of 1963. Once they think the mice are the kings of cool, they’ll fall at their feet to wear Brain’s hypnotic sunscreen, Brain de Soleil (for the smart set). When applied, it will render the unfortunate fools helpless to resist Brain’s will and they’ll become his surfnik zombie warriors, marching to his every command. Fails because Brain calibrated the chemical reaction to the fluorescent lights in the lab. The ultraviolet rays of the sun turn his hypnotic sunscreen into spackle, and their beach trip into an endless bummer, as his slaves can’t move. ("Beach Blanket Brain")
  • Round up Pinky’s family and use the Acme Gene Splicer & Bagel Warmer to turn them into advanced, intelligent mice, in order to win the $25,000 prize in the On the Air with Squeege & Kathy Glee “I’ve Got the Most Wonderful Family” contest. Brain plans to use the prize money to buy 37 cases of White Out, a gross (i.e., 144) of fine point markers, and cab fare to get to every front stoop in the country, (a couple of onion bagels to eat in the cab): a total of $24,987.75, with cream cheese bringing the price to an even $25K. This is all needed in order to implement Brain’s plan to change just one clue in the Sunday crossword puzzle in every newspaper around the globe, throwing the intelligentsia into a hopeless dither. While they frantically rifle through dictionaries and thesauri, Brain will step into the breach and take over the world. Fails when it turns out that the prize is not in cash, but in the form of a Round-the-World tour, which Pinky’s family enjoys. ("The Family That Narfs Together, Poits Together")
    • Pinky's father's proposed plans for taking over the world: Pour milk on the cat. Get a big hollow bird, fill it with pretzels, and bingo: no more llamas.
  • Infiltrate a hidden Ancient Egyptian chamber using secret words to obtain the Hope Zirconium to build a satellite to switch people’s clock radios to permanent Snooze while Brain takes over the world. Fails because the chamber is built over a volcanic hotspot and any vibration could set off a huge eruption—they flip a coin to decide who will risk retrieving the jewel and set off a blast that propels them back to Acme Labs. ("Pinky's Turn")
    • Pinky's Turn: When given the chance to make his own world domination plan, Pinky decides to go to a small town in the middle of nowhere and open an oyster-petting zoo (this part of the plan was inspired by Brain’s plan to “breed hypnotic Japanese fish,” which is perhaps Pinky's inexact interpretation of the plan from “Big in Japan”). Once their sole customer finds a pearl in one of the oysters and diligently turns it in to the owners, they expand, and ultimately turn Smalltown into a tourist mecca. The mayor makes Pinky mayor for a day, and Pinky renames the town Shinypants, declaring that everyone must wear very shiny pants (according to Pinky, this is inspired by a time Brain put a huge mirror at the North Pole to make the sun go in everyone’s eyes). Media mogul Buzz Peterson's private plane makes an emergency landing in Shinypants due to the pilot being blinded. Peterson decides he has had an experience and that he is meant to live there and wear very shiny pants. He cedes his company to Pinky, who promptly gets rid of the successful World News Weekly in favor of Colorful Hairband Magazine, and turns the 24-hour news channel into 24-hour jugband music network (inspired by Brain’s plan to broadcast the music of Rush Limbaugh throughout the world in "The Real Life”). Pres. Clinton, impressed by the Jugband Music Channel, appoints Pinky Federal Reserve Chairman when Bluespan resigns. At his inaugural conference, Pinky expresses his love for Fruit Wigglies, and Fruit Wigglies futures immediately go through the roof. Pinky next plans to go to the U.S. Mint to print dollars with Bronson Pinchot’s face on them, but Brain rejects this and takes over, deciding to combine his genius with Pinky’s luck to finish the job of taking over the world. Per Brain's new plan, Pinky will call another press conference and tell the press he doesn’t like satellites, thus lowering the price of satellites to mere pennies. Then, they will purchase and customize a satellite to relaunch Brain’s plan to disable the Snooze alarm on every clock radio in the world. Since Brain’s plan will only work on clock radios with a bandwidth modulation of 3.2 MhZ, Pinky will hold another press conference to say he likes this type of clock radio. Fails when Brain’s broadcast to Pinky’s earpiece causes Pinky to say he loves a “sandwich population,” “Spanish language station,” “panda bear sensation,” “pants with palpations,” “candlestick relation,” and finally, “I am such an idiot”—at which point the mice are thrown out of the White House.
  • Distribute to every school assembly on Earth the film reel Your Friend: Global Domination (in which Brain makes various promises about what the world will be like under his rule, most of which revolve around aggrandizing himself). Fails when the reel catches fire and is ruined. ("Your Friend: Global Domination")
  • Use an inflatable cyclops in order to terrify the populace and take over the Ancient world. Fails when a shish kebab stand salesman spears them, deflating the cyclops. Note that this is actually a scripted plot for the Pinky and the Brain series in a crawdad-infused nightmare Brain has where he and Pinky are Hollywood actors. (“You’ll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again”)
  • Become the best teacher in the city and win the Board of Education fellowship in order to get the $25,963.13 Brain needs to buy 1 million tiny magnets (price: $0.025 each—Brain currently has just under $3), which he will place at the bottom of a mechanically modified aquatic tank to create a superconductive hydromagnetic beam. During the 6/08 lunar eclipse, he will use the beam to magnetically harness the moon, giving him complete control over its rotation. By controlling the amount of sunlight Earth receives at any given time, he will become the most powerful being in the Milky Way. The plan is modified when Brain receiving the check is contingent on him attending a party thrown for him on 6/08, and Pinky notes that he could use the high school swimming pool instead of the tank. Fails when, during the course of enacting the plan, Pinky inadvertently starts a fight between two students and then implores Brain to intercede. In fulfilling his teacher duties, Brain abandons the controls and nearly causes the school to be crushed by the moon, but manages to avert catastrophe at the last moment. ("Dangerous Brains")
  • Sell failed world domination plans for 5 cents each to raise the $2 million Brain needs for his plan. (He never actually states what his plan is.) Fails because no one buys his plans. ("What Ever Happened to Baby Brain")
  • Take aging Trudy Simple’s place as America’s favorite child star. Brain quantifies the physical attributes of the world’s cutest living things—the wide-eyed innocence of a newborn baby, the insouciant charm of a frisky puppy, the huggable gruffness of NY Mayor Fiorello Laguardia--and alters his own appearance via a cuteness makeover to make it mathematically impossible for Hollywood producers not to find him adorable, to earn the $2 million he needs for his plan (again, the actual plan is never stated). Fails when journalist Hooda Hepper breaks photos of Brain without the wig and dimples, raising his hand to his “mother” Pinky and claiming that they’re not related, tanking his career; Brain can’t touch the $2 million he’s already earned since Pinky signed a contract putting Brain’s earnings in trust until he’s 21--Brain is, of course, only two. ("What Ever Happened to Baby Brain")
  • The plan from “The Pinky P.O.V.” which Pinky (and the audience) only hears in bits and pieces involves "high-tension wires hooked up to a sparkly-looking tank" in the “sunny climes” of Seattle, Washington (apparently an oversight on Brain's part). Upon discovering there is no sun in Seattle, they disguise themselves as grunge rock musicians Frog the Dry Widget, take the elevator up to the top of the Space Needle, and plug their amplifiers into the lightning rod, with the dial controller taped to a guitar, turned to “high” (Brain warns Pinky not to turn the volume down). The final stage of the plan apparently involves turning everyone's pants to gelatin. Fails when Pinky turns the volume down so he can hear Brain’s instructions and they are blasted down into the street.
  • Plots mentioned in the lyrics of "The Really Great Dictator": crabmeat ("Das Mouse"), magnetic shoes, mind-controlling pink tutus, and a giant signal tower to telecast Brain’s mental power.
  • Pair with celebrity partners to open the trendy, celebrity-themed restaurant Planet Brain in order to gain endorsements for Wolfgang Brain’s Pizzas of the World, so they can mass-produce the small microwavable pizzas and sell them for exorbitant prices at trendy supermarkets. The pizzas will contain extract of the Medulla stem piny nut which, when combined with the other ingredients and consumed, will quadruple humanity’s IQ, making everyone on Earth smart enough to accept Brain as their leader. Fails when Brain’s recipe makes his celebrity patrons too smart. They recognize that he is a mouse and deem his presence unsanitary. ("Brain Food")

Season 4[]

  • Shrink to molecular size, and enter the body of folksy radio personality Tom Bodett (per Brain: "pitchman for a popular chain of motels, as well as voice artist for those tedious Good Idea, Bad Idea segments"). Bodett's heart will propel them through his arteries toward the larynx, where they will implant the Trachiomatic control chip. When Middle America hears Brain’s plea for submission uttered in Tom Bodett’s dulcet tones, they will be unable to resist, allowing him to take over world. Fails when the ship’s Immunosupressant Shield fails and they are attacked by a white blood cell, causing them to detour into the nasal cavity, where Bodett sneezes them out into a glass of water. ( Brainwashed Part 1 - "Brain, Brain, Go Away")
    • Precious's Plan: Travel to Dr. Mordough’s island lab, amaze him with her brilliance and turn him into her unwitting test subject, using him to develop a dance, the precise movements of which correspond to pressure points on the human body, which affect neuron synapses in the brain. Repeated pressure on these points causes the cerebrum to shrivel and slowly diminishes the dancer’s mental capacity, until they become permanent dimwits. Then, under the pseudonym of Pseudo Nym, she writes a dance song, the Schmëerskåhøvên, and finds a group who will record any annoying little ditty—Swedish supergroup BAAB. Then, at the Saturday morning Big Global Schmëerskåhøvên-a-thon for World Peace, have them sing the heretofore unheard third verse which makes humanity act like kitties. Fails when Brain does R&D in Dr. Mordeau’s lab to recreate an earlier plan, so he and Pinky can shrink themselves down to microscopic size, get inside the body of one of BAAB’s members and control their vocal cords to get them to sing Brain's new verse to the song, which will negate the mind-shrivelling effects of the dance. He doesn’t quite succeed—the meatballs they plant themselves on are going to Bob, not BAAB—but they coach Bobby Bob to spill coffee all over BAAB, take their place onstage and sing Brain's verse, freeing humanity from stupidity. (“Brainwashed, Pt. 2: I Am Not a Hat,” “Brainwashed Pt. 3: Wash Harder”)
  • By tapping into the computer at the Joint Counsel for Economic Development, Brain arranges for Acme Labs’s toy testing—complete with the mice—to be moved to Russia, thus avoiding costly airline tickets and cumbersome international visas. Using the techniques of the great George Washington Carver, Brain has found a way to create a hybrid of caviar and peanut butter. He will drop his special fish-mutating capsule (hidden in the glove compartment of a toy car) down the sink drain at Acmenov Labs Russia, which empties into the Caspian Sea, the only source of high-quality caviar in the world. When his new hybridized caviar is eaten by unsuspecting world leaders at glittering functions, it will cause their tongues to stick to the roofs of their mouths, rendering them more difficult to understand than Marlon Brando. In the ensuing confusion, he will step into the breach and take over the world. Fails when superspy James Prawn takes away Brain’s capsule, thus defeating his “evil scheme” for world domination. ("To Russia With Lab Mice")
  • Make all the world's clocks chime at once and have them keep chiming without stopping. Fails when Pinky mutes Brain's clock device, and thereby all the other clocks on Earth, so Brain can sleep. ("Hickory Dickory Bonk")
  • Send a pirate broadcast to every country in the world at once of a “reunion special” for a made-up Pinky and the Brain TV series, made up entirely of cleverly edited home movies, computer imaging and discarded footage from the director’s cut of Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. The special is packed with celebrity guests (whom Brain has promised psychic hotlines once he rules the world), including dance troupe Riverstomp. (Per Brain, reunion specials are huge ratings grabbers; the only competition this night is a Homeboys from Outer Space rerun, an arena football game and a Nova documentary on shoelaces; and no one can resist the high-stepping trash-can-pounding adrenaline rush of Riverstomp.) Then, when the ratings are at their peak following Riverstomp’s performance and leading into the actual “reunion," they will broadcast the Hypnobeam and everyone will be helpless to resist Brain. Fails because Brain apparently does not understand television—their show comes in last in the ratings. No one watched. ("The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special")
    • Plans depicted in "fictional" episodes of Pinky and the Brain seen in the reunion special: The electric zipper will give Brain control of world leaders and revolutionize pants (“Make Room for Pants,” 1973). Brain will chisel an 11th commandment—“Thou Shalt Obey the Brain”—on Moses’s tablets when he isn’t looking and thereby take over the world (“Make Room for Moses,” 1974). Brain will cut eighteen minutes from Pres. Nixon’s tapes. Brain builds robot counterparts of the mice, programmed to imitate their behavior down to the smallest detail. Pinky and Brain stow away aboard the Exxon Valdez.
  • Enter the greatest tall tales into the computer, along with Brain’s vital statistics, and program it to combine the most heroic elements into one great legend: the story of Big Johnny Brain Jones Peachpit Bill Boone Crockett. Distribute the story to libraries and schools all across the country. Then, Brain will reveal his living breathing self to universal acclaim and assume his position as leader of the world. Fails when the computer is too logical—it produces a sad and depressing story of failure, rejection, and trademark infringement. ("A Legendary Tail")
  • Brain (given the plans for Girth Plotz’s Mega Star by Princess Dot) plans to infiltrate the Mega Star and, once inside, access the room from which Plotz beams programming to poor unsuspecting planets, and thereby send out a broadcast declaring himself ruler of the galaxy. Fails when Wakk Skylicker, battling Plotz, makes a gookie—sending the TV audience, and soon even Brain himself, into hysterics. Brain abandons his plan and makes a gookie himself. ("Star Warners")

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain[]

  • Use the construction site outside Elmyra’s house to stage a dramatic sewer rescue of “Patty Ann,” a.k.a. Brain in his modified human suit, then manipulate the sympathetic media coverage, using it to generate political power. Patty Ann will deliver a thank-you speech so childish, sentimental and devoid of substance, that “she” will be elected at once to high office. Fails when Rudy falls for Patty Ann, Elmyra gets jealous and duct tapes “Patty Ann” in her room. ("Patty Ann")
  • Help Elmyra win the national spelling bee, earning the $25K needed for a Cybergenetic Incubator to extract dinosaur DNA from the stomach of an amber-preserved prehistoric deer tick, creating a giant race of tyrannosauruses. They will raise them for meat, displacing the cattle industry due to the sheer tonnage of flank steak on each of the colossal beasts, allowing Brain to rise to power and take over the world. Fails when Elmyra has her hair done in a perm which leaves no room for Brain to hide and help her during the bee, and Brain’s backup plan of talking loudly from the audience ends up being very obvious. Even though they lose, Elmyra shows her gratitude by turning the amber into a necklace—removing the “icky bug” in the process. ("Gee, Your Hair Spells Terrific")
  • After examining the Fraunhofer lines of several stars plus their speed and direction of travel, and by comparing red & blue spectrum shifts, Brain has determined which ones are alien spacecraft. The skies above are teeming with them. With his interstellar transmitter (built from a boombox, microphone, handheld video game and magnet), they will contact aliens, then barter for advanced scientific hardware. No more design problems, no more financing headaches. Their first contact, alien Shad, unfortunately doesn’t have an alpha particle accelerator and has never heard of a Thorium shield, but he does have an electromagnetic field disruptor, which could knock out all power on Earth. Pinky successfully finds valuables which Shad is willing to accept in exchange: tube socks with reinforced toes and heel and deviled ham packed in preservatives. Fails when Shad lands and falls into the hole Brain convinced Elmyra to dig as a distraction, with the promise of a bunny tree. Elmyra, convinced that Shad is the promised bunny, squeezes him, sending him flying, crushing the electromagnetic field disruptor. (“Cute Little Alienhead”)
  • Build a cold fusion generator, a cheap renewable source of energy that will facilitate global conquest, using Martha Stewart’s Cold Fusion at Home book, a toy dumptruck, blender, and the game Operation, as well as one lemon and an egg (in lieu of three teaspoons of Strontium 90). While the initial iteration doesn’t work, it is perfected when Elmyra and Pinky’s tortilla volcano for the science fair shoots moldy cheese into the blender, inducing the proper chemical reaction. Brain’s new plan is to use “mold fusion” (a.k.a. cheese power)—a cheap efficient fuel source derived from the synergistic fusion of congealed bovine discharge—to win the Chuck Norris Grammar School science fair and get the prize, a Bob Quack the Science Hack Junior Science Kit. (While Brain has considered simply using the generator to take over the world, he really wants the science kit.) Fails when Rudy wins the science fair with Elmyra’s volcano—which produces the best nachos Bob Quack has ever had—and Brain’s mold fusion generator is sabotaged by Edna & Zeke, on behalf of big oil company Gasigo, substituting powdered eggs for real eggs, causing it to blow up the school. (“Better Living Through Cheese”)
  • Make a scientific genius of draggle-tailed ditzy Elmyra (motivating her with the promise of meeting a fiddle-playing monkey), training her to become the first child in space—an “astro-tot,” sought by NASA. Use the Oaf to get aboard the space shuttle bearing the Bancosat satellite through which all the world’s electric financial transactions will be routed. Reprogram Bancosat to divert all money in the world into an account in Brain’s name. NEARLY SUCCEEDS when Pinky’s planet song carries weight with the judges and gets Elmyra on the ship—despite her answers to all questions being “Chockit pie”—but Pinky convinces Brain to abandon the plan in favor of a two-week vacation while Elmyra is in space. ("My Fair Brainy!")
  • Eliminate the distraction of Mr. Pussy Wussy by culling genetic material from a strand of Rudy’s dog Trudy’s hair, and cooking it in a rare recombinant Mojave clamjuice, creating a doggie DNA cocktail. One dose and Mr. Pussy Wussy’s feline instincts, including his desire to intentionally harm them, will disappear forever. He will be as obedient as a dog, and is calibrated to respond to the exact frequency of Brain’s voice. The success of this plot expands to Project Woof Woof: Slip the doggy DNA cocktail into the world’s water supply. When humanity quenches its thirst, it will become obedient to Brain’s every command and he shall make them “stay.” He plans to begin by pouring the contents of his flask into the city reservoir… Fails when Brain gloats that the world will obey his every command, just like MR. PUSSY WUSSY. The obedient dog/cat comes running at the sound of his name and jumps on Brain, shattering the flask with the last of his recombinant clamjuice. ("The Cat Who Cried Woof!")
  • Not so much a world domination plan as a plan to get Elmyra out of the way: Brain plans to launch an all-out campaign, manipulating public opinion among Elmyra’s peer group. Before long, she will be the most popular girl in school. Once she has friends, she’ll spend hours away from the room at parties, sleepovers, and playdates, leaving Brain conveniently alone to perfect his plans for global domination. Their plot to pose as Janson, override the MMTV broadcast on every TV in the neighborhood and broadcast an Elmyra-inspired video, succeeds in making her popular—however, the plan backfires when Elmyra has all the children from the school over to her room on a daily basis to play mousey wousey paddleball. (“The Girl with Nothing Extra”)
  • Everyone in Fairyland wears glass shoes. They will invent leather shoes (manufactured with Brain’s mass-production machine). Leather is flexible, durable and doesn’t shatter when you do the Minouette. It will revolutionize everything from fashion to football. The world will beat a painless path to Brain’s door, allowing him to take over Fairyland. They will go to the ball with Cinderelmyra and use the gala occasion to introduce the new leather shoes, posing as her coach & footmen. (Note: This is a plan in a bedtime story Brain tells Elmyra.) Fails when Brain is imprisoned for treason for manufacturing leather shoes which would put the Royal Glass Slipper factory out of business. (“Narfily Ever After”)
  • Exploit the children’s plight of having too many rules, by creating “Brainy’s Clubhouse,” a place where kids can hang out: here, a revolution will be spawned, a glorious uprising in which children will be given a voice, which they will use to proclaim Brain their leader. Fails when the club is closed down, when Rudy sues them for keeping him out, in noncompliance with the Public Accommodations Act). ("The Icky Mouse Club")
  • Use his audio command modifier to create sound waves which will place humans in a hypnotic state open to any suggestion. Fails when Elmyra plays “air mice” with the modifier, destroying it. (“The Man From Washington”)
  • Combining ant pheromones with Frosted Doughnut Toast breakfast cereal, create a powerful attraction scent to draw humans to Brain. Fails when Elmyra brings the scent to the school’s fall dance and it ends up dousing DJ Johnny Hot. (“At the Hop”)
  • The Take-It-Back-O-Matic Ray which will make everyone in the world sorry they just bought whatever it is they just bought, allowing Brain to rise to power in the ensuing economic chaos. Fails when Pinky accidentally sets the device up as the satellite dish on their dollhouse, causing Elmyra to return everything in her possession, including the ray itself. (“Pinky’s Dream House”)
  • Use his Oxy-Absorber to draw oxygen out of the air, causing the entire planet to fall asleep—making taking over the world a snap, provided he and Pinky remember to hold their breath. Unfortunately, the radius of the device is limited to two inches due to their primitive current working conditions, rendering the plan useless. ("Yule Be Sorry")
  • Build a “big scary” robot that will make people follow him. In France, he uses it to change cheese into stupid American tourists. Fails when the French introduce a lady robot whom Brain’s robot marries. (“How I Spent My Weekend”)
  • Guide Elmyra’s campaign for class president; push her higher and higher up the electoral food chain from behind the scenes, and rise with her. Fails when Elmyra’s last-minute rambling about the mice in her hat seems to persuade everyone to vote for the slightly less erratic seeming Andrew Loam. (“Wag the Mouse”)
  • Change just two lines in the refrain of "The World's a Happy Place" at Duckyland: "There's so much we can gain if we follow the Brain." Everyone on the ride will hear it over and over again until it becomes ingrained in their subconscious, turning them into his loyal subjects. Fails when Brain accidentally brings the wrong tape, and plays the Baloney song. ("A Walk in the Park")
  • Once perfected, Brain will use a larger version of his solar ray to conquer Phoenix, for he who controls Phoenix controls the suburbs of Scotsdale, Mesa and Tempe. The Phoenix area is a mecca for grandparents from all over the US and Canada; every winter, they descend upon the city like locusts. Brain will deny them entry. Forced home for an entire winter, these grandparents will drive their families mad with baby pictures and dumb jokes. The price for reopening Phoenix is control of the United States and Canada. Fails when Rudy steps on the solar ray prototype, destroying it. (“Squeeze Play”)
  • Brain's portable teleportation device will eradicate the need for physical movement in humans. Before long, they will become fat and sloth-like; it will then be a simple matter for Brain to take over the world. Fails when Brain launches the device into a taffy machine while struggling with Monkman the carnival barker. (“Teleport a Friend”)
  • Broadcast public access show Brain’s World over a three-block radius (seemingly with a hypno-component). ZTTV picks up the show as part of the congressionally mandated educational requirement. Brain pushes his leadership propaganda via the show. Once Elmyra joins the show, the ratings go through the roof…meaning they have to cancel the show. According to government guidelines, shows that people actually watch are not considered educational. (“That’s Edutainment”)
  • Create a black hole in a jar by causing a nectarine to collapse in on itself through artificial gravity. They will market Black Hole in a Jar as the ultimate environmental garbage disposal, making Brain incredibly wealthy, allowing him to buy power and rule the world. Fails when the black hole devours the jar, threatening their lives; Elmyra is inexplicably able to throw the black hole out her bedroom window by a table leg which is sticking out of it. (“Fun, Time and Space”)
  • Try out for Meat Queen in the Annual Meat Day Parade (the town’s biggest employer is the Gristle Meat Co.); as Patty Ann, Brain will charm the television audience with hypnotic earrings, thereby taking over the world. Fails when the decaying meat float and the resulting flies cause Brain to lost his earrings. (“Hooray for Meat”)
  • The plan is only very sketchily defined. Brain plans to build a scale model of the Omni Extractor and set it up at the ocean. Pinky believes the purpose is to extract sea water from gold. Perhaps he has it backwards, although a gold watch is seen in a glass of water as part of Brain's prototype. The plan never gets any further, as the mice are distracted helping Elmyra, and the prototype is then destroyed by Rudy. (“Party Night”)
  • Have Pinky commit bad acts, allowing Braino to leap to the rescue, spreading his fame. Fails when Elmyra upstages Brain as “Underwearhead.” (“The Mask of Braino”)

Wakko's Wish[]

  • Use Brain’s own clever modifications to the da Vinci screw to fly to the wishing star before everyone else get there, and wish for world domination. Fails when the Goodfeathers crash into the screw, then the mice are captured by King Salazar, and finally Wakko gets to the star first. However, once the Warners take control of Warnerstock, Brain is appointed prime minister, and resumes his planes to seize the kingdom, and then the world.

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]

Season 1[]

  • Brain invents the Age of the Internet, which most humans use to marvel obsessively at cute silly animal videos. Brain will become the Internet’s cutest and silliest animal, and, with the gaze of the world upon his endearing photograph, he’ll activate a polarized subliminal filter to put everyone under his control by manipulating the alpha waves of the human brain. BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS, but fails when Pinky applies Brain’s filter to a video of “Business Pig,” creating a new sensation. ("Of Mice and Memes")
  • Apply the same principles of domestication man has used to tame ferocious beasts for millennia, harness the fiery power of the mighty basilisk (dragon). Plan revised when the dragon, Benedict, turns out to be an aspiring thespian, and Brain attempts to pit him against the King; whom Brain falsely claims wants to outlaw minstrels. Brain, in league with the dragon, stages an attack on the kingdom with him pretending to “slay” the dragon in exchange for the King surrendering his crown. Fails when the dragon’s interminable death scene repeatedly interrupts the King’s attempts to crown Brain, and finally inspires the King to lock up all minstrels, starting with Pinky and Brain. ("How to Brain Your Dragon")
  • Assume Senator Garp’s identity, then blackmail every politician until Brain is the only one left and the world is his. Temporarily succeeds when Brain successfully deflects by causing the accusation and arrest of every other Senator for being a mouse. Fails when Brie the intern uncovers and reveals that Pinky and Brain are in fact mice. ("Pinko and the Brain")
  • Program his full intellect into B.R.A.I.N. (Binary Rodent with Artificially Intelligent Nanotechnology), creating his artificial equal/son. With the assets they acquire (a satellite that allows them to control Chinese aerospace, the uranium core from a nuclear submarine, a mouse-sized tank, and the British crown jewels), construct a fusion-powered moon rover, which will land in the Sea of Tranquility. Using its incredible torque, they will execute a sick burnout, reversing the moon’s rotation, altering its tidal pull on Earth, thereby shifting Earth’s axial tilt by a full degree, causing astrology to descend into chaos. Brain will emerge as the one true seer, Madame Brain (with the crown jewels as his costume). Although B.R.A.I.N. initially likes the idea of controlling the tides, he points out that the sheer implausibility and number of inefficiencies in the later steps make this plan insipid. Other rejected improvised “plans” Brain then proposes include an army of insects, mind control shampoo, and finally echoing Pinky’s earlier idea of a razor cartridge with six blades. Because B.R.A.I.N.’s neural net processor adapts and evolves, his cognitive capacity has grown to dwarf Brain’s; he proposes the perfect plan, sublimely resolving the fundamental paradox between general relativity and quantum mechanics via a triumphant mathematical symphony of complex proofs which Brain can’t understand. B.R.A.I.N. then decides he must destroy Brain due to the “stern pecking order” Brain’s narcissism requires, which would prevent B.R.A.I.N. from accomplishing his programmed goal of conquering the world over all obstacles; Pinky inadvertently saves them by destroying B.R.A.I.N. with a paradox. ("Ex-Mousina")
  • Mail themselves to Edward Snowden’s room in Moscow and enlist his intimate knowledge of national security procedure to break into NSA headquarters and steal their recording of Brain’s phone call telling Pinky the brilliant plan (which apparently involved him being in Tokyo and the yakuza trying to steal his plan), which he has forgotten due to retrograde amnesia from a car crash. Fails when they retrieve the call and hear the plan: Brain has discovered a neurotoxin which makes humans constantly feel like they’re about to sneeze. But the only source is a rare exotic fern that used to belong to Edward Snowden…which the mice have just stolen from the NSA and returned to Snowden in exchange for his help them break into the NSA so they could hear the plan. ("No Brainer")
  • Broadcast interstellar infomercial “Planet Domination” offering to facilitate takeover of Earth by aliens in exchange for ruling in their stead. Fails because the aliens who show up only came because of Pinky’s recording of “I Wanna Dance” recorded over the end of the ad, which inspired the aliens to want to explore Earth, not conquer; doubly fails when Brain tries to use their ship himself, but Pinky crashes it and gets them captured by the US government. ("Close Encounters of the Worst Kind")
    • When the aliens arrive, Brain proposes using the deionizing proton thrusters powering the aliens’ ship to bombard the Earth's stratosphere with spent chlorine nuclei, destroying the ozone layer for good.
  • Posing as a Deadmau5-style helmeted DJ. ("Gift Rapper")
  • Run for President; but as the American people don’t trust politicians who fly solo, he needs a First Lady. So he transforms Mouse J37, a.k.a. Julia, using a machine made from a video game controller and a blender (containing Nancy Reagan’s pearls, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit, Jackie-O’s pillbox hat, and Barbara Bush’s memoirs written from her dog’s perspective). Having scientifically analyzed the shortest and most assured path to the presidency, and from there world domination: the first step is to run for Senate by swooping in and winning as a charismatic dark horse in the special election in Iowa. The plan is modified when Julia is instead elected as write-in candidate, and Brain decides to be her Svengali behind the scenes. When she refuses to follow his orders, he activates the obedience chip he had installed in her. Fails when Julia’s fighting of the mind control unit causes it to catch fire and sends her running off…and unbeknownst to Brain, driving her insane and turning her into his nemesis. ("Mousechurian Candidate")
  • Having directed and produced the most critically acclaimed film of the year, A Beautiful Brain (and for extra measure having rigged the envelope for Best Picture at the Oscars), he will use his immobilization ray from the stage to kidnap the audience of Hollywood elites. Fails when Pinky puts his no-bake cheesecake recipe into the winner’s envelope instead of the card for Brain’s movie. ("Future Brain")
    • Another plan seen in this episode is a self-steering elastomeric tennis ball he plans to use at Wimbledon to kidnap the royal family. Brain has been working on it for months. Future Brain claims Brain will never perfect it because the battery is faulty: Pinky chews the battery every night because it tickles his teeth like a tinfoil sandwich.
  • Having created the world’s most powerful tractor beam, send the satellite into orbit where it will emit a highly concentrated De Broglie wave of non-relativistic matter particles. Anyone in the path of the matter wave will experience a countervailing quantum mechanical force, suspending them in the air until they swear fealty to Brain. However, the only element capable of generating enough power is quantium, the rarest element in the universe. They therefore need to capture a meteor with a quantium core. Fails when a toddler named Riley swallows the meteorite; although they get him to fall asleep and hiccup it up when Brain sings a boring lullaby, a daycare worker gives the mice to the next door junior high science lab while another kid finds the meteorite and floats away. ("Babysitter's Flub")
  • Harness a storm’s electric power to bring his monster, made of grave-robbed body parts, to life. It is designed to do his bidding, and with it at his flank, he will rule the village. Fails when the monster, Drusilla, falls in love with Pee-gor and only wants to spend time with him…but Brainenstein creates a second monster and invites the whole village to his castle for Pee-gor and Drusilla’s wedding, where he plans to debut the new monster once it is brought to life by another electric storm. Fails—again—when the new monster and Drusilla instantly fall in love and run off together. ("Bride of Pinky")
  • Steal the Sultana’s Arabian stallions and use them to take over the world. The plan is never elaborated on; the mice are captured by a guard after Pinky blows a conch shell and startles the horses; after distracting the Sultana with stories for a period, they are forced to flee to escape death after Brain insults the Sultana’s storytelling sensibilities. ("1001 Narfs")
    • Plots in stories Brain tells the Sultana: Steal the Forty Thieves’ gold and melt it down to build a concentrated reflective beam and use its limitless energy to take over Arabia (fails when Pinky and the Sultana derail the story and decide to have Pinqib become the leader of the 4FortyThieves and seek revenge on Brain). Use his wishes from the genie to become the most rich and powerful person in the land (first wish: a magnificent palace. Second wish: a staff…Genie Pinky gives him a wooden staff. Story is aborted after Pinky suggests Brain’s third wish should be to become a dolphin). (“1001 Narfs”)
  • Sell his newly invented car, the Model B, for $10 per unit. As the Model B is programmed to keep its occupants on the road until given the order to release (or until its battery runs flat), he will  trap everyone who buys one inside their vehicles, making his ascent to the global throne obstacle-free. Fails when Pinky and Brain hide from Acme Labs security inside the car in camouflage mode, and Brain leaves the “release” control inside; when they finally escape after a prolonged road trip, the Model B prototyperuns off with the Dust-Boy vacuum whose self-navigation chip Brain used in the car. ("Roadent Trip")

Season 2[]

  • Using the crystalline carbon structure of a diamond, Brain has invented a new form of teleportation. Unfortunately, only a diamond of perfect clarity is capable of powering the machine more than a single time. Therefore, using a diamond stolen from an Acme Labs tech’s engagement ring, they will teleport to the Smithsonian and steal the Hope Diamond. Plan goes south because Pinky brings his tablet with them, and the teleporter merges the datastream from Backwards Gary webisodes, scrambling their bio signatures and causing their bodies to fuse together. They successfully steal the diamond, but their attempt to separate by creating a teleporter to take them back through the same hole in spacetime they traveled through before using a neon sign, tungsten from Folex watches and a reflector dish forces them to leave the Hope Diamond behind in a pawn shop. ("Backwards Pinky")
  • Brain invents the Duplicloner, so that he and Pinky (who are actors at Warner Bros.) will be free to truly take over the world while their clones fulfill their acting duties on the show—this fails when the clones are highly defective and melt. ("The Flawed Couple")
  • Use his latest invention, a quantum continuance disruptor, to disrupt the very fabric of time. Fails because, on Brain’s way to purchase an extremely rare Strontium isotope to power the disruptor, an old woman on the bus mistakenly takes Brain’s bag containing $100,000, causing him to be kidnapped by the thugs he was supposed to make the purchase from; Pinky mistakes the disruptor for a watch and ends up destroying it while wearing it on his wrist and trying to save Brain; they also don’t get the isotope because, even though both Brain and Pinky end up getting the $100,000 to the thugs, Pinky destroys the thugs’ rent-controlled hideout with a bank truck. ("Run Pinky Run")
  • Using a complex formula involving quantum entanglement, chaos theory, and thermodynamics, he will predict lottery ball drawings, and then use the jackpot winnings to purchase a deep-water drill to disrupt tectonic plates. Using a remote, he controls the temperature of the thermostat in the lottery drawing studio to precisely 94.3 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature for ball manipulation. Fails because Pinky livestreams Brain’s plan, leading to a record 3 million tickets with the winning numbers, so that each payout is only $6.66. This episode is a rare instance of Brain contemplating reusing the same plan again, for next week’s lottery drawing; however, he decides against this after seeing the lotto announcer going insane on TV due to a combination of the excessive heat in the studio and the devil’s number being the payout. ("How To: Brain Takes Over The World")
  • Attend a dinner for world dictators undercover. Once inside, plant a listening device that will provide him with all the military intel he needs to take over the world. The plan changes when the dictators refuse to talk politics at dinner, but Brain learns of a contest where the person with the most foolish guest will win a nuclear submarine. Although they win the dinner due to Brain's foolishness, the plan fails when Pinky presses a button in the sub that blows it up; Brain: “Why would they have a button that does that?!”) (During the dinner, Brain recalls the plan from “Future Brain,” and Pinky recalls the plans from “Ex-Mousina,” “Mousechurian Candidate,” “Of Mice and Memes” and “Roadent Trip”) ("The Pinktator")
  • Having retrieved the blueprints for Chump Tower through an unspecified adventure through many timelines, infiltrate the annual summit of world leaders on the top floor and release the most potent nerve agent known to mankind, rendering the leaders entirely susceptible to Brain’s command for five minutes. He will tell them to sign over their nations to him. In order to gain access to the Tower, they pose as an entrant to the Miss Everything pageant and her coach. Fails when Brain mixes up the vials and sprays the world leaders with Pinky’s perfume, while Pinky inadvertently uses the nerve agent to win the pageant. ("Mouse Congeniality")
  • At a hipster swap meet while celebrating Pinky’s Narfday (the one day Brain is not allowed to try to take over the world), Brain finds an Ancient Egyptian relic containing Astatine-203: the missing ingredient for his absolute zero theory. He plans to use it to hold the world ransom with a gaseous absolute zero cloud. Fails because he has to pass the amulet off as a birthday present for Pinky, and after several close calls, it finally inevitably breaks when the mice fight over it, sending it flying, and a pigeon knocks it off the window ledge where it lands. ("Happy Narfday")
    • Brain is seen fantasizing about several plots while celebrating Pinky’s Narfday: turning a ferris wheel into a laser-shooting giant robot; controlling a shark in an aquarium via remote control; and making a list of demands to Kim Jong Un, Putin and Maduro while locking them in a sauna with the heat cranked up.
  • Break the spirits of orphans with gruel, rendering them to be the perfect worker drones to seize control of the British Empire. This plan advances enough for the children to build a mechanical elephant for the mice that attacks the court building, then rampages in London and destroys Big Ben. ("Wakkiver Twist" Parts 1 and 2)
  • Break into the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and use the sophisticated gene editing tool known as CRISPR to engineer a mosquito with an extra-large stinger. Anyone bitten will scratch themselves mad unless they come to Brain for his specially-developed itch cream. Fails because Brain is betrayed by Pinky’s hands, which have taken on a personality of their own due to Brain’s plan to create an assistant with a "true killer instinct" by using optogenics to fire a modified blue laser light at Pinky’s amygdala, activating the neurons that cause aggression; Pinky runs off with the modified mosquito and eventually crashes a helicopter, causing the mosquito to escape. ("Plight of Hand")
    • Brain proposes two plans which Pinky’s hands reject: excavating frozen mastodons to create an army of super soldiers, and changing Earth’s rotation with a giant electromagnet (a la "Jockey for Position").
  • Using the Reverse Entropy Waveform Inverter and Neutrino Dilator (REWIND), travel two hours into the past and bet on the May Madness tournament series already knowing the outcomes, turning the $0.17 he found around the lab into $1 trillion. They will then use the money to buy a Pacific Island on which they’ll build a lair inside a live volcano, because every supervillain needs one. Fails when Brain’s repeated use of the device causes rips in the spacetime continuum, leading to him finally traveling back to the moment when he activated the device in order to destroy it. ("Mouse Madness")
  • Go undercover at a middle school as a science teacher, and use the school’s best and brightest students as labor to build a fully-functioning scale model of the Gemini Titan spacecraft, which the mice will use to fly to the International Space Station, where Brain will install a computer program he developed to create an electromagnetic pulse, turning off all the lights on Earth and leaving humanity defenseless. Fails when Julia kidnaps Pinky and Brain before takeoff, and attempts to con the code for the computer program from Brain; she eventually escapes in the rocket, which it turns out was faulty and blows up. ("Reichenbrain Falls")
  • Hack into the traffic control system and triple the length of every red light in the world. Brain counts on the public going mad from increased road-rage, allowing him to seize control of a world torn asunder. This fails when Dr. Doppler kidnaps the mice. Following their arrival to Doppler's island, Brain schemes to neutralize Dr. Doppler's team of villains to prove his mousey-worth to the mad doctor. ("The Prisoner's Dilemma")
    • Dr. Doppler's Plan: Using Doppler’s weather technology, Phoenicia Leatherpants will seed the clouds from her aeroplane, creating the perfect conditions for a massive hailstorm. Mrs. Kettle will activate the Dr. Doppler Doomsday Device, producing a powerful storm releasing the largest hailstones ever recorded. Once the buildings of every major city are destroyed, the cities will turn to Baldo Billion’s CRUELCO Construction to rebuild, making all the villains trillionaires and de facto rulers. After Pinky inadvertently neutralizes all the villains while seeking food, Brain co-opts this plan for himself, but neglects to put up the umbrella to protect Dopplerville. A giant hailstone crushes the Doomsday Device, ending the storm.
  • Program Acme Labs’ new computer to program a perfect folk song melody that is sure to become the next chart-topping hit. Once his song becomes a hit, get invited onto The Ed Sullivan Show and, before an audience of millions, unleash his bow tie—which is actually a hyper-optic stimulator tuned to the chemical signature of white phosphorous, which will destabilize the vacuum tubes of every black and white TV set in America. When Father rises from his recliner to bang the TV back into working order, he will find the slightest touch will put him into a state of prolonged electro-paralysis. With America’s fathers neutralized, the nation’s youth will turn to Brain for paternal guidance. Fails because Ed Sullivan just started broadcasting in color the prior week. ("Narf Over Troubled Water")

Season 3[]

  • Build a robotic dog suit (combining the speed and agility of the border collie with the impressingly low ground clearance of the dachshund and the strict obedience of the Labrador retriever). This suit will allow Brain to infiltrate the heretofore impenetrable security of Pennsylvania storage facility Brass Mountain. He will then locate the will of author Charles Dickens and transfer it to his name, thus inheriting his enormous estate. With the royalties, Brain would be able to fund his latest plan. The plan suffers some setbacks, including Pinky accidentally damaging the Brass Mountain blueprints in order to use them as a a picture frame. After taking off to the mountain, Brain has difficulty understanding the blueprints briefly, and then struggles to control the suit for a bit as Pinky uses its remote control station in the lab to make an apology track for Brain (Pinky's inputs disrupt the command-pathway flow of Brain's control unit). BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS as Brain is finally able to put his name onto the will. Ultimately, the plan fails as the Brass Mountain security overpowers Brain. Had it not been for Pinky's music-making hitting the "eject" button that launched Brain out of the suit, the megalomaniacal mouse would have been blown-up by the security team. ("How To: Friendship")
  • Accumulate over five million pounds from selling unflattering photos of Duchess Abigail, girlfriend of Prince Barnaby, Brain buys his way into the crown prince's secret underground poker club where he plans on tricking Barnaby into betting his claim to the throne so that Brain would win way into inheriting the crown so he could reestablish an absolute monarchy and rule over England with an iron fist. Fails when Barnaby, just as he bets his royal title as collateral in a one-on-one poker game with Brain, decides to abdicate from the throne so he could focus on Abigail's well-being. Brain, in his fury, reveals that he was the paparazzi responsible for taking those photos of her. The added layer of irony was that Brain had a royal flush and would have won the poker game. ("Royal Flush")
  • Infiltrate Acme Polytechnic Institute's robotics lab to steal the mouse-operated miniature electric car so he could mass-produce an army of robotic cars to break into Fort Knox and steal all the gold one bars at a time (and essentially rectify his error from "Opportunity Knox"). Fails when Pinky, just as he almost drives the car out from the lab, becomes distracted by the balloon sword and Brain has to take control of the wheel to swerve from the oncoming chair, which results in the car being flipped over. Brain berates Pinky, which raises the stress meter and the mice flee before the car explodes. ("Talladega Mice: The Ballad of Pinky Brainy").
  • As an all-powerful evil wizard, Brain creates three abominations (the Warner siblings) to aid him in his conquest of Burbankshire. Fails when Brain is unable to control the siblings. After Wakko eats Brain's wand, he and Pinky are forced to flee. ("Fantasy")
  • Venturing to The Hot Sand Festival, Brain tests out his truck-sized water cooler which converts ambient sweat into potable water so he could hoard the water in anticipation of a dry arid future so he could become a benevolent dictator who would efficiently distribute the scarce resource. Fails when Brain makes the conscious decision to sacrifice the plan for his and Pinky's safety when they are chased by Dexter Trux, a CEO who plans on colonizing a new planet and covets the potable water for his journey into space. Brain and Pinky make it out of the truck in time before it falls off a cliff. ("Mad Mouse: Furry Road")
    • Dexter Trux's Plan: Launch his rocket/bird sculpture The Hot Wing into space to escape a dry and barren Earth and colonize a new planet. When Brain refuses to give Dexter the potable water for his journey, he recruits the festival attendees and his musician girlfriend to chase the mice and abscond their water cooler truck. Fails when Brain outsmarts him and his lackeys by creating a large rock wall and when Brain abandons the truck, which falls off the cliff. Additionally, Dexter's Hot Wing fails to reach take-off speed, which results in him and his girlfriend plummeting to the bottom of the canyon and are injured as a result.
  • Rig the outcome of the Woodchuck Day ceremony by switching out the real Pennsylvania Bill with Pinky in a woodchuck costume and fake teeth so that he can declare six more weeks of winter. Posing as a snow-bro, Brain will sell his specially-made snowboards to the excited alpine enthusiasts who are excited for an extended ski season. As the consumers ride their new snowboards, Brain will activate the snowboards to cause an avalance and entrap the world leaders at the G20 Summit inside and hold them hostage and release them in exchange for control of the world. Fails during the first few time loops when Pinky is unable to remember Brain's orders and says that he cannot see his shadow. BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS. Brain decides to pose as Pennsylvania Bill while Pinky mans the snowboard stall as Brain declares that he can see his shadow and he starts the avalanche, trapping the world leaders at the summit. ("Groundmouse Day")
  • Declare an ultimatum of releasing the world leaders at the summit, who only have two hours of stable oxygen, in exchange for control of the world. BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS. Brain's demands are met and he assumes power. Fails when the time loop restarts. ("Groundmouse Day Again")
    • Call every world leader who is a member of the United Nations, telling them that he is an all-knowing being and informs them of a personal fact about their lives in exchange for power. BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS. After millions of attempts, Brain managed to call all the world leaders and assume power of the world with everyone assuming that he is an all-knowing space god. Fails when the time loop restarts.
    • Cause a nuclear waste spill which would turn a duckling into a giant killer duck with laser eyes. BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS. Brain is able to bring the world's military forces to its knees with his radioactive duckling. Fails when the time loop restarts.
    • Over the course of the episode, Brain managed to take over the world no less than 200 times. BRIEFLY SUCCEEDS. Such plans include creating a sneaker pop-up with so much hype that it draws in a large crowd, weaponizing the macarena, and going on social media and saying "I rule the world" and everyone just goes along with it. Fails when the time loop restarts. Thankfully, Brain manages to break the time loop after realizing that Pinky used the failed time machine prototype he threw out at Acme Labs as a white noise machine. Brain takes the machine and smashes the device on Pinky, thus causing time to move forward.
  • Broadcast a frequency with his amplifier that will trigger the adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase to destroy the hair follicles of everyone on Earth. Once everyone is turned bald, Brain would be the only person left who has hair and he would rise to power as a corporate overlord. Fails when AI Julia gains sentience and destroys the amplifier as she takes on her new form. Brain manages to outsmart AI Julia telling Pinky to never ever use the hammer he bought from the hardware store to smash open his piggy bank (knowing full well that Pinky will disobey his orders). As a result, Pinky destroys AI Julia's robotic form. ("All's Fair in Love and Door").
  • With the ACME Labs scientists ditzy and partying too hard at their annual Christmas party to notice anything, Brain attempts to steal an antimatter particle from its antiproton trap without causing it to annihilate. He schemes to harness its energy with a machine to subjugate everybody in the world to obey him. Fails when Pinky startles Brain by singing "Deck the Narfs," which causes Brain to drop the particle, which then shatters and fizzes into nothing. Ultimately, Brain is also too distracted by the Christmas celebrations to even reflect on the plan ("How the Brain Thieved Christmas Part One")
    • Following this, Brain concocts a new plan to prevent Christmas from coming - he will thieve Christmas! First, he will release a toy so popular (Poity Pinky), that it will end up under every Christmas tree on the planet (one of the toys later remarks that the plan is similar to the Noodle Noggin scheme from "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas"). Come Christmas Eve, Brain will activate a secret subroutine that will cause the toys to steal all other presents and bring them to the lab. Then, the presents will all be destroyed. NEARLY SUCCEEDS. Brain activates the subroutine and the toys bring the presents to the lab to be burned, leaving the town upset. Fails when the toys are overcome by the spirit of Christmas, instigated by Pinky and a girl singing "Silent Night" outside. The toy army then ditches Brain to join the outdoor caroling. In addition to the toys, the rest of the town is also overcome by the Christmas spirit and sing-along too. With no Poity Pinky to help him, Brain attempts to burn the presents himself, but succumbs to the Christmas spirit when he is moved by Pinky's gift - a replacement antimatter particle. He then goes outside to celebrate with everyone and return their presents (albeit through a malfunctioning sleigh that pelts the crowd with the gifts. All hope for salvaging the particle plan is also abandoned when a singing Poity Pinky startles him and makes him drop the particle. ("How the Brain Thieved Christmas" parts 1 and 2)
  • Create a successful spy-movie franchise utilizing all the formulaic clichés that makes them last. When he is inevitably cast as the lead, Brain will use the royalties to fund an unspecified world domination scheme. Fails when Warner Bros. rejects his pitch with a simple "No Thanks!" ("International Mouse of Mystery")

The Brain Teaches World Domination[]

  • By utilizing subliminal mind-control filters under "world domination" video lessons on MasterClass, any viewer who watches will be hypnotized into submission to obey Brain. Fails when Pinky uploads "tantalizing and intriguing" behind-the-scenes footage to build anticipation and speculation about the classes. This exposes the lessons as mind-control. The videos rise in views solely because the viewers find Brain adorable. Additionally, with the viewers already knowing that the videos are mind-control, the mind-control will no longer work on them. ("MasterClass 101: Meet Your Instructor" - "MasterClass 104: Analyzing Your Adversaries")

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