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Brain Acres is a song that appears in the Pinky and the Brain episode of the same name. It is a parody of the theme song to the 1965 sitcom Green Acres. The tune is performed by Pinky and the Brain.


The song is performed as the mice leave Acme Labs and move out to the titular farm, with Brain's carrot experiment Maurice in-tow. The duo each take-on the roles of Green Acres protagonists in the song, with Brain taking Oliver Wendell Douglas's role and Pinky taking- on the role of Lisa Douglas. At the end of the song, the two are run-over by Maurice, who simply exclaims "Yert!"


The Brain:
Brain Acres is where we will go
Giant vegetables is what we will grow!
Kings and presidents may have their doubts
But I'll take over the world with Brussels sprouts!
Our cage is where I feel alive!
I run the wheel from nine to five!
So many happy things to do
Like running the wheel again from six 'till two!
The Brain:
The sun.
I run!
The Brain:
I plant.
I pant…
The Brain
Get in the cab-
Goodbye ACME Lab.
Pinky and The Brain:
Brain Acres we are here!


  • When Pinky and the Brain stand in-front of the farm house, they are replicating Grant Wood's American Gothic painting. This frame is also the cover-image for this article.