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Brainy Cigarettes is a song from the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "Inherit the Wheeze." The song is performed by The Brain (Maurice LaMarche) as "Brainy the Elf," and an unseen child chorus (Rob Paulsen and Tress MacNeille).


Brain joins the Paul Bunion Tobacco Company and becomes the mascot of their "Brainy the Elf" brand of cigarettes while working his new position into a plan for world domination. The song appears in a manipulative commercial that glorifies cigarette smoking to children (the company attempts to claim that the ad targets "short, immature adults who happen to like cartoon characters").

The first part of the song is later briefly reprised during the company's Brainy the Elf worldwide broadcast, but Brain stops performing the song when he sees children with Brainy the Elf merchandise, and has a change of heart. He then abandons the plan, as he decides it ultimately isn't worth it, and exposes the corrupt company's evil to the world while telling the viewers to avoid cigarettes.


The Brain (Brainy the Elf):
La la-la la la
La la la la la la la
La la!
Child Chorus:
Brainy Cigarettes
Not for kids,
But for the kid in you!


  • The Brainy Cigarettes ad campaign is a spoof of the controversial Joe Camel campaign by the Camel cigarettes brand. The campaign was criticized for luring children to cigarettes despite denials by Camel parent company R. J. Reynolds Tobacco. Much like Joe Camel; Brainy Cigarettes comes under scrutiny for being targeted towards children.
    • Brainy Cigarettes also spoofs the Lucky Charms advertising campaigns.