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"Burbank" is a song from "The Sound of Warners." It is performed by Prunella Flundergust about the city of Burbank, California as a parody of "The Sound of Music" from the musical of the same name.


Prunella Flundergust:
There's no place on earth
That is quite like Burbank
Fall under its spell
And you can't resist
The sights and the sounds
And the smells of Burbank
There's so much to see that it's hard to list
Just look over there at that lizard on the hot asphalt
As it tries to cool its feet
And see all the buildings that are beige and brown
It's the same on every street
The friendly people always wave and smile
As they drive from here to there
And up in the sky
Smog hands like a chocolate eclair
Oh, Burbank, I'm here!
In your wondrous bosom
I'm pinching myself
Have my dreams come true?
Oh, B-U-R-B-A-N-K spells "Burbank!"
Burbank, I love you!