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Count Dracula is an antagonist in the Animaniacs franchise. He serves as the main antagonist of the short "Draculee, Draculaa", and of the 4th level of Sega Genesis game Animaniacs, and a major antagonist in the Super Nintendo/SNES game Animaniacs.


Draculee, Draculaa[]

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are traveling underground a la Bugs Bunny (as it's Warner Bros. tradition) and wanted to go to Pennsylvania, as their parents are pencils. Like Bugs Bunny, they took a wrong turn and end up in Transylvania. They walk up to Dracula's castle and knocked at the door, and Dracula arrived. He saw Dot, and wanted to suck her blood. He gave the Warners a room for spending the night in the hotel. When Dot fell asleep, he tried to drink her blood, but failed, as the Warners were driving him insane. Dracula turned blue when the sun rose and roared at Warners and wanted to kill them, but they escaped. Finally realizing they're not in Pennsylvania, the Warners go back underground and end up in Tasmania instead.

Ralph Cam[]

Security camera footage of Ralph T. Guard's post late at night shows the Warners accidentally unleashing Dracula out of a coffin from a horror props truck as Ralph sleeps. They lure him with packets of blood and attempt to kill him with wooden stakes, but he manages to escape.

Video games[]

Dracula In Snes Game

Dracula in the Adventure Studio in Animaniacs

Animaniacs (Sega Genesis)[]

He appears in the 4th level trying to kill the Warners by throwing living flames at them. His flames can get defeated by using Yakko's paddle pong, Dot can use her charm and make him fall in love, and Wakko can whack buttons with his mallet and make him fall down from big heights. At the end, he disappears, and Warners get the bloodmask they wanted.

Animaniacs (Super Nintendo/SNES)[]

Dracula is the main antagonist of the Adventure Studio. He appears both in the temple and in the cave. You cannot defeat him in this game. If he touches the Warners once, they lose a life.