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Craving is an Animaniacs promo song that aired on Fox Kids in 1994.


Do you have a craving for a show that's really kinda wacky,
Yearning for some fun that's loony, kooky, zany, and slap-happy?
"Animaniacs" are just the perfect thing to hit the spot.
Join us 'cause he's Wakko, I am Yakko, and this is Dot.
We escape on Saturdays and every weekday afternoon.
We run amok along with other wild and crazy toons.
There's Pinky and the Brain, Slappy, and Chicken Boo.
Buttons, Mindy, Bobby, Pesto, Rita, Runt to name a few.
We'll surprise you,
Tantalize you,
Mesmerize you,
And vaporize you!
Come join in the fun; you're really gonna have a blast,
Be sure to see each minute of us crazy Animaniacs!
Six days a week on Fox Kids!