Is a version of Animaniacs from YouTube, it was made by an user called Lucas Macieski de Loreto (Who dubbed Wakko and Yakko before episode 5, that has been change to Pietro tw)


First Season

Episode 1

"Monkeys", was changed to "Somethings" because was considered racist

A dialogue was changed

"Porque essas coisas me ama tanto?" (Why things something love me a lot?)

"Não é minha culpa você ser tão sexy" (Is not my blame you be so sexy)

Episode 3

Wakko saiyed in redub "Plutão não existe, idiota, mas Urano existe" (Pluto don't exist, idiot, but Uranus exists) to goodnight everybody don't came

Episode 4

Changed to "Don't think, do!"

Episode 5

Yakko saiyed "Japan is amazing, right?" "I wish I can go there!" "Is there animes?"

Episode 8

Since is a family show, religious sisters wasn't show

When is a scene that |Wakko and Yakko are using skirts where cut


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