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Camenbert is a guard dog who pursues Runt in "Les Miseranimals".


Camenbert is a very large, black dog with cropped ears and a docked tail. His irises are yellow while his eyes are red.


Camenbert is villainous, scheming, vicious, power-abusing, framed Runt, secretly thieving, and doesn't expect comeuppance.

Powers and abilities[]

- Strength


-Manipulative abilities


Les Miseranimals[]

Camenbert first appeared, singing "I, Camenbert" before going to find Runt Valrunt. He later appears after "Dig down", confronting Runt in a reprise, but gets his comeuppance when the wall of the cat's prison falls on him.


  • Camenbert's name is a reference to Inspector Javert from Les Misérables.
  • Camenbert is likely a Canis Familiaris (Possibly a Cane Corso)
  • Camenbert is deemed one of the most infuriating characters of the franchise.