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Brainania was a country founded by The Brain in the Pinky and the Brain episode of the same name.



Brainania Flag screenshot upscale

Flag of Brainania

Strategically located on Island X between Kwajalein and Lamotrek; Brainania was an island nation with a few locations. It had a capitol building, an airport, a keno parlor, and an overpriced gift shop. Much of the nation was mostly wilderness and contained such landmarks as "Mount Brain", "Brain Flats", and the "Fjord of Pinky" (which was touted as a "standout tourist destination"). In addition, the country had supposedly maintained a post office box in Texas which outlasted the nation itself.[1] There was also an anthem for the nation, which recounted a fictitious war it had claimed to have fought. The flag of the country simply consisted of Brain's head in front of a green bolt against a dark blue background. A 30-pound asphalt coin known as the "Queeb" served as Brainania's currency, which was said to be responsible for the citizens having ripped pockets.


Brainania was founded in 1995. Brain established it as an excuse to collect foreign aid in order to fund construction of the Titano-Cycle 4000; a giant clothes-dryer which Brain schemed to generate world-wide static electricity that would entrap the world in their garnets. The island-nation was inhabited by Alan and a tribe of island natives, who worshipped a deity named "Wanganui, the Great Volcano God." With the help of Pinky, the natives are convinced to aid the mice in building the nation's most important institutions (an airport, a keno parlor, and an overpriced gift shop).

Once initial construction was completed, the mice set-out to Washington D.C., with Brain posing as the "most-exalted Ned Limpopo, Prime Minister of Brainania" and Pinky as the nation's minister of finance, "Hassan Lembeck." The duo intended to collect foreign aid, but after negotiations with U.S. official Fontaine Bisque go wrong, Pinky declares war on the U.S. Due to Brainania's obscure status, no government or army official could locate the country to fight, and the war quickly ends. The country gains foreign aid in exchange for storing five tons of U.S. nuclear waste.

By the time the duo returned to the country, they find that the native citizens have fled due to Wanganui apparently being angry. The island is then destroyed by a volcanic eruption and a resulting tsunami flood. The mice narrowly escape on a wooden plank, where Pinky makes an origami figure out of their foreign aid check. In anger, Brain tears up the check (by the time he realizes that was the check it is too late). In the end, the founding of the nation proved to be for naught. ("Brainania")

Much later on, the mice bring their Brainania personas out of retirement in an attempt to join a secret club of world leaders (The Horde of Ecumenical Yodelers). Brain claims to the club that the nation has maintained a post office box in Texas. Unfortunately, Brain is unable to join following his frustration with the club's trials. Pinky however, is admitted, and serves as the club's Brainania representative. ("T.H.E.Y.")


  • In the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "The Pinktator;" Brain would later make up another nation : "Albrainia." Unlike Brainania, Albrainia had no known physical location and was merely a term Brain tried to use in-order to gain entry into a party of dictators.


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