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"Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue" is a song from the episode "Christopher Columbusted," in which Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner berate Christopher Columbus for his claim of discovering America, despite the fact that thousands of people were already living there, while searching for a new route to Asia. Specifically, they rag on the American holiday of Columbus Day for celebrating him while ignoring his crimes against the indigenous peoples.

The song is a parody of the poem "In 1492" (previously referenced in the original series cartoon "Multiplication"). The episode splits the song into three parts, scattered throughout its runtime as the Warners inform Columbus of his real destinations.


Part 1 consists of the Warners singing about Columbus and using their regular slapstick on him.

Part 2 contains more unique visuals, such aw Yakko pulling down a screen that says "1492", Columbus looking into a mirror, the Lucayans, and the Warners making fun of Columbus Day.

Part 3 again contains unique visuals including one of Columbus' ships being destroyed and him claiming the native people s land, but also includes the Warners mocking and making fun of him.


Part 1[]

Yakko Warner:
In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!
Dot Warner:
Oh yeah!
He had three ships, he sailed from Spain
A first rate hat 'top a second rate brain
Wakko Warner:
He sailed by night, he sailed by day
Will somebody tell him he sailed the wrong way?
He's cruel, he rules through thuggery...
Yet he's praised for the new world's discovery
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
Are we sure that he deserves his own day?
We'd have found this stuff anyway!

Part 2[]

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean, true
He wasn't a looker and less of a charmer
Claimed he'd be the first man to find the Bahamas
But this isn't even a new frontier
The Lucayans have been here a thousand years
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
Are we sure that he deserves his very own day?
Asia's still half a world away!

Part 3[]

Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
He had three ships, now he has two!
Through a bunch of nautical accidents
He claimed lands filled with inhabitants
Next trip, he'll say he finds Jamaica
Sure this time that it's in Asia
Think that's uncomplimentary?
Try reading his Wiki entry
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
He's the captain of endless mistakes
One of history's luckiest fakes
Are we sure that he deserves his own day?
He never even set foot in the USA!


  • No one knows what Columbus looked like, as there are no authentic portraits of him, so the Warners can't say for certain that he 'wasn't a looker'.
  • For unknown reasons, the song is not released in its entirety on the Season 2 soundtrack, which only contains part 3, listed under the name "Christopher Columbus Song, Pt. II".