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Bunny, real name Pat, is a human and Romy's girlfriend. She appears in the episode "Brinky."

She is voiced by Cree Summer.


Bunny is shown to be an average size woman with short blonde hair, light green eyes, red lips, and red fingernails (although she is seen later without them). Her first attire is a pink jacket with a black top and pink shorts, She originally wore numerous rings until she returned them to her old boyfriend. She's later seen wearing a blue robe with blue slippers.


As she only appears in one episode, not much is known about Bunny's personality. Based on what is shown, she is a pretty confident woman, quickly stepping in to tell Erb and the bar manager to leave Romy alone when they called him a "circus freak." She also doesn't seem to care that Romy is a lab mouse, willing to date him, or anyone of any race or species in general, and dislikes Brain's apparent disapproval of their relationship. She also seems to be a talented artist as evidenced by the numerous paintings in her apartment.



  • Bunny is voiced by Cree Summer, who's best known as the voice of Elmyra Duff and would later appear in the spin-off "Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain."
  • According to her ex-boyfriend, Erb, she once dated a bearded "circus freak" who could breathe underwater.
  • Judging by her apartment, which both Pinky and The Brain describe as looking like "something that Guggenheim threw up then fed to its young," she appears to be a modern artist.
  • A running gag in her debut episode is that when Bunny refers to her ex-boyfriend, she mistakenly calls him "Herb" instead of "Erb," and has him constantly correcting her.