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Brain's Way is a song from the Pinky and The Brain episode of the same name. The song is a parody of Frank Sinatra's cover of the song "My Way," and is performed by the Brain under the name "Brainatra."


When Brain's Palace casino is opened, Pinky has Brain signed-up as a performer; after his loan-shark shareholders misunderstood Pinky's enthusiasm for "The Chairman" to be Sinatra parody Fred Spinatra himself *("Chairman of the Boardoom"), and not Brain- the literal chairman of the casino. Brain eventually becomes inspired by Pinky to perform his song, to a standing ovation lead by Spinatra himself. Thus begins Brainatra's career.

The song is later reprised in the ending chorus, where Brain's career has declined and he's reduced to nightly shows at the Acme Lounge until he can pay off his debts and revert the lounge back into a laboratory. Here, it is mixed with the Pinky and the Brain theme.


The Brain (Brainatra):
Yes plans,
I've made a few.
But I'm not through,
I am tenacious.
I'll do,
What I must do,
To take the world
And I'll be gracious!
My plan,
Will soon unfurl
And I won't fail,
Citizen Kane's way
And oh, one thing is clear...
You'll do it Brain's Way
In time, you're going to bow
And then you'll kneel, right here before me.
I am not, a sacred cow!
You will avow, and you'll adore me.
It is, my destiny-
To lead you now.
Not in Mark Twain's day.
And oh, one thing is clear...
You'll do it Brain's Way
I am not just a mouse!
No I am not!
Nor am I some.. evil despot.
I'm going to rule, that is my fate.
I'll be the supreme, high potentate!
No need to fear, my will is clear...
You'll do it Braaaain's Waaaaay!

Ending Chorus[]

He did it Brain's Way
Way, Way, Way, Way.
The Brain (Brainatra):