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Queen Cora Nora Bora Bora Angora Dora Norita IV is the daughter of Nora Rita Norita. She debuted in "My Super Sour Sixteen".

She is voiced by Chrissie Fit.


Cora has tan skin and long black straight hair with blunt bang. She wore a fuchsia denim jacket with a white T-shirt underneath and golden hoop earrings.


Cora is your average 16-year-old girl: spoiled, mean, rich and stuck-up. Even with this facade, Cora is also shown to have a more sensitive side.


Animaniacs (2020)[]

In "My Super Sour Sixteen", she is first seen arguing with mother Nora about her plan at her sixteenth Birthday. After Nora recruits the Warners to sing at her daughter Cora's 16th birthday party in exchange for fixing their leaky tower (as they bailed out last minute to the party), they disguised themselves as popular boy-band Boystorm. This ultimately ends up failing as their identities are revealed mid-perfomance, and Dot serves a mediator when Cora's temper overflows, destroying the soundstage. Just then, Boystorm arrives and they agree to have the party at the Water Tower. Inside, Boystorm learns to fix the leaky pipes and Cora, Nora, and the Warners dance to their tunes and celebrate Cora's sweet sixteen at the Water Tower.

In "23 and WB", Cora was standing next to Nora during the Norita family reunion when she asked her if she could go due to her and her friends wanting to go out to the parking lot to look at their phones, but Nora told her that they have to see Flora. She and the Norita family members then participate with the Warners at Flora's competition; Cora was eliminated when she gets bored and falls asleep while studying the Norita photo album book during the "Flora Dora" song.