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Buzz Peterson is the former CEO of Zipdyne Media, who makes his only appearance in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "Pinky's Turn." He is voiced by John Glover.


Buzz has short gray hair and a mustache, and wears a blue blazer with a white suit and red tie underneath it.


Prior to arriving in Smalltown/Shiny Pants, Buzz is depicted as a pompous, angry man (even being listed in 7th place on People Magazine's "50 Most Obnoxious Rich People"). After surviving his crash, Peterson becomes a much kinder man, and desires to get back in-touch with nature and the local community of Shiny Pants. Following his redemption, he is described by Pinky as a "nice man," while the Brain refers to him as a "stark raving lunatic."



Buzz in his worser days

Peterson in a particularly angry mood, yells absurd demands to one of his employees.

Buzz Peterson had gained a notorious reputation for his duties with the Zipdyne Media empire, and was generally disliked by the general public and his company for his bossy attitude.

Pinky and the Brain

Buzz Peterson meets Pinky

A newly-changed Buzz meets Pinky.

When Peterson first appears in "Pinky's Turn," he is seen in his Zipdyne arguing on the phone about a merger with someone named Rupert. He also expresses a desire to fire one of his employees, Connie, then rehire her and double her salary before firing her again. When the plane flies over the recently-rechristened town of "Shiny Pants" (formerly "Smalltown"), the shininess of the pants interferes with his pilot's view, and the plane crashes into the town just narrowly avoiding wreckage.

Buzz with the mice

Buzz appoints Pinky to lead his empire, while a delirious Brain stumbles behind.

When Peterson emerges from the plane, he likens the experience to dying and going to Heaven. The mayor-for-the-day, Pinky, then informs him about the town he is in. A noticeably calmer Peterson appears to be moved by the sight of Shiny Pants, and deduces that he belongs with the town. He then renounces his money and power as he relinquishes his business to Pinky (much to Brain's dismay). This allows for Pinky's plan for world domination to advance as he makes several huge changes to Zipdyne's business. The replacement of Peterson's 24-hour news channel with a 24-hour Jugband channel allows for the mouse to be appointed as the new Federal Reserve Chairman by President Bill Clinton. After the public turns on Pinky and his previously-beloved decisions, it is unknown if Peterson remains changed or if he returns to his company bitter once more.


Pinky and the Brain