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"Buck buck, Ba-cawk!''"
— Chicken Boo

Chicken Boo is a giant chicken who has a habit of disguising himself as a human. No matter the profession Boo has chosen, he typically excels at it. One person in each cartoon claims he's really a giant chicken, which is dismissed by the other characters in the cartoon.

After Boo's disguise inevitably fails, the naysayer from earlier returns to say "I told you that guy was a chicken!" and Boo is typically shunned or even attacked by those who were praising him just minutes before. But ultimately Boo just brushes it off and walks off into the sunset/moonlight on to his next venture.

In the reboot, Chicken Boo is a recurring character in Yakko, Wakko, and Dot segments, usually being the subject of a surprise twist ending. He pops up when you'll least expect it.

Chicken Boo is clucked by Frank Welker. Danny Jacobs provides the voice for his hunter persona, Dr. Walter Grubb.

Theme Song[]

See Chicken Boo Theme for more information
In addition to his own theme song, Joseph M. Daly's "Chicken Reel" serves as Chicken Boo's other main theme (and is even incorporated into Chicken Boo's main theme song).


Yakko, Wakko and Dot[]

Boo has a mixed-relationship with Yakko, Wakko and Dot. The three siblings once clashed with him when he was staying in the Water Tower, and they often take joy in exposing his disguises. On the other-hand, the kids and Boo seem to have some kind of respect for each other. As “Swifty LaBoo”, Boo served as the Warners’ agent and fought hard to continue their cartoon series despite protests from Thaddeus Plotz. The Warners also invited him to their Big Wrap Party. He also delivered pizza to them once and the kids were grateful he came on time.

By the 2020 series episode "Good Warner Hunting", however, it appears their relationship has soured. Chicken Boo disguised himself as a hunter bent on killing the Warners and mounting their heads on his wall due to being excluded from the reboot. The Warners also had some hurtful comments for Boo, calling him "the least popular character". By "Warner's Ark"; the Warners and Boo appear to be friendlier to each other after allowing Boo to have a starring role as his infant self and show his origin story. Yakko even apologizes for Baby Boo having to endure danger in the cartoon.

Thaddeus Plotz[]

The greedy CEO of Warner Bros. Mr. Plotz has a long and contested history with Boo that spans across multiple decades. The two had a notoriously heated argument following the critical and commercial failure of Yankee Doodle Warners that was heard across the entire studio. Boo wanted WB to continue production of the Warners’ cartoon series while Mr. Plotz didn’t want to. In the heat of the argument Boo physically assaulted Mr. Plotz by pecking him in the head, leading to his firing. Even with this setback Boo came back to bring great stress to Mr. Plotz through multiple disguises that Plotz always fell for. He almost bankrupted the studio through his movie Young Blood Squawk, much to the anguish of Mr. Plotz.

Despite this, Plotz does see some of Boo’s disguises as valuable assets such as “Mr. Boo”, the head of the WB Network. Plotz fired Boo however after finding out he was a chicken (and had him kicked out of the window of the WB skyscraper’s top floor!). This further added to the bad-blood between the two. By the end of the series, the long-and-bitter dance between the two continued as Boo seemingly posed as Plotz’s lawyer. Plotz still hasn’t found out if his lawyer is Chicken Boo as he ignored what the Warners told him.

Katie Ka-Boom[]

Chicken Boo was infamously romantically-involved with teenage terror Katie Ka-Boom under the disguise of teenage heartthrob (and wrestling captain) "C.B." Katie and “C.B.” seemed to get along fine and had a stable relationship until Katie found out Boo was a giant chicken. She then ended the relationship and kicked him out of her house. Boo didn’t seemed too bothered by this and casually walked-off as is usual when one of his disguises is exposed. Because of this, it’s unknown if Boo actually had feelings for Katie or was using her to advance the popularity status of "C.B." 28 years later, it appears he still bears resentment for Katie as she was among the many characters he had captured and mounted on his wall. Katie also partakes in attacking Boo with the rest of the cast at the end of "Good Warner Hunting" after Boo kidnapped all of them.

List of Disguises[]

  • The Big Kiss: Chicken Boo wears only a moustache.
  • Chicken Booryshnikov: Chicken Boo wears blond wig and ballet dancing gear.
  • Davy Omelette: Chicken Boo wears a raccoon skin hat like Davy Crockett and moccasins.
  • General Boo-Regard: Chicken Boo wears a Confederate cavalry officer hat.
  • The Chicken Who Loved Me: Chicken Boo dresses like a secret agent (black wig, sunglasses, & suit).
  • Yabba Dabba Boo: Chicken Boo impersonates a script writer at a table read for a Flintstones movie (backwards baseball hat, t-shirt, pants and blazer).
  • Boo Happens: Chicken Boo plays the part of Forrest Gump.
  • The Warners 65th Anniversary Special: The Warners’ Agent Swifty Laboo, who engages in a heated argument with Mr. Plotz over keeping the Warners as stars.
  • The Boo Network: Chicken Boo dresses as a network executive named Mr. Boo who only comes up with chicken related shows.
  • Spike: Various athletes.
  • Boo Wonder: Chicken Boo dresses like Robin, Batman's sidekick.
  • Punchline Part 1: Chicken Boo dresses like a news reporter.
  • The Good, the Boo and the Ugly: Chicken Boo dons western garb.
  • Katie Ka-Boo: Chicken Boo dresses like a teenage boy.
  • Jingle Boo: Chicken Boo dresses as a mall Santa Claus.
  • Ralph's Wedding: Chicken Boo dresses in bridal clothing and Colonel Sanders
  • Kung Boo: Chicken Boo dresses as a martial artist with a keikogi.
  • Hercule Yakko: Chicken Boo dresses as a pizza delivery guy. (Cameo)
  • Hooray For North Hollywood Part 1: Chicken Boo seemingly dresses as the Warner Bros. Studio's lawyer.
  • Back in Style: Various Actors who star in Warner Bros. films.
  • Brainwashed Part 1: Brain, Brain Go Away: While not physically seen, Chicken Boo’s name is seen on the guests of honor list for the White House’s conference on "The Brain." He is listed as "Emperor C Boo." The actions that Boo underwent that led to him being called "Emperor C. Boo" are unknown.
  • Good Warner Hunting: Dr. Walter Grubb, a narcissistic hunter with small feet and a beaklike nose. Chicken Boo's most convincing disguise yet, as the suit somehow enables him to speak in a human voice. Once he is unmasked, however, he loses that ability.


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Chicken Boo[]

Other Segments[]

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Animaniacs (Reboot)[]

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  • Despite his appearance, it should be noted that he is NOT a man; but rather, a Chicken (Boo).
  • According to The Warners 65th Anniversary Special, Boo comes from “Zacky Farms”.
  • Ironically, male chickens are called roosters despite Boo being referred to as a normal chicken. He does however, make a rooster noise in "The Flame Returns" and "Good Warner Hunting".
  • At one point in time Boo stayed in the Water Tower while filming Sham-Boo.
  • Boo has run afoul of Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and Thaddeus Plotz multiple times.
    • His bad-blood with Mr. Plotz is one of the longest-running feuds in the series along with other conflicts such as Slappy Squirrel and Walter Wolf.
  • It’s theorized that Chicken Boo may in fact, be Mr. Plotz’s lawyer in "Hooray for North Hollywood", but this theory has a lot of holes in it.
  • Boo appears to be capable of time-travel like many other characters on Animaniacs.
  • Whenever the one person who knows that Chicken Boo is really a giant chicken calls him such, all of the other characters present mistakenly deny it until his costume falls off, and everyone turns on Chicken Boo. However, some episodes deviated from the standard formula:
    • Katie Ka-Boo: where Mr. & Mrs. Kaboom realize he is a chicken after seeing him with their own eyes.
    • The Big Kiss: the film's crew realizes it when he kisses the actress, whom herself finds out when she finds herself wearing Chicken Boo's false moustache.
    • Hercule Yakko: Chicken Boo manages not to lose his disguise in this episode and avoid the usual ruckus, but this could arguably due to his very short cameo appearance and that the episode was mostly focusing on the Warners.
    • General Boo-regard: His exposure was not met with being cast out, but rather an attempt on his life as soon both sides of the war see him as a meal since he is a giant chicken.
    • Jingle Boo: While Chicken Boo is cast out for being a fake Santa, he is rescued by the real Santa Claus, who says Chicken Boo deserves a good ending to celebrate Christmas.
    • Yabba Dabba Boo: His clucking which normally gets him discovered, went unnoticed and misinterpreted as English words until Chicken Boo freaked out after seeing everyone eating chicken dishes.
    • Boo Happens: Several people in the episode remark that he is really a giant chicken, but only one (Punchline) is present at the end to say "I told you that guy was a chicken!"
    • Ralph's Wedding: Ralph says he loves chicken and everyone calms down and accepts him. Although the episode is all a dream and Ralph and his real wife eat fried chicken in bed. From a bucket that has a picture of Chicken Boo dressed up like Colonel Sanders.
    • Hooray For North Hollywood Part 1: Yakko makes what appears to be Boo run-off screaming in terror when he questions a chicken-salad stain on Plotz’s suit. When Plotz turns down the Warners' movie script, Yakko believes there's only one thing to do now. Wakko believes (while the lawyer is walking out) it's to tell him the studio's lawyer is a giant chicken. The lawyer just runs off before anyone else finds out.
  • In Meet John Brain, the first presidential survey done after Brain's would-be voters turn on him upon learning he's a mouse shows "John Brain" taking a nosedive in the polls while a newscaster says a political rival has been skyrocketing. The graph shows that Chicken Boo is in the lead. It is unknown what disguise Chicken Boo used, if at all, as he was not physically present in that episode.
  • Ironically, Baby Chicken Boo wasn’t a yellow chick.