Buttons and Mindy
Central Characters Mindy, Buttons, Mindy's Mom
First Episode Operation Lollipop
Total Episodes 15 episodes

Buttons and Mindy is a segment focusing on the misadventures of Mindy, an oblivious toddler who frequently manages to get herself into dangerous situations, and Buttons, her faithful dog who is always trying to protect her (usually at his own expense).

The cartoons always end with Mindy getting out of the dangerous situation safely and her parents scolding Buttons, believing he got her in the dangerous situation.


  • The opening sequence of this segment is a parody of the opening to Lassie
  • Buttons and Mindy were almost cut from the show when it was in development. However, one of Steven Spielberg's daughters saw a drawing of them and loved them and they were put back into the show.
  • Each episode is very similar in plot structure to Spielberg's Roger Rabbit shorts. In this case, Buttons represents Roger Rabbit and Mindy represents Baby Herman.

List of Buttons Mindy cartoons


Mindy has made cameos and appearances in Animaniacs episodes. She was also in the film Wakko's Wish, where she chases Slappy Squirrel and Skippy Squirrel.