Buttons 300.gif
Full Name Buttons
Segment Buttons and Mindy
First Episode The Monkey Song/Operation: Lollipop
Voice Actor Frank Welker
Catchphrases "Why?"
"Sorry, Mindy"
"Hi, Boy"

Buttons is Mindy's faithful dog who appeared on Animaniacs. Buttons is a lot like Lassie but gets in trouble instead of being the hero. He is often harmed by whatever danger Mindy narrowly avoids. He has a tendency to scream like a chicken and a monkey at times. He did get rewarded at the end of Wakko's Wish, Mindy's Mom gave Buttons a plate of steaks for his heroic actions. Buttons also makes a cameo in the "Histeria!" episode "Tribute to Tyrants".

Buttons enjoys Mindy's company and loves her dearly. He looks out for her when she runs off and will do anything to help her and get her back. One cartoon ends with Buttons moping after the scolding, but Mindy hugs him and tells him she loves him and he cheers up, thinking all that danger, all that pain and even getting in trouble for something he didn't do was worth it to keep Mindy safe.

Buttons is a good dog at heart and rarely gets into mischief, he also shown to be quite strong as shown in Wakko's Wish when he helped Runt pick up a large crate of elixir to throw out of the cart.

His voice actor is Frank Welker.



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