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Cindy is a character in the Animaniacs reboot. She is a little girl that owns many toys and has a soft spot for pets, believing Starbox is a small animal.


Cindy is a young girl with long red hair, dark green eyes and rosy cheeks. In close-ups, she is shown to have freckles. She is always shown barefoot. Her design is much more natural and realistic compared to other characters.

Her attire is different in each segment. In her first appearance, she wore a nightgown with a picture of a cat on it and a color scheme similar to Elmyra Duff's outfit. In "Bathtime", she wore a green and red swimsuit, and she was covered in sand.


Cindy is somewhat like Mindy from the original series (her name even rhymes) and Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures, being a sweet, young, playful girl who is always smothering animals with painful affection. She also has a tendency to talk a lot and drag on long conversations. She is also similar to Colin (aka the Randy Beaman Kid) due to her ramblingly way of speech and child-like talking mannerisms.

Despite being often lost in thought, Cindy does show care and concern for Starbox, saving him from accidentally being flushed down the toilet, and from falling from a great height.


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  • Cindy is voiced by Eleanor Johnson, the niece of director Katie Rice, who largely improvised her lines, though there was some scripting. [1]