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Brain Snacks is a series of educational interstitials produced by Riverstreet Productions for Kids' WB in 1998. It contains 8 shorts, each featuring educational songs about various subjects, usually with science or multicultural themes. Presumably, the series was produced to meet the guidelines of a 1997 FCC ruling which required each station to air at least three hours of educational programming a week.[note 1] The short series was sponsored by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

As of 2022, the entire series has been archived by Riverstreet's official YouTube channel and collected in a playlist (albeit stretched to 16:9 widescreen).


Throughout the short series, each episode focused on one specific topic. They also featured multiple WB-related brands crossover including Animaniacs (which consisted of Animaniacs and both Pinky and the Brain shows), Looney Tunes (which consisted of the standard Looney Tunes shorts as well as Tiny Toon Adventures, The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, and Space Jam), Histeria!, and the DC Animated Universe (especially Superman: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures). Much of the original voice cast from these productions reprised their respective roles.

As was common with other WB network promos at the time, much of the character animations are reused from different productions, with some new elements being done by Riverstreet (such as on-screen text and backgrounds).

List of Shorts

Thumbnail Image Title Original Airdate Season Episode
Recycle Brain Snacks Recycle! 1998 1
In this short, the subject of recycling is explored. Viewers are, of course, encouraged to recycle.
Speed of Sound Brain Snacks Speed of Sound 1998 2
This short dives deep into the speed of sound and how it travels. Viewers also get to see its technological impacts.
Satellites Brain Snacks Satellites 1998 3
This short features a look into how satellites are designed and operate.
Brain Snacks World Dance World Dance 1998 4
Different dances from around the world are explored in this short.
Exercise Brain Snacks Exercise 1998 5
Different exercises are explored in this short that encourages the viewers to stay fit.
World Food Brain Snacks World of Food 1998 6
Different kinds of food from around the world are explored in this short.
Gravity Brain Snacks Gravity 1998 7
In this short, we get an up-close and personal look on what exactly gravity is and what it does. Viewers also get to see the painful side of gravity with heavy objects.
The Planets Brain Snacks The Planets 1998 8
In this short, the many different kinds of planets are listed. Now why does this seem familiar...




  1. This was previously satirized in the Slappy Squirrel cartoon "Bully for Skippy."


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